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Live Brief - The OffCut Project

The Print Block put out a call for artists to create a piece of art in no more than two colours showcasing a response to the current situation. The art would then be turned into an edition of 14 prints. One to remain with the artist, one to remain with the studio and two to be distributed amongst other participating artists. The remaining prints will be sold for £30 a print. £10 goes to the artist, £10 to the studio towards costs and at least £10 to food banks via the Trussell Trust.

My response to the subject of what's happening in the world was to incorporate nature and cyanotype. I have been spending a lot of time in my tiny garden either sat with a cup of tea listening to the birds or doing lots and lots of cyanotype prints, it calms me a lot while the house is so noisy. So it seemed only natural that that would be my reaction.

I did a couple of (gloved) hand prints and used the weeds from my pots and between the paving slabs to create these two prints.

whoopidooings: Carmen Wing Cyanotype Handprints

whoopidooings: Carmen Wing Cyanotype Handprints

After cleaning them both up in photoshop I decided the second one showcased what I was thinking the most so I sent it off to Suki at The Print Block
whoopidooings: Carmen Wing Cyanotype Hand Print
Cleaned up in photoshop

This week the screenprinted version of my cyanotype arrived for me to sign and number. I couldn't believe it, it was so lovely. You can even see the mesh print from the screen. It's on such lovely paper too. I've now sent them back and they can be purchased through the shop here along with lots of other artists from up and down the country. A great chance to get your hands on some original artwork for a really reasonable price and support both artists and food banks too.

whoopidooings: Carmen Wing & The Print Block Screenprinted Cyanotype Hand Print
Signing the editions

whoopidooings: Carmen Wing & The Print Block Screenprinted Cyanotype Hand Print

I feel really privileged to have taken part in such a great initiative and I thank Suki and the Print Block for the chance to be involved. It's also got me thinking as I never would have thought to try and screenprint a cyanotype! Hmm.

I hope you are all safe and happy. I will be blogging more soon including a year three end of uni round up.

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