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Rocking My World Friday:The Hat-Trick!

Three in a row. Boom. Boom. Boom.

Can we officially say I'm back now? Maybe after an arty post or two which might just happen soon because I HAVE MY PHONE BACK! Which means I HAVE MY CAMERA! The phone side of things can remain a mystery, haven't missed that at all - we all know I hate the damn things. But I have my lovely camera. So first big positive to Samsung for prompt fixage - even if they did call it an old phone! At two years? How vay dare they! Saving me many, many pennies for a new one. And years of saving up said pennies.
Earlier in the week I found myself perusing a clothing shop, not quite sure what drew me in actually. But I was most excited to spy a long black t-shirt. All sparkly and very soft. I love long t-shirts and vests but you rarely see them un-chopped up now. I tried it on and it was a lovely length, no bits slashed out of the back or splits up to the armpits, thought it looked slinky, so I did. Very nice. Checked the price tag, £10. Not bad, I wear my clothes till they literally fall apart, stitch them up and wear them again. Easy enough to get a tenners worth of wear out of it. Bargain. Triumphantly take my prize to the till and whip out a crisp £10 note, look at me! Clothes shopping! ... Only to see it go through as a nighty! A nighty? Glance over at the section it was in... the rail it was on is surrounded by lacy bras and knickers. I did not even notice.

Stuff it - still going to wear it as a t-shirt. Still love it!

We went to the local cricket ground for a picnic on Saturday. It's great because there are lots of trees (glorious shade) and a play park, lots of benches and usually a match on during the Summer. You can tell how interested I am in that, I come armed with reading material. We usually finish off by going for a wander through the small wooded area you can see over the back... kids scaring all the local wildlife by screaming how lost they are in the woods. Seriously, it's tiny! Wander off on a different track for 5 minutes! *snigger*  Great way to spend a few hours. Cheapy cheap and the kids come home exhausted. Bonus!
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - picnic
My delightful children seeing how many grapes they could shovel into their chops.
Phe won.  Not at all surprised.
The kids have been enjoying hot chocolate topped with marshmallows this week. Yes, yes I have pointed out the ludicrously apocalyptic weather that is happening here in England. (Seriously, Mother Nature, sort it out! We have a stereotypical Summer I would very much like you to revert to! Grey skies, bit of drizzle, ability to function, that kind of thing. Thank you kindly.) Still, they want it and I must admit, as a non hot chocolate drinker I have been a bit jealous. They look so good. So I made a coffee and piled marshmallows on top.
Ohhhhhh coffeee you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind. 
Heaven. On. Earth! When I got to the bottom it was all melty coffee marshmallow gloopiness. Mm-mm. The only way it could have been bettered would have been with a shot of whiskey. Waaw! Next time my friends. Next time.
Pressie from my Daddykins for mowing and de-brambling his garden. 'Nuff said! 
Apart from - MWAHAHAHAAAAAR! Eat peppermint and sage you 8 legged freaky beasts sent to torment me but whom I cannot kill because of daft superstition! Feel the force of my impenetrable... er, spray! Ummm... Hmm. Smells nice anyway.

Ooh, also showing in the picture. I stole the radio from the kitchen and spirited it away to my workshop! Teehee! Actually better reception out there. Go figure! Now, I wonder if anyone will notice a sofa and the fridge missing?

After saying I would make these shorter I realise I have waffled on again. And I have missed Friday too - it's now half past midnight so technically Saturday. Whoops. Here's a few quick things that made me smile:
  • Going to Morrisons around twilight and seeing the bunnies playing along the side of the building.
  • Just being outside around twilight, love that time of day.
  • Bears fashion show at nursery - no piccies because of other peoples children in them but the video shows him dragging his partner up the catwalk, not letting him have his moment at all. Like, I've done it now lets get out of here. Made me laugh.
  • Dropping Bear and his Daddy off at the station for a weekend with Nanny and having a jay flying in front and alongside the car before settling in a tree. Gorgeous bird, thought it was a woodpecker at first.
  • Mother Nature listened! Whoop whoop! Am sitting here with a gorgeous breeze whistling around my room and my duvet is looking mighty inviting. I shall be having a lovely snuggle under that! It's been to hot for covers and I do hate to sleep without one. I like that comforting weight.
  • The tiny thunder and lightning storm the other day - Phe and I were lucky enough to be outside and witnessed a lightning streak zigzag it's way to the ground. It was purple! And it was awesome!
  • My Dads reaction to the bug hotel we got him for Fathers Day. I popped down there tonight to drop some scones off Devvie had made him and he dragged me out to the garden to see it in situ. So pleased, he's a pain in the bum to gift for and it was one of those "well I'd like this so maybe he will..." gifts.
  • Trying to translate Le Petit Loup Rouge. I did OK, I kind of guessed the title was The Little Red Wolf. It's slow going, not going to lie. But between me, google and my little post-it notes, I'm getting there. I have such a fan girl crush on the illustrator AmĂ©lie FlĂ©chais and I have a couple of her books now but they are in French and I want to experience them fully.

And that will do for now I'll leave you with who I'm listening to this week. Another group I properly discovered last year and Devvie bought me their Ellipsis album for Christmas or my birthday. It was this song that made me discover them properly but on YouTubing them I realised I knew a lot of their stuff but didn't know who sung it. They are amazing! They are Scottish! And you can hear their accents when they sing. *sigh*  I love them. Like Blue October, their lyrics are just beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by - how has your week been?


  1. great post again.. lots to make you smile! Like you, I am delighted at the cooler weather, also love the weight of covers at night, doesn't feel right without them... hoping however we don't have rain this morning at Kew (off soon; yes it's early as I write this!) forecast seems to change every time I look, so I'm going to stop looking. Have a cool weekend!

    1. Hoping you've got it like we have Helen. Overcast but with a gorgeous breeze. Have an amazing day, I look forward to seeing your photos! A friend of mine is off up to a Westend show event going on in Trafalgar Square I think she said so I have fingers crossed for a dry one for you both x

  2. ah a fabulous post as always, glad for the cooler days and the breeze as well Carmen - can't be doing with these ridiculously hot days! the nightie story made me smile, I occasionally do something similar or find an awesome item only to find its in the maternity section - sigh!

    The picnic looks fab and loving the anti-spider stuff, got some in the cupboard and it really makes a difference! Plus I love the smell!

    The book looks interesting, but my days of French are well and truly over!

    We saw Biffy clyro play support for Linkin Park I think it was a few years ago, at the time they weren't used to arena gigs and kept playing with their backs to us, different altogether now!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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