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Rocking My World... January!

Well! What happened there then? One minute I'm doing a wrap up for 2014 and the next... January is all but over!

So - what's been making my weeks that little bit more positive?

Well - there is one great big fat one that has pretty much over taken my whole January. I had my interview on the 14th. Talk about nerve racking and scary. The tutor was brilliant though and put me totally at ease. I kind of thought I might get in from some of the things he was saying but didn't want to cartwheel out of the uni and down the hill for fear of jinxing it.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World... January. UCA Rochester
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So two days of nail biting and I got an email saying I had been offered a place but to waaaaaaiiiiit for official confirmation before accepting. Then a week to the day of my interview and I got the official confirmation! I'm in, I'm in, I'm in, I'M IN!!! Subject to a reference from my Maths tutor (which he has already promised me) I'm going back to school, tralala! This year - Art & Design, Access to Higher Education. Next year, hopefully the start of a Fine Art degree!! Who knows?

My friend Cas gave me this card... it is gorgeous and beautiful inside and outside just like her and I wont be putting it away this year!
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World... January.
That's not the only good news this month. Devvie has had three uni offers come through too. Two for Canterbury Christ Church and one for Chichester. She is over the moon and I think it's hit home how real it's getting too. For all of us! Scary, exciting times ahead!

Ruby has been getting little notes home in her school book about how well she is doing in her reading. Yesterday she came running out, waving her reading journal around, excited to tell me she has been moved up to Gold. GOOOOOLD! She was so excited! Cue much jumping around by us both.
But of course, this morning she now wants Diamond!
So let me think what else has made us smile?
  • Rainbows over the motorway
  • Visiting Nanna in Hastings for the first time since Christmas
  • Just Dance on the wii - none of us look remotely like any of the dancers but we are all busting dodgy moves of some description. Even Logey - it's his favourite game at the moment. But not Craig - he refuses point blank.
  • Grated apple, chopped banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, hot porridge, all mixed together. My mountainous winter warmer breakfast of choice at the moment.
  • Large white McDonalds coffee to warm me up on my way to Maths class. They do some lovely coffee they do.
  • Hot water bottles. (Do you get the idea that I am feeling the cold?)
  • Slooooowly getting organised. I'm waiting for it to warm up enough for me to do my yearly purge out in the shedio.
  • Mum's daffs starting to grow again.
  • Devvie lending me her Inktense pencils to try. 
  • Wonderful friends and family
And that'll do me. How was your January? Did you blink and miss it? 

 I'm off to link up with Virginia - Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Yay - loving the list - so much going on - Uni - gulp for both of you - crazy stuff and I bet you'll both absolutely love it!

    Loving the though of Logie enjoying a boogie to Just Dance as well and Ruby doing well with her reading.

    Ah rainbows I like them, I loved the pink sky we had this morning!

    Hope you have a fab week ahead!

  2. so thrilled for you - and well done Devvie too - does that make you feel very old? you'll be able to compare notes though. I can't believe January's over tomorrow either. Too fast, too fast!

  3. Wonderful post, Carmen! I'm so happy that you were offered the place at UCA, but then you TOTALLY deserve it! Exciting times ahead for you and your family. Has Devvie accepted one of the courses yet? Which is her favourite?

    Well done to Ruby, sounds like she's got her mother's determination so she'll soon be on Diamond :)

    Love the card - yes, I believe 2015 IS going to be your year.


  4. You're in! You're in! I'm SO chuffed for you. And that clever girl of yours too. It's so exciting :)

  5. Sorry, of course that should be "clever girls" - going for gold is not to be sneezed at!!

  6. YES! I blinked and missed it! Sorry for the delay in response too - we were out of town. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wonderful Uni news! How incredibly exciting for you! And what an important decision you made to do what you've wanted to do. You are an inspiration!! xoxo

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