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Rocking My World Friday...

It's that time of the week where I take stock of what's made me smile throughout the past seven days. Then link up with Virginia and the rest of the Rockers. We are a small group and anyone is welcome to join in - I can't recommend this little exercise enough.

Firstly. Playing! Yay - ever since my desk has gone up there hasn't been a day where I haven't played in my shed. It might be for 10 or 20 minutes. It might be for a couple of hours, as was the case over the weekend. Either way - I'm making full use of it! And loving it!
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Where I play. My 6'x5' art shed :)
We had glorious weather over the Bank Holiday weekend. On the Sunday we went to our first boot sale of the year and came home with a few bits and pieces, some tomato plants, books for the girls etc... bag full of donuts - as you do. Then in the afternoon my friend Caroline popped round and we tried to fix her broken mojo with a Gelli Plate sesh. I think it worked - methinks a certain plate and paints will be going on her wishlist soon ;) That was great fun.

Then on the Monday we had our first barbecue of the year - I spent most of the day playing in my shed and by the time it came to sparking up the BBQ, I locked up and went inside leaving these two to the important work. (The sun had got to hot outside for me by then.) Devvie was head food prepper, Craig cooked, Ruby issued orders and Pheebs and I were content with having food brought to us. It was a lovely weekend.
Whoopidooings: Bank Holiday BBQ
Yesterday Craig and I managed a date morning. We still had Logan with us but we reckon it still counts. It took a couple of weeks of talking about and scheduling time but we finally did it. There was no work talk. (Well, not much. This is Craig - he and work need to be surgically separated!) We had a leisurely breakfast in Wetherspoons and then had a charity shop crawl. Yep. We know how to live.  He got a few birdy related bargains... and a new top. I got a (looks brand spanking new) black M&S short sleeved cardi.  And... AND! This beauty. It was just £2.50 and looks like new. 
Whoopidooings: Blacksad [Hardcover] Juanjo Guarnido (Artist), Juan Diaz Canales (Author)
It's a hardback book compilation of three graphic novels. I picked it up purely because the cat detective art work reminded me of  film noir movies. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm a relative newbie to graphic novels so am the first to say I don't know the author/artist. 
Whoopidooings: Blacksad [Hardcover] Juanjo Guarnido (Artist), Juan Diaz Canales (Author)
 When I got home and looked on Amazon - it sells for over £22! Chuffed much? Indeedy.
This cheeky chappy - makes me laugh all day, every day. 
Whoopidooings: Cheeky Chappy
Remember those baby canaries from last Rocking Friday? What a difference a week makes eh?
Whoopidooings: Canary chicks
Excuse the poop - dirty birdies ;)

Craig tells me that some have left the nest this afternoon. How fast they grow up these days ;)

  • Devvie is working so hard towards her exams. She stays behind late after school every day and most of the weekend was spent either revising or working on her art project. She really deserves the grades she's working towards - she makes me so proud.
  • Ruby. She, Daddy and I are really working to talk before she explodes. It's hard being 5 but I think she's starting to understand (most of the time) that if she tries talking before stropping, she actually gets somewhere. Every night she has Daddy and Ruby time where they either sit and read or go on the PC together or she goes out and helps him with the birdies. (I say help but he usually comes in telling me what she's knocked over *g*) It's lovely to see.
  • Endless cups of tea made for me by Devvie and Pheebs.
  • Collaborative art projects - keeping me busy, inspired and making sure I do stuff. If I owe you it - it's coming.
And that, my lovelies, is that. Thanks for stopping by - how was your week?


  1. What a great week Carmen.....lots of doing lovely things and being helped by your girls...:)
    Those canaries aren't half growing up fast....where does the time go???
    And Logan...what can I say? His cheeky smile had me smiling too....
    Give him a hug from his self-appointed Fairy Godmother....
    Hugs and have another good weekend with lots of crafty time....and if you have some spare mojo, please send it my way....
    Love xx

  2. Reckon it's just as well you don't have to kick your little lovelies out of the nest as fast as mamma canary! I know you'd miss them - even the strops! Hope you get to enjoy your shed some more this weekend too.

  3. Wow ...great buy ...DS is into graphic novels ....well he was before he had 3 kids lol.
    I am beginning to realize that 5 is the beginning of the teenage years nowadays ...Kris doesn't throw tantrums but he has a polite but certain answer for everything and wants to do everything at once ...and he never does enough or has enough ....grrrrrr ...and is getting irritated with Robbie who in now in a special needs class. As they get older the difference shows more and more.
    I love the birds ....where do they live if you have the shed??...probably missed the post lol xx

  4. Wow awesome week Carmen, crafting, BBQ - mmm I see some similarities at the moment fab stuff! Love the date morning idea, think me and hubby need some of that never have an evening baby sitter so a date morning or afternoon might be just the job. The graphic novel is awesome and those canaries have come on sooooooooo fast. And finally baby Logan, looking gorgeous!!!! Hope you have a great weekend and hope all Devon's hard work pays off for her!

    Hugs as always

  5. awww cute babies everywhere, human and birdy :) sounds like you have had a really enjoyable and productive week, long may this continue!

  6. Lovely, lovely post. It is indeed hard being five - you keep at it Ruby cos you look like a little star to me :)

  7. Just popped back to say thanks for the comment means so much that others enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. xx

  8. Thanks for your comment on my first ARC post! I feel really welcome. Love the art work in your shed - that fantastic dripping face; I so envy sheds as I have to negotiate for space on the dining room table. I love film noir myself. Have you seen 'Cat People' - the original one - it's amazing!xxx

  9. This is the 3rd time I've read this post and this time I WILL NOT GET DISTRACTED while I'm commenting!

    Those little canary babies are so cute, there's almost not enough room for them in the nest now! Logan is such a cutie, love him and his cheeky smile. No wonder he makes you laugh! Ruby, her royal pinkness, looks gorgeous in her sunglasses - but now we're back to sub-zero temperatures it's hard to imagine needing sunglasses ever again! BBQ's, yum! Our back garden is like a building site at the moment so BBQs seem a long time off for us. It's not much fun sitting amongst open drains and piles of mud :(

    Finally, it's wonderful to see you getting painty drippy in your shedio (studio/shed, see what I did there?!).

    Grant and I enjoy a Wetherspoons breakfast followed by a charity shop trawl. Wild, eh?!


  10. That counts as a date! Don't you love a bargain. Logan...Aaargh the cuteness, so munchable and so big! Yay for lots of art time and art dates! And BBQs. Oh Ruby's style and acuteness, I think she would get on well with my Victoria (including the stripping, they sound like two peas in a pod!).

    I look forward to having children old enough to prepare food and make tea, though maybe I don't because they do leave the nest too fast!! :)

    Yes. There was a big difference in a week. It is incredible!

  11. Sorry I'm late catching up. Loved this post, it brings back all the pleasures and problems of family life, and you and Craig have a wonderful talent for creating just the right approach to your family. Congratulations to all for their development.


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