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Halloween Junk (Junque) Journal - Sent

I'm taking part in a Halloween Junk (junque) Journal swap over on UKScrappers. We make up our journal covers and put together 20 elements - pages, tags, bits and bobs etc. We then send these to our lovely host, Rebecca. Rebecca then mixes up all the bits she receives from everyone, does some kind of magical hocus pocus and then reassembles and binds the journals. We receive back our covers containing Halloweeny scrumptiousness made by lots of different people. Doesn't that sound fab? It does.

So here's what I sent. My covers aren't finished yet, surprise surprise, I got my dates mixed up. I'll finish them off when it comes home.... 
Back of an A4 pad cut down.
Modelling Paste
Acrylic Paint & Archival Ink
Torn up cardboard box
Double sided scrapbook paper
Print out of one of my creatures turned into a pocket
Monster game card in the pocket
Graze box
Print out of my zombie picture
Scrapbook paper
Found & reassembled words from an old book page
The writing is the Vincent Price bit of Thriller scrawled over and over again.
Simply a piece of  double sided scrapbook paper cut down to size.
Gorgeous in it's own right.
Double sided scrapbook paper
Image from an old magazine
Acrylic Paint
Scrapbook paper
Acrylic Paint and Archival ink
Scrapbook paper
Print out from itkupilli
Old magazine image
Washi tape, brad & gem circle
Bat card from my stash
Graze box
Scrapbook paper
Quote is a print out from the web
Tag made from scrapbook paper and a print out of my zombie image
Double sided scrapbook paper
My zombie again
Archival ink
Zombie game playing card
Double sided scrapbook paper
Print outs from the web.
Sssh. Don't tell the others but this is my favourite page.
Paper Frankie collage (Took ages! Seriously!)
Double sided scrapbook papers
Archval ink
These are the extra bits I popped in to make up my 20 elements.
I also found some postcards to pop in but seem to have neglected to photo them!
I really enjoyed this one - can't wait to see what comes home.

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Oh wow that's amazing I can't wait to see what you get back.

  2. Carmen I thought I'd commented last night - but hey - I love what you've done - they are all amazing!

  3. This is going to be FABULOUS!! All the pages/collages etc etc are superb, so 'you'. That Frankie page is supercool. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished journal (with finished covers.......).


  4. Zombie tag!! LOVE her! And I love how you incorporated some scanned pieces and made them new - so perfect for the theme too! AND pocket monster game card?! You DO know how to play! Love it all!! (And yes, it does sound fun ;) xoxo

  5. Fab! I can't wait to see what comes back to you now too

  6. Wow, wow, bloomin' wow!!! Amazing work - I'm so gonna make time one day to take part in these things. Looking forward to seeing what you get back x

  7. This looks like so much fun!!!! I can't even begin to tell you :-P I really like the black cay of course haha!!


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