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WOYWW - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 496

TL;DR: Short version if you just want to scroll the piccies - Cyanotype experiments at home on a cloudy day & also using my lightbox. Oh, and a bath full of beachy treasure.

Hello everyone - I'm late posting but decided to play anyway. I've been experimenting with cyanotype at home - not the best results because ever since I took delivery of the solutions it's been nothing but cloudy days!

All the tutorials I watched talked about contact printing frames - I googled them. They are really expensive. So in this first picture I have compromised with just a normal photo frame and some craft foam in the back to cushion everything then just laid it on my shed roof.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Experiments with Cyanotype on a Cloudy Day
This next one wouldn't fit in my frame and I'm glad I took that second picture because when I washed all the chemicals off it washed the image away too! Totally white page! That's what I was left with! Couldn't believe it! 
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Experiments with Cyanotype on a Cloudy Day
Next is my set up in the living room, using my light box on it's highest setting and weighting everything down with whatever was to hand - so professional! Did work - had to leave stuff in there for a couple of hours but did work.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Experiments with Cyanotype Using a Light Box
So at the moment I am having most success at uni - with their ginormous light box that has a suction lid to hold everything to the light. I think when the sun comes back I will have much more success at home. I love cyanotype and wanted to make sure I could do it at home - I didn't want to fall in love with a technique and then not be able to do it when I leave uni. So I shall keep experimenting.

These next ones are what I did at uni - I'm doing a project about swamp monsters/mermaids. Trying to get an underwater feel. 
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Experiments with Cyanotype
These ones are experimenting with cyanotyping over acrylic paint - I really like the effect. - Julia do you recognise the base of the first two? It's one of the calendar pages from that years ago workshop cut in half. How's that for hoarding and recycling?
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Experiments with Cyanotype and Acrylic Paint
And here is the view of my bath. I've been beach combing to find treasures my swampie might have collected. The kids have given up asking what is going on now :)
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Beach Combed Treasures in the Bath Tub
So that's what's going on in my work areas at home this week - if you'd like to see other work spaces in action why not follow me over to Julia's where you'll find a list to nosy through - maybe even join in yourself.
Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Hi Carmen, really interesting post. That must have been so frustrating when it washed off. You are probably right about the sunlight, it's probably one of the light ranges in it that works so well. Great collection of bits in the bath! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #7 X

  2. Hi Carmen, I'm loving your post as I'm a big fan of cyanotype and do quite a lot of it, but I have to admit I limit myself to doing it in the summer and then use the pieces for collage etc in the winter. I've never used a frame although I'm thinking it might be easier to manage - I simply use a large piece of foam board as my 'tray' and hold the items down with a large piece of non-polarised glass - it means the size is more flexible, but I might try the frame, and also I like the idea of a light box - I would never have thought of that. Your underwater pieces are fabulous and the print looks so good over the acrylic paint. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week,
    Diana x #20

  3. what fabulous experiments you're doing! have never done cyanotype ... great to see you join in with your desk, even if you were late!! Helen #3

  4. Love the variety of work you get to see when visiting blogs Carmen. Hope the sun comes out for you soon as that cyanotype work is spectacular. Great flotsam collection too. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  5. Hi Carmen, thank you so much for the visit to my blog. The silver jewellery is the same stuff as in the Making Winter book - that book is on my wish list after I browsed it in a local book shop - it's very inspiring! Using the clay is great fun but I would suggest watching a variety of YouTube tutorials as it needs some careful handling and it's pretty expensive to make an error with, as I've found to my cost! Have fun and do let me know how you get on if you decide to give it a go,
    Diana x

  6. Wow! Amazing techniques! thanks for showing us x


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