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Secret Santa & Stocking Swap

I know, I know. I said I wouldn't be back till January but how could I not update the Secret Santa? 

Each year I take part in two Secret Santa's. The one I run here on my blog and a Christmas Stocking Swap on UKScrappers. Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without these now. I enjoy the stalking of my victim as much as I do unwrapping my own goodies and seeing how well the person 'got' me.

I'll show you my UKScrappers swap first because then I can put the links to the bloggy swap at the bottom of the post, easier to find.

My Swap Fairy on UKS was Gill aka Wisher. I received a gorgeous stocking overflowing with goodies and come Christmas day it really seemed tardis-like. I never thought I would reach the bottom. Talk about spoilt. And yes - she really, really got me spot on.  I had wanted a silicone spatula to use as a palette knife - I did a little "yay!" when I opened that. So many goodies from skull earphones, skully fairy lights (going in my shedio) a little skeleton to alter. Mini gel pens, metallic gel pens, a funky beaded writing pen, stamps, glues, fabrics, a beautiful scarf, vintage book pages, a mini journal, gorgeous ink splat stencil, mini canvas and easel, Mmmmaltesers...
Cosmic Shimmer! Beautiful moulded faces! And, AND a Senellier oil pastel to try out. There may have been a bit of boogying! OK, a lot of boogying!
Thank you again Gill, although thank you doesn't seem to cover it.

And then we came to the Whoopidoo...ings Secret Santa. 
My Santa was Laura. Oh my, when I opened the parcel there was a little, beautifully wrapped gift, for everyone else in the house - Laura is new to the swap and my blog so talk about good stalking skills! These little gifts contained sweeties for everyone. 

Then on Christmas day, I unwrapped all this. A beautiful canvas, so textured, so clever, of a crows feather. Some paintbrush cleaner and the most delicate and fine pointed paintbrush I ever saw (I was positive it was an incense stick when I was having a feely!) I've had to hide that as Craig has been eying it up - I lose all my thin brushes to the cause of feeding his baby birds that the hens reject. There was also a pad of postcard sized watercolour paper, some Hotel Chocolat goodies - oh, how I love Hotel Chocolat - we used to get the monthly tasting club box but had to stop a while back. And then - a beautiful bookmark and, can't get over this, a crow book I have been looking at on Amazon but hadn't mentioned to anyone! The woman is psychic!
Whoopidooings: Secret Santa
Close up of that gorgeous texture on the canvas.
Mixed Media crow feather by Laura Rumble
Thank you Laura - and again, thank you doesn't seem enough. I love it all so much!

So would you like to see who had who and what they got? I'll update this link as and when people let me know they've blogged :)

I posted to Virginia. Blogged here.
Susie - Posted to Suzy
Virginia - Posted to Kirsty. Blogged here.
Ally - Posted to Laura. Blogged here.
Suzy - Posted to Ally
Cam - Posted to Jaime and Debi
Laura - Posted to me. (Blogged above.)
Mariane - Posted to Cam
Suzanne - Posted to Mariane
Debi - Posted to Suzanne Blogged here.
Kirsty -  Posted to Susie.
Jaime - Posted to Cam

As it stands we have one parcel M.I.A but one way or another that will be remedied. We are waiting till the New Year is out of the way to see if Christmas post is holding things up. Otherwise, I hope everyone had a fab time with the swap. I  know I always enjoy hosting it - so what do you say? Same time next year?

As for me, well I'm looking forward to a quiet New Year at home with my family. Then the arting begins again. I've won a place on the Soul Food class and I've seen the timetable, it all looks such fun. Hectic - but such fun, the teachers look amazing. I'm going to try and keep up with Year in the Life of an Art Journal too. I've meant to join in for the past few years but never have -well they sound like they might be focussing on portraits this year and I like the sound of that. 

My word for 2014? Organisation. Of time, space, everything. Hopefully that will equal more time creatively. Gotta be worth a shot.

As for you - I really do hope 2014 brings you health & happiness. Everything after that is a bonus right? 

Happy New Year!


  1. What beautiful gifts you had - that stocking really was packed full - I love that ink splat stencil, how come I haven't got it (or even seen it) ?! I may have to go hunting that.... and your Secret Santa from Laura is also fantastic. Happy New Organised Year, go you!!

  2. Lovely gifts! Wow! Very generous and perfect! I am already using some of my Secret Santa' gift to me for a textile festival in France,! Thank you Carman for a lovely swap, and I was gifted with you ...a virtually New friend! xoDebi
    Happiest of New Moon New Years! xoDebi

  3. Wonderful stocking and Secret Santa goodies...I bet you'll have fun with them!
    Thank you so much for organising this Carmen..I love taking part.
    Hugs xx

  4. Wow, what a super load of goodies to get you started in 2014 - have fun.

    I wish you and yours all the very best for the coming year.

    Toni xx

  5. Right!

    ..wishing the same right back to you and yours. I hope 2014 is a great one for ll of you!

  6. Happy sparkly new year!! I'm so glad you had fun with these GORGEOUS parcels you received - shows you how much you're appreciated! Thank you for your awesomely supportive comments on my blog - I've replied to them there for you so that I don't fill up your comment spot with ramble! I will say that you should TOTALLY give Etsy a go. It freaked the hell outta me when I was setting it up, but basically (with that 20/20 hindsight!) it's a doddle! AND - unlike sucky ebay, it's cheap as the proverbial chips so you can give it a go without breaking the bank. GO for it - your work's fabulous! Sending hugs to you and your family and encouragement to keep the twinkly stars up! - Shroo:)xxx

  7. Wonderful and such thoughtful gifts... my family hate buying me arty pressies so this is a fantastic way to feed the need!! Having said that I got a fab camera this year which I had been wanting for ages and was certainly not expecting, so maybe I should take my comment back!! Looks like you all had a ball choosing gifts for each other and good luck with the New Year's "Organisation" aims!! Am sure we could all do with a dose of that!!

  8. Ohhhhhh my goodness! HOW awesome is that?? Christmas must have made you feel like a kid - and I bet you're eager to play. I heart that splash stencil! Have fun and Happy New Year to you, xoxo

  9. The only thing I find a bit sad is that only a few posted what they got ... Hugs, Suzanne xx


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