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Dragon's Dream Tag It On Challenge - Pink & Hearts

Hi all. I'm hoping to slip in under the wire with this one. I've enjoyed seeing Helens Tag challenges on her blog for some time and she keeps telling me how good they are to try out new techniques. So, while internet is being a meanie, I decided to (finally) listen to her.

This is for the Dragons Team Challenge #185. The challenge is to use a tag, at least one real stamp and the theme is Pink and Hearts. Ooer. Pink? Hearts? And I have to be the worst stamper... possibly in the World.
Whoopidooings: Watercolour & Stamp Tag
I started with a watercolour postcard and used Winsor Newton Cadmium Red and Alizarin Crimson watercolours with loads of water so they are more pinky than red. I  ran the postcard under a tap to get it nice and wet before adding the paint and only used a teeny tiny amount as they are SO full of colour.

Liberally chucked rock salt over the top and left to dry overnight.
Whoopidooings: Watercolour and salt technique
 This is next morning - salt brushed off and tag shapes dodgily cut.
Whoopidooings: Watercolour tags
The stamp used is one of my favourites by Stampotique: Peggy  by Daniel Torrente & Jill Penny. I've run out of white paint pen, *Gasp* I know - it kills me to write that. I'm lost without one. So have used Tippex and white gel pen instead, along with a red Liquitex paint pen to give her some fiendish colour. I then decided she needed a tiny bit more mischievousness... so doodled the blood puddle and drips. Ah, that feels more like me. Then just finished off with some StazOn ink to the edges and a pink ribbon.
Whoopidooings: Watercolour & Stamp Tag
How impressed are you with that beautiful stamping - isn't it wonderful? *Ahem* What? No I did not have to go over the whole image in fineliner pen at all! Nope. Didn't. No, Sirree. 

I hope this fits the challenge brief - I think I am going to use the other tag for one of my 100 faces. Helen - you might be on to something!

Thanks for stopping by today :)