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Rocking My World Friday...

Oh I have missed so many Rocking Friday posts - I still think back on the week and pick out the good bits - once you get into the habit it just comes naturally. I just never seem to get a good chunk of time to sit and blog them. It's nice and quiet here at the moment - the girls have just gone to school, Logie Bear is quietly playing, not reached maximum capacity tornado force yet so lets see what I can quickly jot down.

Some lovely books have come into the house recently. I won two books on Twitter last week... or the week before... 
Whoopidooings: Twitter Book Wins
...and then my friend Sam gave me her copy of World War Z so am a very happy bunny.
Little Miss Monster turned 6. I can't believe it - she's looking so grown up lately and coming on in leaps and bounds at school. Doesn't seem so long ago I was putting up pictures of the house (and her) covered in sudocreme when she was about Logie's age!
Whoopidooings: Birthday Girl
My shed got a thorough clean out. After the Summer holidays (when I mistakenly let Little Miss Monster and her older sister out there unsupervised) it was a bit of a state to say the least.

I'm not a tidy person naturally, but my shed is the one place I do try and keep organised and I tidy up whenever I finish out there - it's such a small space, necessity rather than unnatural urges.
 It's so lovely to be able to pop out there and it feel like my space again :)
Devvie working so hard at school. I think the 6th form workload has come as a bit of a shock to the system but she's being very disciplined about working hard after school and making careers appointments off her own back. (Again, where has that time gone? Careers appointments? What?) So proud of her.
I restarted my Facebook Arty page and have been surprised at the lovely support over there. Thank you if you've followed me... and if you haven't.. *cough, cough, linky, cough*  I'm still keeping my blog going it's just if you want bit more of a chat or works in progress - pop on over.
This fella and his best buddy :) Honestly - these two just make me crack up when I'm watching them. Such a double act. Here they were passing a fridge magnet back and forth between them.
Whoopidooings: One boy and his dog
Whoopidooings? Spotted!
I had a few moles zapped recently. One had changed shape and I got scared. Doctor told me he would just remove them, nothing to worry about. He froze them off and they were supposed to just dry up and fall off, so he said. He didn't warn me about the inbetween bit. Needless to say I've been walking around feeling like an oozy, yucky, extra for The Walking Dead. The positive out of all this is that I'm finally reaching the bit where I feel like I can be seen in public without covering my face in plasters. Yay. Will I get any more moles zapped? Prolly not!
Some more quickies...
  • Unexpected stamp win - thanks Darcy :)
  • Secret Santa swaps starting up - I love these things!
  • Cooler temperatures and autumnal colours in the trees.
  • You Tube art tutorials
  • Morrissons cheese & onion muffins. Nom.
  • The local who keeps refilling the box of 'help yourself' conference pears from the tree in his garden. 
  • Italian night at our local Brewers Fayre pub. We turned up for what used to be 'pie night' on Ruby's birthday. She was even happier to find out it was now an all you can eat pizza, pasta, garlic bread, salad buffet. Guess where we're going for Logan's birthday!
And that will do I reckon - if you fancy joining in or wonder why I'm sharing bits from my week, please pop over to Virginia's for the feel good exercise that actually reprograms the way you think.
Thanks for stopping by - how has your week been? :)


  1. Oh, Logie Bear how fast you're growing... loved reading this week's post, Carmen.

  2. Oh wow Carmen that's an amazing arm full of positives. I love love love the photos of Logan playing with the fridge magnet - how gorgeous! Can't believe she's 6 - where does the time go! Your studio is looking mighty tidy, hope you're managing some creativity again. Need to check out your art page on FB properly, I've looked don't know if I need to click anything!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead


  3. Awesome week Carmen.. Aww Logan's getting so big.. those pics are so cute.. and Love your studio..looks fabulous... so jealous... Love your art page and those books look really good..

  4. What a fab week of positives. I love the pics of your shed and your art in there. Just fab. Hoping it inspires me to tidy up my pit of a room.

    Glad you are feeling more human again after your zapping

    Im nervously looking forward to the Secret Santa

    Suzy xx

  5. I've been keeping my eye out for a Rockin' post..and here it is :) Sounds like some good stuff going on in amongst the zapping

  6. Wonderful positives and I love the photos of Logie (isn't he getting big) Bear playing with his bestie!
    I don't blame you for going back to Brewer's Fayre for his b'day....I love pizza and garlic bread.. yum!

    Hugs xx
    p.s. your studio is looking good!

  7. What a great studio... I am expanding into the garage at the moment... am having a sort of shelving system installed where I can house my paintings and spare frames upright so there is less risk of them getting scratched... my room just isn't big enough with my ever expanding stock of supplies!!

    Logan is coming along beautifully btw!!

  8. I love it when dogs and kids are best friends. I was an only child for 12 years before my brother came along...and our family dog was my best playmate :)

    Your shed looks brave of you to let the girls have the run of it for an afternoon! Haha! Maggie and I work in the same room and if her desk is a mess, she knows to not even try to use mine...haha!

    Missed you!

  9. That sounds like a good week. Your little fellow is gorgeous, and obviously enjoys time with his furry friend. Well done to the rest of the brood, taking the new school term in their stride.
    I love your shed. My craft room is my haven where no-one else goes normally and I do love having that space to myself.
    I miss the colours of autumn. By this time of year there is not much vegetation left to turn colour. Nice neighbour to share his pear harvest.
    have a good week. Kate x


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