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Thermomorph Product Review

Recently I was sent a new product called Thermomorph to have a play with and review. I had never heard of the product but it did sound interesting...
The official product description on Amazon is:

Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
Picture source - Thermomorph website
ThermoMorph - The amazing, instantly moldable plastic!

What on earth is ThermoMorph?

It's a revolutionary plastic that allows anyone with a kettle to make unique rock solid items in minutes.

Simply add some of the granules to a cup/bowl of recently boiled water and wait for them to turn clear. Scoop the plastic from the water and mold it into the desired shape using your hands or your tools. Once you have the desired shape leave it out in the air and watch as it sets ROCK hard in under 10 minutes.
This stuff is amazingly handy and can be used for a huge variety of projects:
  • - Instantly fix broken items. 
  • - Use it to "hack" items for amazing new uses. 
  • - Sculpt the perfect add-on to a halloween costume. 
  • - Mold the perfect costume ring.
Once you've molded the perfect shape, you can paint it, drill it, varnish it or whatever else you want to do. It really is amazingly versatile!

Once you've used this stuff you wont know what you did without it!

As with all my reviews, the following is my own personal and honest opinion.

I decided to get the girls involved and they are aged 6, (nearly) 13 and 16. We followed the instructions and spooned some of the pellets into a jug of slightly cooled boiling water. (Around 60°C but my thermometer only goes up to 50°C, so there was a bit of guess work.) 
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
While we waited a couple of minutes for the pellets to clump together and go clear, we scouted around for some things to make molds with. We'd already dug out my old duckie silicone ice-cube tray but as soon as I'd been offered this review I knew I wanted to try making my own molds. 
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
When ready the product goes clear, remove from the jug - we used barbecue tongs at first, don't go sticking your hand in a jug of not long boiled water! (Ahem!) When you pull it apart it's stringy like cheese. We found it easier in the end to cut chunks off of the blob of clear plastic. It didn't stick to the (bog standard) scissors we used.

Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
 We decided to make duckies first. We've only ever done this with melted crayons and UTEE. Both times were extremely messy and with differing results. When the Thermomorph was cool enough to handle we cut off chunks and squidged them into the molds.
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
We all said how much less messy this way was and we all liked the results. With our first few there was some ragged edges where we were misjudging the amount to use. We found that while the product is still pliable you can use a pair of scissors to snip round and tidy up the edges.

Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
My pictures don't really show the level of detail - it picked up all the wing and beak indentations just lovely. When the product dries it goes solid and white - this happens within a few minutes - you get used to working fast. I wondered whether you might have more working time on a warmer day - it was quite cold when we were doing this. We set Ruby (age 6) to work painting one up. She used no prep - acrylic paint straight on top of the plastic.
Next, I was chomping at the bit to try mold making. First we tried Barbie's face. I've wanted a face mold for a looong time. Top tip. Hot plastic onto plastic Barbie face... not a good idea. Barbie will recover in time, you will be pleased to know. 

We tried a big metal button that I've been hoarding for years - that took a nice impression...
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
Then one of those Tim Holtz china things...
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
Not such a success with that one - think it was to long and thin, was a job to release it and leave the impression.

Next, an ornament that used to belong to my Mum's own Mum. Something I treasure because she did...
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
So. The big question. Did they work? Well. I tried using the Thermomorph to take an impression off of the molds. No joy - it kept bonding with the mold as it cooled - I suppose because it is the same product. We scratched our heads a bit and then I remembered I had a small lump of Fimo and a slab of air drying clay in the shed...

No joy really with the Tim Holtz thingy as explained above. The button took a pretty cool, delicate impression with the clay which you can see here...
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
But the star of the show by far, I'm so chuffed with this... just look...
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
Air drying clay.
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
Air drying clay and original.
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
Glittery Fimo 

Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review - molds.
I'm not ashamed to say - there was a fair amount of dancing round the kitchen! I love how the clay versions look kind of creepy and the Fimo, just so sweet. I love the amount of detail. So much detail has been captured - I don't see that detail in the original - it must be there obviously but I don't see it!

