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2015 Goals

Not Resolutions... Goals. ;)
Jo, over at Fiddlesnips, is wondering what arty plans we have for 2015. Here are some of mine...

I'm going to try and take part in The Documented Life Project which is free to participate in.

I have several classes still to finish - I made a good dent in them last year and hope to continue this year. I will not be buying any more online classes till I have done a good chunk of these. I will not. I will NOT. (But they are so tempting.) No - I will not!

I will be applying for a real life course as you know, fingers and toes crossed for me please.

Twitter Art Exhibit has a call out once again, so I'll be taking part in that. Great fun, a worthy cause and the chance to get yourself some affordable art too. It's in Norway this year.

I've lost count of where I was on my 40 Portraits challenge so I am starting afresh. I've seen the 100 portraits challenge floating around the blogosphere so am going for that in 2015. And, just to start off with a little cheat,  my first portrait was completed the evening before New Years Eve.. that counts. Right?
Carmen Wing - Mixed Media in my Sketchbook 1/100 portraits
Done over the top of an inky page already in my sketchbook,
Oil Pastels,
HB Pencil,
Various paint pens,
White Acrylic paint
My word for the year last year was Organisation. I've really struggled to pick one word this year - then I came across Chris Brogan's site where he makes a point of choosing 3 positive words - I like that. So I'm going to try it.  I will be adding them to my white board with a list of plans and goals - that really helped last year and was so satisfying when I could cross something off.

My words?  Organisation (it steered me well last year) Imagination & Daily 

How about you - what plans have you made for this year? Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you... I love the portrait - good luck with the next 99...
    I've not set any goals for this year, I never really do..perhaps I should change that! Not sure about the DLP, it sounds a big commitment, but will check it out.

  2. Yep, still keeping everything I've got crossed for you x

  3. Everything is crossed for you as always :-) I think you have three great words there! I should really take a leaf out of your book!!


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