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Elephant Canvas #2 and a Catch Up

*Tippy tap tap* Anyone there? Blimey - blink and over a month passes. I finally have internet of sorts. My PC has sputtered to a (probably timely) death. I tried to keep up on my phone for a while and eventually ended up with a new (to me) laptop. Sold to me by my entrepreneurial *cough* money grabbing *cough* daughter.  Methinks we taught her, a little to well, the value of money!

By the way - it has taught me what I already knew. I don't like laptops and I definitely don't like Windows 8.

So what's been happening here then?

Well, I have been trying to stay offline - because - you know, it eats time. Like hours and hours just gone in 10 minutes. Munch, munch, munch.

The second elephant canvas is finished and delivered. I can stop nervously biting my nails now and start growing them again!
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Elephants #2 Mixed Media canvas
Acrylic Paint
Oil Pastels
Pan Pastels
Posca & Montana pens
Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks
Gilding Flakes...
...and whatever else was to hand on my desk!
I am way, way behind on ICAD and Summer of Colour. I think I will have to try again next year for ICAD (deja-vu?) but will definitely catch up on Summer of Colour at some point. I'm almost finished with a tunnel book swap too and will blog that when my book comes home - been a brilliant swap!

So what's been keeping me busy? The uni has set the Foundation and Access people a 'little' summer project before we start in September. Little. *insert hysterical laughter* Amongst other things - the next time I show you this sketch book. It has to be full to bursting with research, design ideas and an essay. Then there is the finished piece we have to do, the gallery visit and review (that's the essay) oh and the reading/film list. (Mind you. Ssssssh. Two of the books were already on my wishlist. So, you know, means I have to buy them. All in the name of learning!)
Whoopidooings: Can I Fill This sketchbook by September?
It's all on a graphic design theme. Graphic. Design. Messy, splatty me.
One is pooping Ones pants. Indeed, One is.

So what have you been up to? I'm on a blog catch up so hopefully will be dropping by yours soon.
Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Oh it's so good to read your blog again!! I LOVE the new elephant canvas, it is divine! Good luck with your light summer schedule... just as well you're trying to stay offline...

  2. Love the elephant canvas gorgeous

  3. Love the elephant canvas gorgeous

  4. You're a busy, busy woman! I love the textures in your elephant piece. Beautiful.

  5. Beautiful canvas. Enjoy your homework! I'm pretty certain that once you start it'll be like the internet a total time absorber but also an enjoyable one! xxx

  6. Amazing canvas Carmen. Hope you don't find your Summer task too time absorbing so you can still have a bit of time for some random crafting.
    Toni xx

  7. Oh you totally crack me up!!! I LOVEEEEE your canvas and LOVE love love my comment! Thank you for everything and good luck with your new computer - sounds like the sales person was quite a negotiator ;) xoxo!

  8. Hurrah, she's back!!

    Gorgeous elephant canvas - I love all the texture and colours, yummy!

    I too would be pooping my pantaloons if I had all that work to do, and that book to fill - but if you take it a day at a time, a task at a time, I'm sure you'll be fine. Just don't procrastinate!!!!


  9. It's good to see you back!

    I'm nursing along an ancient laptop because I just can't be doing with all the change involved with a new one. Everyone here says it's getting to the point where I'm dicing with death. But argh...

  10. Your collage is absolutely stunning - I love the contrast with the black, but I also love the texture on the black too, it adds so much more to the piece - just beautiful.


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