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Portrait No.7 of 40 - Zombie Bart Simpson

Morning all! (Or afternoon, evening...)

I did a picture of Bart as a semi-zombie type face yesterday and my friend Jo reminded me that he would still count as one of my 40 portraits. So here he is. I wished I'd gone more zombie-like after I'd done him and might have another bash. For now I'm saying he is freshly turned.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Zombie Bart Simpson in my sketchbook
Copics & Pentel Marker
Acrylic paint
I did him to take part in the Moleskine Simpsons challenge. If you think he is good enough and have a spare 5 minutes, I'd love if you would pop along and maybe give me a vote. Mine is the one by Whoopidoo.  (Direct link - you just click on the stars and rate the picture.) I don't normally enter these vote for competitions but I'd reallllly love to win a Simpsons Moleskine ;)

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. He's brilliant! i did go to vote, but couldn't see how to...

    1. Thanks Sian. You click on the stars to rate it.

  2. I voted! Now I want a new moleskin! Thank you Carmen, you always tease me with the most yummy art supplies! xoDebi

  3. 'Freshly turned' Bart, haha! Love your Moleskine entry, good luck!



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