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Rocking My World Friday...

...On Saturday.Two weeks worth of positive cup runneth over with smiles coming atcha.

Evenings. Because come 8pm it starts cooling down and I can go out to my shed - which has been reading temperatures of 33°C during the day! Yes! This is England! So, cooler evening means time to play! Big smile.

A fun day at a local farm. We got the chance to hold Felicity the owl who was rather beautiful. There was a hot air balloon there and Devvie got in and turned the burners on (with permission - not all rebellious like!) You can't really see in the picture as the flame turned invisible but blimey that thing threw out some heat. A fun day indeed.
Whoopidooings: Holm Place Fun Day
Devvie had a jumper on because there was a tiny breeze in the morning - wow, did she regret putting that on! She was melting!

This book. Review coming later today. But spoiler alert: I love it. I love it. I love it.
The kids have broken up from school for the Summer. So far we have had minimal arguing and I've only nearly turned into the Incredible Hulk with rage at the squabbling. Every couple of years we head up to Scotland for just under a week. This year is that year. So my thoughts are turning North of the Border - calming thoughts, can't wait! We'll also be having a couple of days staying with Craig's Mum in Hastings this Summer which is always nice not to have to rush back in a day.
An absolute stonker of a thunder and lightning storm the other night. Made me smile on three counts. Cooled the night down enough to sleep, was AMAZING to witness, Ruby & Logan slept through it and the plants in my tubs have gone bonkers after the downpour. (OK, four counts.)

A couple of weeks ago we put a bowl of water out for the birds with a little rock in it for the smaller birds to perch on. It has amused me no end every morning when I (gently) peek out of my closed curtains to see a queue of crows waiting patiently in line to have a drink and bath. This morning there were ten of them in a straight line while one splashed merrily in the bowl. It just makes me laugh - definitely very British crows, forming an orderly queue!

Devvie has volunteered to do a two week stint as a teaching assistant during Summer School. She was the only one in her year who volunteered. The other volunteers are last years 6 formers. I'm so proud of her both for volunteering in the first place and for doing something that has pushed her out of her comfort zone again and again already. She seems to be enjoying it and I'm pleased to see that the school is rewarding the volunteers with praise, lunch and experience. (She's off to Harry Potter Studio's with them next week! Jealous much?) She said it has been great experience in helping her figure out what sector of working with children she wants to do - teaching was an option she was considering. And still is I think.

That's going to do me this week - I'm sat here melting. I'm linking up with Virginia and the rest of the Friday Rockers. Why not come join us in looking back at the week to see what made you smile.
Thanks for stopping by today - how has your week been?


  1. A couple of great weeks. I love the owl... and the image of the crows lined up for the water - you so have to try to capture a photo of that!!

    1. I know, I know but if they see any movement from the house - they're gone. Hence the gentle peeking, stalker like, through a gap in the curtains :D

  2. So good, this post. I enjoyed every word of it, and that's a great photo montage.
    Good for Devvie at the Summer School - that girl's going places, she has the right attitude to life.
    I agree with Helen, I have that picture of the line of crows in my mind, it's so funny.
    I'm so looking forward to your review of the Acrylic Solutions book at ARC, the kind of book I can't resist.
    Hope the holiday breaks go well and that you have good (not too hot) weather.

  3. Some fabulous 'rocks' here Carmen and super photos.

    Well done Devvie on doing something outside of her comfort zone and it is wonderful that the school are rewarding and acknowledging her efforts.

    Toni xx

  4. Go Devvie. You must be so proud of her!

    I am so looking forward to my book arriving. Must be this week!!

    Love the image of your British birds lining up. You painted it perfectly. Loved your fun day photos as well.

    I am glad you got your cooler temperatures though I am quite jealous. Also appreciate limited squabbling during school holidays!

  5. Wow - there's not many places where you can hold an owl. There's plenty of time for squabbles ahead but hope you enjoy the peace whilst it lasts :)

  6. And the final one I managed to miss (I missed three rocking posts no idea how). Finally got around them, loving the list, loving the idea of the crows forming an orderly queue had me seriously giggling. Loving the owl photos too - beautiful.

    End of the school holidays - how did that happen?


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