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Rocking My World Friday...

Nope. Nope. I'm not late. You are!
Ahem. So. Positives that have happened in my week...

Logie Bear has discovered balloons...Whoopidooings: Balloons!
 ...and boxes...
Whoopidooings: Fun with a box
 Silver Crow was spotted on the roof of the house over the back from us... He doesn't seem to stray far!
Whoopidooings: Silver Crow

The book review I did last week received a lovely comment from one of the authors and a blog post from the other. Very chuffed indeedy I was. I said to someone the other day that authors are the rock stars of my World - and they are, so it always makes me happy when I get one, let alone two stop by.
A couple of cooler days towards the end of this week has meant I can function a little bit. Honestly - this heat just wipes me out. But after a break of nearly 5 days I have finally been able to get out to my shed over the last two.
I've been following the weather and plotting where to go on our holiday thanks to the BBC weather app and an Inverness Walking Tour app. Thus ensuring that I can pester involve the whole family with things we'll be able to do and constant weather updates about how much cooler it is in Scotland at the moment. I don't just compare here and there. Oh no - I do the whole journey up in various towns. Aren't they lucky? Yes they are.
Devvie's two weeks as a volunteer teaching assistant culminated on Friday with the whole lot of them going to Harry Potter Studio's. Jealous much? Told her to enjoy it as chances are we could never afford to go as a family. She loved it and even bought me back a postcard of Snape because she knew I love Alan Rickman (especially as Snape!) Bless her cotton socks! She's already missing going in to do the work experience so I think it's safe to say she enjoyed it.
Whoopidooings: Alan Rickman - Snape
My Poe-laboration came home the other day. It's GORGEOUS and deserves a post of it's own so that's what it'll get. Has me all in the mood to read a bit of Poe though so may take my book with me on holiday. If you really, really want to see you could sneak a peek at Sarah's blog ;)

And that's going to do me for this week. If you fancy counting your positives instead of being a grumpy knickers (it works! I'm almost a reformed grumpy knickers! Only occasional relapses these days!) then drop by Virginia's to read all about it and link up. We'd love to see you.
Thanks for stopping by today - how has your week been?


  1. Hello, oh look ar logie bear the we pet. Glad Devie enjoyed her work experience and who would t list after Snape!!

  2. I was only thinking about your crow the other day when I saw some black ones round here... So good to see he is still around you. Your post made me smile - as always - on so many levels, but I love the comment and mention in the blog resulting from your book review. Go Carmen! Not sure when you're away to Scotland so if I don't catch you before, have a great time and some manageable weather!

  3. Your little guy is adorable and so handsome. Hope you have a great holiday.

  4. Oh the photos of Logan are gorgeous, loving the balloon shots - fab. Book reviews and authors comments - I missed this post, will try and catch up soon but WTG you! Glad Devvie had a great work experience and that she got a treat at the end of it - well and truly deserved. I haven't been coping with the heat either Carmen so you are not the only one! Hope you have a fabulous week ahead.

    Much love


  5. It's so lovely to watch your little man growing up....what a smasher he is now :-)
    A x

  6. Logie bear is so, so cute!! Hope you have a great time in Scotland.... yes they are lucky!!

  7. Lovely photos - your little man is a real cutie.

    Certainly sounds like Devvie's work experience was very positive.

    Have a fab week.
    Toni xx

  8. How times have changed. I told them at school I was into art and storytelling, graphically of course and I got shoved in... a Library. Should have said a teacher, dang it :D

  9. and yes... I'm still the grumpy knickers, not finding the positives to count yet, the l'il devils are hiding.. It's like an Easter Egg hunt.

    1. It's a work in progress Mel. Been taking part in Rocking Friday for 3 years now and, joking aside, it really has re-programmed the way I think ;)

      Devvie was the only one who volunteered for the Summer School from her year - so doubly proud :)

  10. Logan is ADORABLE and Silver Crow is MAGIC!

    Scotland will be very cool compared to darn Sarf, that's for sure. Although, knowing you, there'll probably be a heatwave for the time you're there!


  11. Ah yes, who needs toys when you've got balloons and boxes!?

    That crow is just too cute, we had an albino blackbird for years but haven't seen him in a while :(

    Grumpy knickers - I think we can all be grumpy knickers sometimes :)

  12. I love your Friday Week in Reviews! It just keeps me updated and I get to check in on you. The baby pics are just too stinkin' adorable!!! Love! Hope next week is even better!

  13. I'm with you on the heat....draining, it is! How cool Devvie got to go to Harry Potter Studios! Lucky, indeed!

    Look how big Logan is! They grow so fast *sniff*
    Give them all ahug for me....I feel the need to do the same to mine :)

    ...and a hug for you , too :)

  14. I love hearing about your week my friend! You are an inspiration to your "Friday Thankfuls":)


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