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Rocking My World Friday - Week 2 of Summer Hols

This may or may not be published on Friday. But it will be published. I promise  started writing it on Friday. The thought and intention is here.

I have been keeping up with my (mostly) positive reflections even though I haven't been blogging them. I still take pictures of things that make me smile - no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to other people. But I have noticed my moods have been a bit low, a bit grey if not totally black since my course ended. I suspect that's all it is - my course ending. Going back to being "just" Mum as opposed to Carmen. I know that isn't the case - there isn't anything 'just' about being a Mum. It's a privilege.  But it's there - on the fringes.

It's time to start physically writing down all the things I have to be happy about again rather than slipping into bad habits that lead to bad moods. Then they are here - to look back on and they always make me smile when I do that.

So - this is the second week of the summer holidays. I am exhausted and I am broke. That's with us trying to find relatively cheap things to do. But we've had fun! Last week we signed the two monsters up to the Summer Reading Challenge at the library.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - Summer Reading Challenge
Little Miss was ecstatic as the rewards are all Roald Dahl themed which means Quentin Blake in abundance - one of her favourite illustrators. This week we went back and she got her first reward - two illustrated cards and a BFG bookmark.

This week saw Little Bear spend the week in Hastings with Daddy & Nanna.  Roo and Pheebs stayed home. This coming week they are swapping and Roo is getting to tire Nanna out and Mr Bear stays home. This way they get some much needed one on one time. It's bonkers here most days - no such thing as privacy or space.

Devvie came home this week so my girls and I headed to the local cinema to see Finding Dory. It was such a fun day and the first time we have been all together.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - Finding Dory
Best of all our local cinema only charges £3 entry. So for the four of us plus drinks and snacks it came to just over £20 to see a new film we REALLY wanted to see. I'm so pleased they re-opened this cinema - before they did it had been years and we had never gone as a family because it was just so expensive to go to the bigger cinemas in the area. It's a tiny cinema - I just hope they manage to stay open after the rumored regeneration (and big name cinema) opens a bit further into town. We loved the film too - recommended, definitely.

When I went back to school I really caught up on my reading and made massive use of their amazing library. Now that I have left I have kept this up via my local library which I hadn't visited in a long time. I also found out that via their website you can request they purchase books that you can't find through their search system. So far out of 4 books I have requested they have purchased 3! One of them was a newly published one. I'm really loving the library at the moment and these are the books I've bought home this week...
Whoopidooings: Library books
Yes, I raid the childrens section for the gorgeously illustrated books!
I have become a little obsessed with Tove Jansson. I somehow completely bypassed her growing up - I was aware of the Moomins cartoon, vaguely...but that's it. However, I have been researching her for a really fun ATC swap which I'll blog later. I'm now completely enamored with her. So I was really pleased when Sian told me there was a BBC documentary on iPlayer. I stayed up last night when everyone was in bed with my tea and biscuits and watched it. I do love a good documentary. Thanks Sian.

I was taking a photo of this next one, which I'd reserved - I've been wanting to read it for ages but there was a queue for it - I can see why, it's gorgeous. Anyway after I took the photo I realised I had a little feather on my desk...
Whoopidooings: Library books
My workdesk is in my bedroom these days which is in the attic. There is often a little curious feathered face watching me from the roof window. This is the first time I've had a little gift appear on my desk though. It did make me smile. Especially because of the particular book I was taking a picture of at the time.

When we took Devvie back to Canterbury we stayed for the day and had a wander - I love it there. We really loved this wonky secondhand bookshop which is actually a charity called Catching Lives which helps support the homeless in the city. The inside is just as wonky - you feel a little drunk on the uneven upper floor.
Whoopidooings: Wonky Bookshop Canterbury
The inscription above the door reads "...a very old house bulging over the road...leaning forward, trying to see who was passing on the narrow pavement below..." Charles Dickens, 1849 

Other things that have made me smile:

  • Cooler evenings so I can snuggle under my quilt - I hate the hot weather.
  • New internet connection meaning I can blog and read websites and start my online classes finally. (See ya BT - I'd like to say it was a blast but I'd be lying!)
  • Friends who help in the most unexpected ways. I'm now going to teach myself to read French so that I can read some beautiful illustrated books I've bought.
  • Seeing my school buddies getting excited for the start of their degrees. (Tinge of jealousy too but so happy for them.)
And that will do for now - there is more but a certain Bear has just ransacked my desk and is drawing perilously close to said snuggly quilt! It's a start, hopefully I will get back in the habit. I miss my blog and fully intend to start blogging regularly again. I was toying with starting a fresh one, still am if I'm honest. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by today  - how has your week been? 


