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Rocking My World Friday - Two in a Row!

(TL;DR: Super proud of the bubs - they are all doing well. Plus, books. Mmmm, books.)

Cor blimey Guv! She's only gone and done it!

Still no camera so expect recycled or borrowed photos to break up the meanderings. This week I thought I'd continue catching you up on (some) of the past year with the family but also start including my week to get me back on a more even keel. That OK? Well, it's what's happening so...

First up has to be this kiddo. I mentioned last week that I was doing my English GCSE. Well Phe is slap bang in the middle of hers. I tell you - I am exhausted doing one. She will have completed 25 exams by the end of this. Not only that but a lot of the teachers are getting the kids in for a couple of hours revision before each exam on the day! She says it helps. It fries my brain just thinking about it - she deserves to have done well, she has worked so hard. It's been fun doing mine alongside her too, comparing notes. Realising she knows way fancier words than me!
She also manages to still help around the house, cooks dinner on occasion and has been the babysitter while I toddle off to my English night class. That's not counting the hour a night exercising with her Mummy. The poor neighbours, the noises we make. They must wonder what the Hell is going on. We did the Dirty Dancing dance on Just Dance the other day... we had to pause at one point, looked at each other and were like "is this wrong? Is this OK? Ah, sod it!" I was Patrick Swayze. We got high score. Oh yeah. Talk about giggle. Hey - it's going to go one of two ways. Therapy when they're older or fond memories of a batty old Mum. I will say - we drew the line at attempting the lift.

You may also recall  I said she introduced me to Blue October? Ah man. Those guys. I am an emotional wreck at the moment. I used to be hard as nails. I had built up such a wall, no emotions got past. What happens when walls start to come down? I am weeping at adverts, crying over music, wanting to hug the most inappropriate people. I am not a hugger.  Let me just put that out there. She came with me to Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2 (I was working up to going alone for the first time ever.) We were both sat there trying to subtly wipe our eyes at the end. Who knew we'd need tissues? The poor dog at the moment. He looks at me so warily when I come into the room. I think he's worried I'm either going to break into song, bust out some dodgy dance moves, combination of both... or hug him. Either way... I get this look a lot.  I do serenade him. He's just an ungrateful grump.
Anyway, I might moan that she is plugged into her gadgets a lot ol' Phe. But like her Mum she needs escape from all the madness sometimes and that's her way of doing it. We have such a laugh, she's talking about uni now. Can you believe it? In a couple of years another may have flown the nest. I will miss our shenanigans. She said we will Facetime and serenade each other - can you imagine her flatmates? I feel for them already.

Devvie is due to start her third year of uni in September - that has really flown past. My uni, although a different one, will be very near hers so I am looking forward to meeting up with her more in the Summer. It's been hard while Bear has been half days, you are tied to the area. I am so proud of what she's achieved. She is getting consistently good grades. (Are they called grades at uni?) I am not in a position to help her financially so she's been holding down two jobs as well as study. I asked the other day how the  savings account we did her was was faring - she's not taken any out. She's actually put more in!! She's so organised. Apparently her housemates call her the Mum as she has set them housework rotas and everything. I don't know where she gets her organisational skills from, not from me. I've actually adopted some of her techniques myself. She's thinking about her dissertation now - scary times.

Last time she was home we started watching Cuckoo on Netflix - they have a few of the seasons on there and it's one of those programs I've always fancied but never really knew when it was on. We started from Season 1. So funny. Just so, so funny. I had to keep doing the check over at her to see if she was laughing too because I was laughing so loud I had to check she was and I wasn't just off on a laughing fit on my own. Do you do that? Is it just me? Greg Davies just cracks me up. He's so dry. If you haven't got Netflix I believe there are a few episodes on iPlayer. Of course now it's our 'thing' so I'll wait till she's home again to watch some more. 

Here's a little clip, not of the show but of a couple of the cast. I've watched it about 5 times now, today included. Each time Mister Bear has to ask me if I'm OK. Don't even realise I'm doing this wheezy kind of cough laugh. (Honestly - who develops hayfever at 40? Stupid rural pollen filled beautiful countryside. Pah.)
And...  A bonus - if you have a spare half hour, a compilation of Greg clips on Would I Lie To You? It popped up after that one. I'm currently trying to type this at 10.30pm Tuesday night. My PC is situated on the workdesk in my bedroom and Bear has snuck in to my bed and is snoring away behind me. I am sat here, in my jammie bottoms and vest, melting in the dark and I am having zero success in stifling the giggles. I can hear Phe huffing downstairs in her room (I'm in the attic - locked away in the top of the house.) I am going to have to stop watching them now - I'll either get told off by a grumpy tired teen or the boy. He's already reprimanded me for listening to music with swear words in today. "That's a naughty word. That's a swear word. Isn't it lucky I didn't copy that!" Jeeeeeeez! Watch, enjoy. 
Roo is doing well, she's on the last reading tier at school before she gets to be a free reader which means she gets to choose what books she reads. I've been really lucky with my lot - they all love reading. Ruby has got a couple of really nice illustrated Frozen books - I follow the illustrator Britney Lee on instagram. She's already promised I can have them when she's to old for them. (Just realised - Mummy gets excited to have the books when Roo outgrows them. Ummm... Hmm. Yes, I do happy clap when she gives me them too!) 
I'm pretty sure she is starting all the hormonal fun and games. We are well into the territory of slammed doors and tears over literally anything. So to have that common ground with books and also music is a godsend. She loves Quentin Blake and he's got another show on in Hastings so am going to take her to see that soon. 
The Bear - well, what can I say? He's such a character. He's in my bed again (It's Wednesday night now) and he is stinking off in his sleep. Charming. He'll be going full time to school in September and in some ways he is so ready for it. He is so full of energy and cheekiness - but in other ways. Well, he's my last baby isn't he? Much as I will be glad to get my days back and to get working and studying... it breaks my heart a tiny bit, he looks so lanky and boy-like every time I look at him. No longer a toddler. A definite boy. He loves his nature and we regularly go on bug/snail hunts. Here's a video just after we had re-homed a snail... 
He tells me that this Summer he is most looking forward to Devvie coming home (she's his favourite out of all of us.) And, now that my back is better, to get me to go on the super loop the loop slide at Wild Woods. The one that makes me want to throw up? That one? Yeah, cheers Mate. Love you too.

