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Rocking My World Friday...

 It's that time of the week again. Time to look back, reflect and see - what's made me smile this week. last couple of weeks.

Little Miss had the stabilisers taken off her bike! We thought it would take her ages to get the hang of it but we barely got her out the door and she was away. This is quite a big deal as with the older two we lived on a busy main road. They didn't get to go out on their bikes and so learned to ride a bike quite late. It's nice to see this one with so much more freedom now that we live in a quieter area. Plus - stabilisers off is a big deal anyway, right?
Whoopidooings: Stabilisers OFF!
My shed! My shed! My shed! Oh how do I love thee. Let me count the ways! My shed is definitely my most favourite place in the whole house - does it count as in the house? Who cares. The best present anyone has ever given me. I must admit when Craig was doing it and he said "you better get some use out of this!" I had my fingers crossed behind my back when I replied "of course!" I had serious mojo failure at the time - dwindled to a speck. But now, I realise - it was my crummy family and house holding me back all this time! (I jest. A bit.) But seriously, I love that thing - I even snuck out there with a cuppa and my lunch last weekend when there was a bicker-fest going on. Feet up, cup of tea, cheese and crackers, listening to birds and nature stuff drowning out the screaming. Aaaah. Bliss

I also love that I can leave things out to dry overnight and pin things up willy nilly without Craig's tidy OCD kicking in. My haven, my hub - can you tell I've been out there a lot this week? ( I wrote this last week - sod's law I haven't been able to get out there for the last 3 days! Grr!) 
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - My shed, my workspace, my haven.
Phoebe is joining Devvie in the love for home cooking thanks to classes at school. (It's not called Home Ec now, it's called Food Tech!) Which means she has been in the kitchen cooking us curried Quorn & veggie pasties for dinner. Nom. Her pastry is on a par with my Mum's - which I have never been able to achieve!
Netflix, for letting you put your account on a few devices. We tried putting our account on Craig's Mum's tablet. It worked - she's chuffed to bits - think she is getting more use of it than us at the moment :)
Devvie's continued pursuit of studies even when off school. Also she and I had a really lovely morning shopping for her prom dress. It's not often just her and me, and I'm not the biggest fan of shopping but it was nice. We went in shops we wouldn't normally go in - both guilty of judging shops to "look" expensive. As a result we found some great sales and we got the perfect dress. The perfect boots and, thanks to the kindness of strangers, a perfect bag to go with it. More on that next week.
  • The wii - keeping me mobile and not so cranky with my back.
  • Chestnut mushrooms on toast. Nom.
  • Craig, his sense of humour, his getting my sense of humour and our conversations.
  • Friends both online and off. 
  • Finally spending the clothes vouchers my Dad gave me for my birthday in February. (Wasn't fibbing about not liking shopping. Thankfully found I could spend these online to be delivered instore. Huzzuh!) Seeing as you ask, 2 new pairs of plimsoll type trainers, a pair of proper high waisted, tuck your tummy in, jeans and a mexican style skully vest. Cheers Dad!
  • Crackers and cheese.
  • My sketchbooks and paint.
  • Words with Friends on the tablet just before I go to sleep.
  • My girls and the Logey Bear. So proud of them, always, in their own little ways.
That's going to do me for this week, am sat smiling as I type so mission accomplished I reckon. I'm off to link up with Virginia - if you'd like to join me in looking for the positives in your week (it's such a worthwhile exercise) why not follow me over.
Thanks for stopping by today - how have you been?


  1. What a great list! And yay for Little Miss!

  2. Well done Little Miss - remember that scary feeling.... just! You've had a great week - mine hasn't been so bad either, one day I must rock with you all!

  3. What a lovely happy post. Stabilizers off is definitely a big thing, so well done Little Miss. It is good to spend quality time with our offspring, and also good to have our own space to retreat to. Enjoy your shed! Kate x

  4. Well done, Little Miss - freedom! Ooh, I so want a shed. I've been promised one in 2 years' time! The thought of being able to leave things out is just - well - can't put into words how wonderful that would be!And sometimes to escape from the mayhem of a tiny house, especially with our present kitchen chaos...perchance to dream! Sounds like a great week! Julie Ann xx

  5. Fab post Caarmen, your shed sounds like a little piece of heavenw. Well done on ditching the stabilisters to the wee one, it is such s big deal to them. Shopping I loathe ig but how.lovely to be shopping for a prom dress.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Suzy x

  6. Oh Carmen that's a fabulous week - I love love love the anti-stabiliser photos - she looks awesome and it will make such a difference with her confidence practicing when she's younger! Loving that your studio is getting plenty of usage, long may it continue! Loving the prom shop - can't wait to see the photos when it occurs! Fun conversations, chats with loved ones on and off the net - all utterly bliss.

    I too detest no I'll say that again DETEST clothes shopping but I'm going to have to be brave shortly as I don't have anything to wear at mo, keep throwing things out and not replacing them - whoops!

    have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.

    Much love

  7. Lovely post. I loved your list.

  8. brilliant! no stabilisers! totally scrappable! love your desk too, have a great week, jenx

  9. Congrats! No training wheels...or stabilizer- took me a minute:) This is a wonderful practice this looking for the great things that happened during the week. I am looking forward to seeing more!

  10. Go Miss Ruby! My one still has training wheels, she is not a natural! Ruby looks so happy whizzing around.

    Yay for sheds (and the thrill of seeing the postcard in your photos!). I am looking forward to having children that cook, I realise now how outdated I am in my language!

    Lots of fabulousness here, I love your rocking moments. The skull vest is totally intriguing me!!
    Having someone who gets us is such a blessing isn't it! I am so grate for my love and our dark sense of humour.


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