  1. I can fully understand why you're feeling a bit down after finishing college, it's no wonder... and of course, as much as you love the kids you do need some "you" time too, college did that for you. Sounds like you have a great library and a great little cinema too, I am aghast at the cost of cinema tickets (can't remember the last film I saw in one!)
    Pleased to see you blog again, and yay! for better internet speeds! xx

  2. Lovely.yo blog again. Love seeing.what you are up to.hope it's enough to lift your mood you. Gorgeous specimen you ❤��❤

  3. Nice to see you blogging again. I know the loss of identity feeling that comes with being Mum! It was something I struggled with for years but as the kids got older I rediscovered myself and my identity. Sadly that means I'm not needed so much as mum so hard as it is cherish it as a temporary and much needed ID. X

  4. It's so lovely to see you blogging again and great to catch up with all you've been doing. I can't believe how much your kids have grown!!
    Don't start another blog, yours reflects your life and we all empathise with the ups and downs. How wonderful that you're making use of all the local resources. I tell you, if the cinemas around here charged £3, I'd be going all the time....the cost around here is horrendous.
    Sending hugs,
    LLJ xxxx

  5. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - so lovely to see a blog post, so fabulous for it to be a rocking post - you have been missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the therapy of writing about a productive week was fun! Said 15 year old used to do the reading challenge at the local library - it was one of those 'must do' holiday tasks if I'm honest! I'm glad you got to see your film and I hear you on the cost, we've tickets booked for tomorrow - almost had to remortgage the house and that's without drinks/food etc (although I must admit we rarely buy such things due to the exorbitant cost! HOw fabulous that your library purchase books requested - thus replenishing their stocks of awesome literature!

    I can relate to you feeling a little low post college - you just need to focus on things that you want to be doing now, reading those books, loving those illustrations, finding those illustrators, researching their work, doing those online classes. Having time being a Mum - they grow up far too quickly for my liking and as for a new blog - nahhhhhhhhhhh this one is lovely and its you even if there are gaps there is so much to look back on an appreciate what was - don't change it! Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead! Hugs

  6. Why start a new one when this one works so well? I really enjoyed reading about how you are feeling right now. As the mother of five sons, I can really relate to the feeling of having no time for yourself, but these years are soon gone, so don't wish them away. My boys range from 45-29 years, but they are still my 'boys', and I love to remember some of the things they got up to in years gone by. Start a scrapbook of their younger days. I did one for each of my younger boys, opf their first twenty-one years, and they really do treasure them. There will be plenty of time to do your own thing later. I am busier now as I approach my seventieth year, than I ever was as a mum of little fellows! Keep blogging. I am looking forward to reading next week's installment. Kate x

  7. Don't worry - I'm definitely not wishing away their childhood. My eldest is nearly 20 and my youngest just 3. I still call my eldest my baby :)

  8. Lovely to see a rocking post from you Carmen - you have been missed in Blogland. Stick with this one because as many have already said, this is a record of you - the ups & downs, highs & lows all in the one place.
    Our local cinema closed may moons ago and has been a bingo hall, snooker club, and now a ballroom. The nearest cinema is a fair drive away and costs an arm & a leg (I think the last film I saw was Beowolf). My Mum has a local cinema that only charges £3 and they also do deals during the school holidays - wish more places operated like this.
    Have a great week.
    Toni xx

  9. Well, my Sunday morning has suddenly got a lot brighter's so good to see you back doing this. I'm glad you liked the documentary. Doesn't she sound just so cool? And hurrah for someone singing the praises of libraries: there's a row going on here at the moment because ours are having their opening hours cut.

  10. Lovely to see you blogging again! And I love what's made you grateful this week.
    That bookshop looks like a "must visit" to me!
    I can understand you feeling a bit low now your course has finished...but you have lots to look forward to.... <3. Hugs xx


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