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Stay At Home CJ & 29 Faces #19 The Tree

I'm taking part in a Stay at Home CJ over on CollaborART. This was the brainchild of Sarah. With rising postal costs it's getting hard to take part in CJ's and fun collaborations like that. She came up with the idea of all the participants making just one background and coming up with a theme for that background. We then sent our background  to her, she photocopied them and then we all got a full set of backgrounds (and our originals) back to work on. We each work on the same background each month - to the theme set by that person.

For month one we worked on Lou's background and her theme was "For The Love Of Trees"
Whoopidooings: CollaborART Stay at Home CJ. Lou's Background.
Lou's beautiful background
When I signed up to this collaboration - I had not thought about how hard it would be to do the initial first stroke on top of, what I considered, someone else's beautiful art. I mean - look at that, I'd have happily framed it as it was!

I started off with a coat of clear gesso - I must have been a bit heavy handed as it really muted all the colours. I could've cried - I thought I'd wrecked it on the first month. I set it aside and then, when deadline was looming I went back to it, took a deep breath and went at it with the acrylics and drawing ink.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing: CollaborART For The Love Of Trees. Acrylic/Drawing Ink.

Turns out I really love my crazy tree. I had the idea of a mythological person transformed to tree form, so she's kinda sad and crazy. Wouldn't you be? I will come back to it and add some appropriate wording or quote - I just couldn't find one and didn't want to be late uploading. 

I do love this idea of Sarah's as it does mean we can come back and tinker - it was a stroke of genius on her part :)

If you'd like to see what the rest of the group did - and it's amazing how we have so many similarities and yet differences - click here to see the entire group in one place. Next month we are all working on my background, which you can also see through that link. The theme I set is "Beastie."

I'm also counting this as one of my 29 Faces. The month is over now and I'm behind but determined to finish :)

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. I love that tree expressive (can a tree be expressive?).
    Can't wait to see your "Beasties"
    Hugs xx

  2. What a wonderful idea for a challenge! And your Tree!! Of course I'm a tree huger so that might influence me. OK have to go see what everyone else did.

  3. I can't resist going over to have a look at the whole group because this is such a clever way of organising a group effort. I'm trying to think of some great words to go with that tree now.

  4. Oh I love this! I wish I could play too! :) Yours has a very autumn feel, too!

  5. Oh no, you've ruined it... I'm joking of course! I love your tree too.... hope you enjoy this challenge, it sounds great fun! Look forward to seeing how you progress.

  6. I love both pieces! I love that one is under the other...I love the tree growing out of the pieces! Just wonderful. It was so cool to see all of them together- thanks so much for sharing it with us. I can't wait to see what comes from your beautiful background:)

  7. That sounds a really good collaboration with postage costs being so high. I lovevwhat you have done, and your idea of using it as one of your 29 faces. It's a very subtle face.

  8. Oh what a splendid idea! The background is just overwhelming and I can imagine I would have been paralyzed by not wanting to 'ruin' it either :-D But seriously, I don't know why you doubt. The tree is extraordinarily beautiful and just by looking at it you can very well imagine many things ... well, I can :-) And I don't doubt you'll find the perfect quote when time has come. Hugs, Suzanne

  9. I have all kinds of questions about the collaboration, but the one that I think is most important is what kind of paper was used? Was it regular copy paper or one of the heavier card stock types.

  10. Brave girl....taking chances...and prevailing!


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