So then, after calming down a bit - it was tidy up time. There is absolutely zero waste with this product. Anything you do wrong, anything you snip off, chuck it back in the pot and it can be melted again and again. As a result and after a good couple of hours playing - my pot is still almost full. I'll show you that picture again. This is what's left.
Whoopidooings: Thermomorph Product Review

At the time of my receiving this product to test it was £19.95 on Amazon - on checking today it is £15.95. Do I think it's worth it? Going to be honest, gut reaction before I'd received the product would have been no. After having a play around? Hell yes! When I went to Ally Pally in April I stood dithering for a good 10 minutes over whether to buy this tiny, tiny tub of mold mixture - it was at least £20 as I recall. As it was I couldn't justify the cost for so little. I still have at least two thirds of a 500g tub of this stuff to make many more molds. I think it's going to last ages. I've already warned the family that I want to raid the charity shops for some ornaments with interesting looking faces! But this isn't a one trick product - I want to try making rings as suggested in the product description - I reckon carving it while pliable will be fun too! Such a unique product.

Love it. Just love it. And it was a pleasant surprise finding that out.

Many thanks to David at Thermomorph for sending me a tub to play with. And thank you for stopping by today.

Secret Santa Last Call & 29 faces

Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing: Secret Santa logo

Hi everyone :) First up, a quick reminder that today is the last day to sign up for the Secret Santa. I will be closing the list tonight (UK - time) So far we have people from the UK & one from the USA playing. If you are in the USA and maybe hesitating, if I can get even one more person from the USA I will keep you posting within your own country to keep postal costs down. Come play! 

Next up - way out of September now but determined to finish my 29 Faces. I've been brought up short by a teething bubba who just wants constant cuddles at the moment. Who can blame him - thank goodness we don't remember this time when we grow up.

Faces 19 and 20 are a couple more Scribblers. I do love that program.

Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - 29 Faces

Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing: 29 Faces
Face 21... I was messing around with watercolour techniques last year and did this zombie kind of face. I wasn't totally happy with it then and a few people recommended printing it off and dabbling with a few techniques on the print out rather than over the top of the original. This is a print out - my colours are running out on the printer and it came up with this effect which I quite like. So this is my face 21 - I will be playing with the oil pastels over the top of it today.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing: Washed out zombie
Face 22 I'm not happy with at all. It started off  as a quickie scribble trying to emulate the Scribbler effect but with a biro. Unhappy with the outcome I went over it in green gouache and white acrylic. Still unhappy, I attacked it with a black Sharpie... and now I am just leaving it - maybe I'll come back when I have the oil pastels out later. Ah well, it's all practice eh?

Hopefully I'll be finished these faces before the next round starts! Thanks for stopping by today :)

Rocking My World Friday...

Oh I have missed so many Rocking Friday posts - I still think back on the week and pick out the good bits - once you get into the habit it just comes naturally. I just never seem to get a good chunk of time to sit and blog them. It's nice and quiet here at the moment - the girls have just gone to school, Logie Bear is quietly playing, not reached maximum capacity tornado force yet so lets see what I can quickly jot down.

Some lovely books have come into the house recently. I won two books on Twitter last week... or the week before... 
Whoopidooings: Twitter Book Wins
...and then my friend Sam gave me her copy of World War Z so am a very happy bunny.
Little Miss Monster turned 6. I can't believe it - she's looking so grown up lately and coming on in leaps and bounds at school. Doesn't seem so long ago I was putting up pictures of the house (and her) covered in sudocreme when she was about Logie's age!
Whoopidooings: Birthday Girl
My shed got a thorough clean out. After the Summer holidays (when I mistakenly let Little Miss Monster and her older sister out there unsupervised) it was a bit of a state to say the least.

