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Intro to Illustration & Animation - Unit 1 - Part 1 (Or Skulls, Skulls, Skulls)

I am nearly finished my first year as an art student and I have been so bad at documenting it. But I want to so that I don't forget it - it's been crazy! So here is a quick recap of my first unit; Introduction to Illustration and Animation. I've probably already forgotten bits - so bear with...

You Are Here
The  brief descriptions are very open to interpretation which is good because we can go off in any direction but at the same time can be quite daunting too. Our first brief was called You are Here and the end outcome for the first part was to take the form of seven A5 postcards which would have to be posted and go through the postal system to arrive back at the uni before the deadline. Whatever abuse they suffer on their journey would be part of their final effect.

I literally stumbled cross my theme idea while having lunch in Canterbury with Devvie. We were sat in a benched area that used to be the grounds of a church and on the floor, being used as a paving stone was one of the original gravestones with a beautiful skull etched into it.
Whoopidooings blog: Skull carving on a gravestone in Canterbury
I've seen this happen in quite a few public parks and old cemeteries where the graves have been reclaimed as public land. I often wonder where the bodies have gone, are they still there? Is it right to have this happen? Surely these people originally paid for those graves no matter how long ago. Is it right morally to either move them or build parks on top of them. Lots of questions. So that's where my research started. It then kind of wandered off into global overcrowding, people living longer, how to solve the lack of space and how to bury our dead or find other ways to 'dispose' of them but in the most respectful way possible. I started looking into environmentally ways to deal with our dead - even cremation is surprisingly bad for the environment with all the emissions etc. It was really eye opening. 

I looked into different cultures - a stand out one being Tibetan Sky Burials - don't google image it unless you have a strong tummy. Basically, you become vulture poop and are put back into the earth that way. Both honouring the earth and because the ground there is so hard it's also practical. It is a fascinating process. I then found an Italian company who are burying people in egg shaped pods with a tree of the deceased persons choosing being planted on top - so you are literally feeding a tree. 

I could have researched forever. During the unit we were taking workshops in lino printing, screen printing, mono printing, risograph printing, solvent printing... photoshop... For the record - I hate photoshop and photoshop hates me. However, combining all these techniques, these are the postcards that came out of that project. 
whoopidooings blog: Carmen Wing: Mixed Media postcards themed around death, skulls, environmentally friendly burials etc
whoopidooings blog: Carmen Wing: Mixed Media postcards themed around death, skulls, environmentally friendly burials etc
whoopidooings blog: Carmen Wing: Mixed Media postcards themed around death, skulls, environmentally friendly burials etc
So - it's fair to say that by this point my brain was in shock at actually being used. I was surprised in the turn my research took but I wanted to continue with that research because I'd felt I'd barely scratched the surface.

I was pleased with a couple of these postcards because being a complete novice at photoshop - all the textures you see overlaid were images taken by me where I'm starting to compile a texture library so they are bits of rotting door from a playground, lino prints, distorted photography the spots on the red one are actually my car speakers. My favourite is the bottom one where I've integrated the original photo of the gravestone with a seaweed covered wall in Folkestone and a piece of wooden door. I thought it summed up my project for me. The tutors favourite seems to have been the orange one with the stripes. Which combines my first attempt at 3 colour lino print reduction with chine-collé and overlaid other prints I'd done.

The second part of the project was to produce an A1 piece either in a new theme or the same one but still under the brief of You Are Here. I'll blog that later as I've rambled on a bit.

I've missed blogging and reading all the blogs that I follow. I hope I'm becoming better organised and can catch up with you all soon. I've decided this and Instagram are the social media's I want to keep. Done with trying (and failing) to do them all.

Thanks for stopping by today - what are you doing or making right now? Let me know so I can come see.

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  1. Oh it is so lovely to see you back in blogland, I have missed seeing your posts. I love all the work you've been doing at Uni, please keep it coming!



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