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Rocking My World Friday...

Well, hello there. Not done one of these in a while have I? Not because I haven't had positives to list - I still did, in my head. I would just keep forgetting to sit bum down and blog them. So if I forget this year - give me a nudge? It really does help having these to look back on when you think things maybe aren't so great. Usually - there is always something to smile about :)
"Rocking Your World Friday is the moment to step back and take stock of your week, to work out the positives, the things that have made life more bearable and to celebrate these facts."
So how was your New Year? Ours was quiet... and honestly if Little Miss hadn't wanted to see the fireworks on TV I would've been in bed by 10pm. Bless her, she made it to 11.30pm and didn't even remember being carried to bed when we told her the next morning.

What positives have there been in this first week of 2014?

Well, towards the end of last  year I won a spot in the Soul Food class. I've literally just completed the first lesson today. I watched the second lesson yesterday, while sat in a car in the middle of a muddy field, waiting for Craig. He wasn't doing anything dodgy in the middle of the field I hasten to add - no, he'd gone to spend his Christmas pennies on a new bird but I knew when he said "I wont be long..." well, these bird men - they can't half gossip! So tablet and downloaded class was the first thing to get put in the car! Anyway - I'm loving it so much. Already I'm out of my comfort zone and learning new things. I'll do a blog post about the first lesson tonight or tomorrow and will get cracking on the second lesson... probably tonight. Craig pointed out that if I spent less time on the PC I might actually keep on top of this class. Don't you hate it when they're right?
So, I'm loving the class and am loving being creative every day! Oh and also my personal internet policeman who has been allocating me time slots on here. It's working, has to be said!

Next up is Logey Bear. He's loving his music at the moment and any little jingle or ditty that starts playing on the TV he has to drop everything and boogy. I tried him with Ruby's headphones the other night and he absolutely loved listening to a bit of Mumford & Sons and Olly Murs. Of course now, whenever anyone else is listening to music, he wants to as well!

Craig's Mum saying I looked like I had lost weight. Always nice to hear that - especially when I have been scarfing down Pringles and mince pies just a little to much over this Christmas period ;) 

What else, what else...
  • Having a warm house and roof over our head. 
  • Salad - have eaten so much junk lately that I've actually been craving salad.
  • Kids that still want cuddles even when Mum is grumpy.
  • Devvie for being an amazing baby sitter and having magic cuddles with The Bear. Honestly, 5 minutes cuddling with her and he's soundo.
  • Craig, always.
If you'd like to join in with Rocking Fridays just click the logo at the top of the post. It's so worth it. Thank you for stopping by today - how was your week?


  1. Always good to read your Rocking reports - love the picture of Logie with the headphones, how cool!! Well done for making time with the Soul Food classes - I await your first report with interest. Thanks for your comments on my recent posts.

  2. Just love the photo of Logie Bear and the headphones.....he looks blissed out... and super cute!!
    Nice list of positives..and I can't wait to see what you've been up to in the Soul Food class.
    Hugs xx
    p.s; does Devvie babysit for others...that's how I made extra pocket money in the 6th form...and still kept on top of homework etc. xx

  3. Very cute!

    I'm laughing because I told myself I needed to eat salad for lunch today after all the I'm sitting staring at it now. You have persuaded me to eat with renewed enthusiasm..

  4. I'm glad the Soul Food classes are off to a good start for you. Some of the online classes are truly inspirational, and this sounds like an interesting one.
    Logie bear with his music is so cool. You may have a budding DJ there. I have a photo of one of my sons as a baby waving some 'air sticks' around and enjoying the noise they made, and now he's a drummer in a heavy metal band. And another son's favourite toy was a piece of plastic with a few note keys on it, and now he is a fantastic pianist/ song write/singer. So who knows what talent you have unleashed in little Logie! have a good week. Kate xx

  5. Ah fab list hun, loving the photo of Logan he looks so chilled out. Glad you are getting some creative time, I'm going to take note and go and do something in a moment looking at the frame you got me with "get off the internet and make something" - mmm tea would be a start but much prefer to be crafting any day!

    Hope you are having a positive start to the new year!


  6. I love that picture of Logey Bear! He looks so happy and 'in the zone'!

    I really enjoyed reading your Rocking post, Carmen.


  7. He was so big then. I imagine i am going to see more recent photos soon and have a heart attack!!


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