I'm not a tidy person naturally, but my shed is the one place I do try and keep organised and I tidy up whenever I finish out there - it's such a small space, necessity rather than unnatural urges.
 It's so lovely to be able to pop out there and it feel like my space again :)
Devvie working so hard at school. I think the 6th form workload has come as a bit of a shock to the system but she's being very disciplined about working hard after school and making careers appointments off her own back. (Again, where has that time gone? Careers appointments? What?) So proud of her.
I restarted my Facebook Arty page and have been surprised at the lovely support over there. Thank you if you've followed me... and if you haven't.. *cough, cough, linky, cough*  I'm still keeping my blog going it's just if you want bit more of a chat or works in progress - pop on over.
This fella and his best buddy :) Honestly - these two just make me crack up when I'm watching them. Such a double act. Here they were passing a fridge magnet back and forth between them.
Whoopidooings: One boy and his dog
Whoopidooings? Spotted!
I had a few moles zapped recently. One had changed shape and I got scared. Doctor told me he would just remove them, nothing to worry about. He froze them off and they were supposed to just dry up and fall off, so he said. He didn't warn me about the inbetween bit. Needless to say I've been walking around feeling like an oozy, yucky, extra for The Walking Dead. The positive out of all this is that I'm finally reaching the bit where I feel like I can be seen in public without covering my face in plasters. Yay. Will I get any more moles zapped? Prolly not!
Some more quickies...
  • Unexpected stamp win - thanks Darcy :)
  • Secret Santa swaps starting up - I love these things!
  • Cooler temperatures and autumnal colours in the trees.
  • You Tube art tutorials
  • Morrissons cheese & onion muffins. Nom.
  • The local who keeps refilling the box of 'help yourself' conference pears from the tree in his garden. 
  • Italian night at our local Brewers Fayre pub. We turned up for what used to be 'pie night' on Ruby's birthday. She was even happier to find out it was now an all you can eat pizza, pasta, garlic bread, salad buffet. Guess where we're going for Logan's birthday!
And that will do I reckon - if you fancy joining in or wonder why I'm sharing bits from my week, please pop over to Virginia's for the feel good exercise that actually reprograms the way you think.
Thanks for stopping by - how has your week been? :)

Secret Santa 2013

Sign-up Closed

Can you believe it? Not only has that time of year snuck up on me already it's also my third year of hosting this swap!

Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Secret Santa 2013 logo - Christmas Raven

I'm going to keep the format the same as last year so will copy and paste that over in this post...

Are you interested in taking part in a Secret Santa? You will put together a fabulous Christmas gift for your recipient. Stalk well. Find out what they would swoon clear away over. It can be anything. ANYTHING. Handmade loveliness, art, stash, books, chocolate... just tailor it to your person and fill it with yuletide cheer.

Good quality second hand stuff - books, stamps, vintage/retro items - is all good (if it's not - let me know so I can let your Santa know!) Means you'll get more pressie for your buck!

Shall we set the minimum spend at £10? (Roughly $16.03USD or roughly 12 euro's according to if you wish to spend more on your recipient, feel free but be aware that your sender might not be in the position to do the same.

If you want to know something in particular about your recipients likes etc, email me and I will email them for you anonymously. Obviously I am the only one who will know who my Santa is. So that one wouldn't be anonymous.

Things I need from you -

1. Who you are.

2. Email address

3. Blog or Facebook art/craft page address or personal website (for stalkage)

4. Postal address

5. Some likes/dislikes. Do you have a wishlist online?

Please email the above to - whoopidoo at btinternet dot com or click the 'email me' button on my sidebar. Include the email subject 'Secret Santa' (Hopefully that way it will filter into a folder I have set up.)

I will close sign up for the Secret Santa one week from today. Wednesday the 16th October. I'll then sort out who is sending to who and email you your victims details as soon as possible afterwards. I will try and keep you posting within your own country but please let me know if you don't mind posting internationally. So far we have the UK and the USA playing.

So to recap:

Will keep sign up open till the 16th

I'll then email you your victim
Stalk, stalk, stalk. Make, spend, gather, rummage, wrap, wrap, wrap.
Posting date:  1st of December so it will arrive in good time.
Stalk postie
Shake, rattle and feel pressie
Try and resist till the 25th (I know who wont!)
Mad tearing frenzy.
Meet back after the big day to show off our gifts  

Be sure and tell me if I forgot anything and if you never took part last year, are wondering if you might like to this year but still unsure... click here and you'll find a list of all the participants from last year with links to who sent to who and what was sent/received. It was great fun. (And hectic!)