So that's us all caught up family wise - yes loads of other stuff has happened, obviously, but this is just a little (long) overview. So to finish off here's a few smiles from this actual week. Much shorter, RYWF's from next week I promise.

I held a starling in my hands. We have them nesting in our roof and they use my bedroom window as a kind of landing platform - it's angled into the roof. I had it open a lot wider one night where it was so muggy and she must have misjudged and flew in. Luckily, I am not sleeping well at the moment and this was at 5.30am, I was laying in bed just zoning in and out so I saw her fly in. She circled the room and then flew off downstairs to Phe's room, I went charging after her and she settled on the window sill. She let me pick her up and I could feel her little heart fluttering under my fingers, she was so soft and I could feel her fragile little bones. Such a beautiful bird. Phe opened the window, I held her out and off she went. Beautiful start to my morning.

Coincidentally, the same day I had library reservations to pick up. After snagging the books, on impulse I stopped off at McDonalds for a free coffee (thank you loyalty scheme) and took myself up to the beach to read said books for half an hour. (Perks of living on an island!) The tide was coming in so it was lovely and cool. It was only 9am so the beach was empty. Chillaxed to the max. I have decided to start doing things like this more. Especially before the madness of September hits. Even when it does, I am going to take advantage of the cheapy cheap (£3 a ticket) local independent cinema on my days off to see films I want to see occasionally - not just childrens films. It was lovely, really lovely.

Now, I can't tell you I got books and not show you...
Whoopidooings: Library books
I've had Wonderstruck on my wishlist for a while. I never realised it was such a massive book. It's told from two perspectives, one entirely written and the other entirely illustrated. It's a beauty! The Empire of Death was an accidental reservation. I have another of the authors books on my wishlist (Memento Mori: The Dead Among Us) I searched the author on the library database and this one came up so I thought I'd whack a reservation on. It's actually this I was reading on the beach and it's really interesting. It's already challenging a reaction I had after a visit to the British Museum last year. I had never been before and the mummy section really affected me, I didn't expect it to and... it's hard to explain. I knew I would find it fascinating but it really upset me seeing the tourists taking selfies in front of the mummy cases. They weren't even looking at them they were just posing in front of them, doing these stupid pouts. I wanted to shake them and say "OI! These were real people!" The more I walked through, slowly because it was mobbed, the angrier and more upset I was getting and then I was getting annoyed at myself for feeling like it... Just the first few pages in this book instantly took me back there and made me ponder the way I think and the way others think. It's going to be a good read.

Annnd another book from my wishlist might have accidentally fell into my Wordery basket this week. Don't know what I was doing on Wordery - must have been so overcome with lack of sleep that I went there in an exhaustion fuelled fog. Only explanation I can think of.  Pictures borrowed from Nobrow. Book cheaper on Wordery. (What? I'm not telling you to buy it.) 
So purrrty!
I had the self-employment mentor thing today. It was good. Lots of information to take on board, it was a group session and after this I believe it's one to one. We were to come away and think about it, then go back to the job centre if we decide to go ahead and ask to be referred back to her. They look at each business on it's own merit as to whether they think it will work or whether we need to go away and think about it some more. I'm quite lucky in that I don't need a loan, I don't need to rent premises, I've been building up my art supplies for years. I can tailor it around the kids and uni and it can change and adapt and evolve as I learn. It was definitely helpful and I'm hopeful. Tiny spark of hope flickering away there.

So - it's now gone midnight on Thursday and seriously, look how long this post is! I think in the interest of all that is sensible I will end now. Good grief - I wish I could talk to actual breathing people the way I can rattle on to you all through here. 

Many thanks for the messages I received last week. Both on here and in my inbox. So very much appreciated, always. How has your week been? What made you smile?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Glad I stopped to read this before work; what a great catch up on you all. Your kids are a credit to you. Have a good weekend (hoping it's not going to be too hot for you... I'm not looking forward to the temps personally!)

    1. Thank you Helen. That means a lot. And you know me too well, the weather forecasters are panicking me and being FAR to happy about the impending doom that is going hit! Especially as the kids are talking about wanting a park/picnic day tomorrow. I'm kind of backing into a corner and shaking my head and looking for somewhere cool and shady to hide *g*

  2. Oh what a fabulous read again, I love it so much to catch up with all your shenanigans. I also giggled listen to you and bear on the video - I don't think I've ever heard you before so now I have a voice to the face - it made me smile - fab accent - somewhat different from mine and Mels rather broad Yorkshire (pronounced Yarkshire) accent! Said 16 year old's final exam today, end of an era as his school career comes to and end! I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead and look forward to the third installment next week.

    Much love

    1. I hate my voice Virginia, I'm always being asked to repeat myself. I either talk to fast and rush the words all into one or people just can't understand me. After we moved back here from Scotland, the people down here said I had a very broad Scottish twang but up there all the Scots said I sounded English. Lost that accent now though which is a shame as I have a bit of a 'thing' for voices and accents :P I love yours! My English tutor had a great Irish accent and I love when my friend Lesley comes to stay - we went to school together way back when so I get to hear that Scottish again.


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