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What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Collage Fodder

Hello, hello. Long time no blog. 

It's been such a long time since I played along with WOYWW - hope you don't mind me slinking in here last minute today.

On my workdesk today is a pile of gelli printed papers. I moved in the Summer and somehow I have lost my box of collage papers! All the collage material built up over my arty crafty life - gone. Can't believe it - can't find it anywhere. Can't even blame the removal company as we did the move ourselves in our scrappy Fiesta, chugging back and forth with all our gear. I'm most miffed at the small things - the bits of gothic and dark themed book pages friends had sent me over the years - tiny scraps of braille paper I had been hoarding Scrooge-like for that perfect project.

So that's what this is. Decided to stop huffing and puffing and get messy. Got the gelli plate out with Phe and spent an enjoyable afternoon starting off a new collage box. 

whoopidooings blog: Carmen Wing Gelii Printing

whoopidooings Blog - Gelli Print - Underground
I particularly love this one - it makes me think of nature and natural burials and folk tales which I am still really interested in. I wish I'd made it but this one was by Phe. She was so chuffed with it and says I can keep it - this one isn't collage fodder that's for sure. It's weird because over the last few days I've literally been making a Pinterest board called Underground (You can look here if interested) which is all burrows and things - I hadn't told her or anyone. It's like that girl really knows me!

All this has taught me one thing! I wont be hoarding for years anymore!

I'm off to link up with Julia - thank you for stopping by today :)