People taking part:

Me! - Present loaded on Santa's sleigh - Present received
Susie - Present loaded on Santa's sleigh - Present received
Virginia - Present loaded on Santa's sleigh - Present received
Ally - Present loaded on Santa's sleigh
Suzy - Present loaded on Santa's sleigh
Cam - Present (2 of 2) loaded on Santa's sleigh - Present (2 of 2) received
Laura - Present loaded on Santa's sleigh - Present received
Mariane - Present loaded on Santa's sleigh - Present received
Suzanne - Present loaded on Santa's sleighPresent received
Debi - Present loaded on Santa's sleigh - Present received
Kirsty -  Present loaded on Santa's sleigh - Present received
Jaime - Present loaded on Santa's sleigh - Present received

I will update this list as and when people join and as and when people post/receive their goodies.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Stay At Home CJ & 29 Faces #19 The Tree

I'm taking part in a Stay at Home CJ over on CollaborART. This was the brainchild of Sarah. With rising postal costs it's getting hard to take part in CJ's and fun collaborations like that. She came up with the idea of all the participants making just one background and coming up with a theme for that background. We then sent our background  to her, she photocopied them and then we all got a full set of backgrounds (and our originals) back to work on. We each work on the same background each month - to the theme set by that person.

For month one we worked on Lou's background and her theme was "For The Love Of Trees"
Whoopidooings: CollaborART Stay at Home CJ. Lou's Background.
Lou's beautiful background
When I signed up to this collaboration - I had not thought about how hard it would be to do the initial first stroke on top of, what I considered, someone else's beautiful art. I mean - look at that, I'd have happily framed it as it was!

I started off with a coat of clear gesso - I must have been a bit heavy handed as it really muted all the colours. I could've cried - I thought I'd wrecked it on the first month. I set it aside and then, when deadline was looming I went back to it, took a deep breath and went at it with the acrylics and drawing ink.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing: CollaborART For The Love Of Trees. Acrylic/Drawing Ink.

Turns out I really love my crazy tree. I had the idea of a mythological person transformed to tree form, so she's kinda sad and crazy. Wouldn't you be? I will come back to it and add some appropriate wording or quote - I just couldn't find one and didn't want to be late uploading. 

I do love this idea of Sarah's as it does mean we can come back and tinker - it was a stroke of genius on her part :)

If you'd like to see what the rest of the group did - and it's amazing how we have so many similarities and yet differences - click here to see the entire group in one place. Next month we are all working on my background, which you can also see through that link. The theme I set is "Beastie."

I'm also counting this as one of my 29 Faces. The month is over now and I'm behind but determined to finish :)

Thanks for stopping by today :)

WW CollabPOEration - The Return

Back in May I blogged about a collaboration I was taking part in with a group of friends. The idea was based on the Tofu Millenia Mail Art Project a few of us had seen popping up around Blogland. 

We all chose a theme and each participant added a strip or block of art in that theme. Well my Edgar Allen Poe artwork has come home. It's gorgeous. I've taken two pictures because I'm having a terrible job getting a good one showing all the little details. This first is in direct sunlight...
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Mixed Media Edgar Allen Poe Collaboration
The second is scanned so has chopped a bit off the top, and due to the 3D elements is showing the flat bits  fuzzy but shows the glossiness of that cool heart beneath the floor boards. Hopefully the two give you an idea of the overall. 

Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Mixed Media Edgar Allen Poe Collaboration
It was made up as follows (going from top to bottom)

Top - Me.
Sarah - Final Teal and Copper themed piece here. 
Virginia - Final Red and Black themed piece here. 

I still have a couple of bits to complete for the Jo and Sami which I'll blog later. This has been a fun collaboration and given me such an eye catching piece of art that I will be framing. Thanks girls.

And thank you for stopping by today.