Silver Crow Project

Zombie Bear Girl - Reworked

...Well, a little bit anyway. The original writing was annoying me and I love moons with faces so... The original writing is gone and the moon with the face is there instead. 
Whoopidoo...ings: Zombie Bear Girl - mixed media on Ikea mirror frame.
How have you been this Summer? I've missed my blog - there has been a lot of thinking if not a lot of arting being done over here. I'm publicly putting it out there that I'd love to take my art further than a hobby. I'd ideally love to do an illustration or fine art uni course but am by no means ready for that yet. I have to get my maths grades up a bit first - that took me by surprise! I know I'm rubbish at maths but didn't realise I'd need to be OK at it for an art course!

Then - much as I'd love to jump straight into uni (if they'd have me) a lot of online sources recommend college or a foundation/access course first... which will put me near 40 before I get to the uni stage. Honestly - just typing here and having done all the research gives me feardy cat butterflies but if I don't do it now I never will. I feel like I'm finally finding my way back to the path that I wobbled off in my late teens. And it's scary as Hell but in a good, purposeful kind of way.

So - I need to build a portfolio (no clue at all where to start) and I need to be working on my skills every day. And - perhaps scariest of all - I'm hoping to sign up for a GSCE maths class. It's like a foreign language to me - I really don't get it!

So - that's what I've been pondering while unable to blog or get out to my shedio this Summer - roll on the kids going back tomorrow ;) How have you been?

Thanks for stopping by today.