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Summer of Color - Fear/Delight

It's the final week for 2013 over at Summer of Color. I'd like to thank Kristin for hosting again - it really gets me thinking each week and I'm trying new things each time. I've really enjoyed taking part.

The last colour combination is Sage & Sepia.

I am still working my way through the book Acrylic Solutions. I'm about a quarter of the way through the book and so this is my playing with the techniques so far.

The text isn't blurry in real life - it's just my scanner struggling with the layers I think. I chose those words because they are how I'm feeling about art at the moment. It wasn't till I was scanning it last night that I realised it could also be construed as naughty. Oops!  It's actually clipped from a Robinson Crusoe story!
Mixed Media on a 6x4" index card. (Finally got some more. Yay!)

Many thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. LOVE this so much!! The key imprint is super, and I love the textures and colours and those gorgeous raggedy edges!!!

    I can read no naughtiness into the text (**innocent face**).


  2. Gorgeous..the textures and colors here are exquisite..especially the shimmers of that coppery-glow coming through..fantastic!Such a beautiful piece of art..wonderful for SOC!Wonderful to visit your beautiful space!

  3. What a great combination of colours, and you have executed it perfectly! What great texture.
    Won't ask about the weather because I know very well you are like me and hate it like this!! Let's just hope it cools down some, very soon....! xx

  4. OMG, the most gorgeous patina!!. Reminds me of the corrugated tin I played with once. WOW!!

  5. I'd spotted this before you left the comment on my blog - I pinned it to the Pinterest board I've made for my Snippets of Words series too. Couldn't resist pinning the work of another snipper! [OK ... *that* could probably be misconstrued too ... ] :-)

  6. Gorgeous Carmen I'm loving all the layers and texture!

  7. Actually, I'm quite impressed with this. I would love to learn more about that book, too. This is MY KIND of art. This is a lovely entry for the final SOC colors.

  8. OH WOW! I absolutely LOVE this piece, so much! The colors form this week's SOC challenge are portrayed beautifully here! The textures are amazing, too! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us!

  9. Love those textures and beautifully blended colours.

  10. What an interesting combo - looks absolutely great! Wonderful texture. As for the sentiment ... well, honi soit qui mal y pense lol Have a great Sunday, Suzanne

  11. Where did your mind go to that you construed that as dirty??? :) Mine is as pure as Snow White and I did not venture near any gutters! I am so looking forward to my book. Love this card. The texture is scrummy! :)

    Also we are suffering earthquakes. Lots of them: I am drinking wine to take the edge off and commenting to distract myself. Please send a prayer to the earthquake fairies for the sake of my sanity. :)

    Also...I have ordered a gelli plate! Which is much more fantabulous.

  12. This is great. I love the way the colours blend, and the deep texturing. It looks so good in the SOC sepia and sage.

  13. Great texture...very nice with a great quote!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. This is wonderful! Love those words!

  15. Hi again!
    Just wanted to personally thank YOU for all of your time and energy this Summer of Color! It was great seeing your colorful art and I so look forward to doing it again next Summer! Thank you and "see" you soon, xoxo

  16. Hello Carmen Love!
    I'm home and glad to see you are still madly creating in your little Art Shed :)

    Love all the yummy layers of color and the subtlety of the key!

    Biggest hugs...missed you!


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