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Rocking My Year... 2014

Happy New Year lovely people.

I like to do an end of year reflection and it helps keep things in perspective. These are just a few of the things that Rocked my year... (Picture heavy)

2014 was the year of...

First lost teeth and first haircuts...
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014 - First lost tooth
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014 - First hair cut
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014 - First hair cut
My first Comicon. I was only going for a day out with my sister. She ended up poorly but Devvie and I went anyway. We loved it so much we're going again this year. Jaw dropping art in artists alley. Amazing outfits, we met Wonderwoman - oh yeah and Superman and more importantly, met up with Sarah too. 
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014
2014 was also the year that Frozen mania seemed to take over the house.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014 - Frozen mania
Awards... there were many. I'm so proud of my girls.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014
This was the year that these two stopped fighting and started getting on. It's freaky. I keep expecting an explosion.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014
Lots of art was done this year but in particular was the one we all did together. We finished our Family canvas and it now hangs in our living room.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014
I can legitimately say I've been exhibited. The Twitter Art Exhibit took place in Orlando and was such a fun thing to do. Can you see my crow just over that lady's shoulder? I'm taking part again this year - you can too - click here for details.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014 - Twitter Art Exhibit
 I'm still seeing Silver Crow flying around our area, that does make me happy.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014 - Silver Crow
 We had some lovely weather this year that made for some gorgeous walks...
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014
 I had a 3.5stone weightloss between May 1st and Christmas Eve...
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014 - start of weightoss
May 1st - Start
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014
A happy bunny a few months on.
And then a 6.5lb gain in the week that followed. Whoops! Christmas grub was enjoyed muchly but am very much looking forward to getting back on the Slimming World plan - it has to be said. 

We lost a friend, very suddenly and very unexpectedly. She lived life to the full and was doing something to get her where she wanted to be. She was such an inspiration and very encouraging to me in what I wanted to do. Because of her 2014 was the year I stopped saying "when." When the kids are older. When we have more time. When we have more money. No more. You just might never get that "when." So with the support of Craig I decided to turn my "when" into "now". We looked into art classes and degree courses. We went to open days. We talked and talked about what could realistically happen. We found out I needed a Maths GCSE to apply and I am now enrolled and struggling *ahem* doing that. 
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014 - The Maths Face
The Maths Face
I've submitted an application to The University of Creative Arts to join their Art & Design Access course. I wasn't going to say till I'd been but I've shared the process with you all thus far... I have an interview, well, an "application event" which involves an interview and showing my portfolio. That's in a couple of weeks. I'm pooping myself. Hopefully they'll take me on - if they do it's a year course starting in the summer, two days a week. Though they say with the amount of work you have to do at home, you have to treat it like a full time course. If I can get on there and pass that, it sets me up for the next bit - the goal is then to do a part time Fine Art degree over 6 years. Part time because, by 2016 The Bear will be in nursery. Craig says he can juggle the business to help with dinners, picking up and dropping off the kids etc. He's been amazing in helping me plan this, propping me up on my wobbly moments (There has been so much social interaction. Scary stuff!) Telling me I'm good enough and can do it. Apparently if your circumstances change you can switch from part-time to full time after two years. So we'll see what happens. may come to nowt yet. Maybe not. Hope not.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My Year 2014
What Superman really looks like
Phew - it's certainly been a year of change. 
There's so much more I haven't mentioned... but I finish with a smile on my face.

I'm so lucky to have the family that I do, including my Dad, Craig's Mum. And all you lot, you know who you are - the ones who are there. Just... there. You understand my social awkwardness and clumsiness and still. You're there. You dafties. I love you all.

I hope 2015 is an amazing year for us all.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Carmen that is a fantastic - nope I'll say it again FANTASTIC rocking post, seeing such positive moments from the year - truly humbling, I hope 2015 allows your dreams to start to come true and be realised!

  2. Wow, what a year - it's amazing reading it all in one go like this - and you really rocked the year!! Good luck with the art course - I have every faith and confidence in you. Nice to see Superman without his tights on! Have a WONDERFUL 2015. See you soon somewhere I hope!! Off to dry my eyes now.... xx

  3. You amazing, inspiring, wonderful woman! I love seeing what you've achieved and being able to share your path forward.
    So, it's my turn this year........
    I'm going to check out that Twitter art thing and have a go myself; I've started properly at SW and have a huge target to achieve, but I'll do it; and I'm going to Do It NOW as well.....
    Hugs, LLJ xxxxx

  4. Wow what a year, and then it sounds like 2015 is going to be awesome as well.
    I'm going to super comicon in March it's my 1st time and I can't wait

  5. I've enjoyed reading every bit of this post and all the others throughout the year. I'm wishing you all the very best with the next year: grab it and give it everything you've got Carmen! happy New Year

  6. Oh my goodness, that post brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful, just wonderful.

    Happy New Year, Carmen, to you and your fabulous family. Your Superman is a hero <3


  7. What a fab set of photos :-) I really should do more posts like this! I am not a very good blogger :-P


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