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Rocking My World Friday...

Oh what a good week! On Sunday Devvie and I travelled up by train to Alexandra Palace in London for the BSSBS show.. Craig had helped me save some spending money as my birthday present this year. It was good on so many levels. Firstly - Devvie and I got a day out on our own - that doesn't happen very often. It was also my first time leaving Logan all day - he couldn't have cared less. Which I was a tad insulted by - even more so that he saved his poopy nappy for when I got back!

Our main reason for going was to meet up with  good friends and fellow Rockettes...
Whoopidooings - Ally Pally meet up :)
L-R Sarah, Jo, Sue and me :)
Jo's daughter was there too and it was really lovely to finally meet everyone after chatting and being Facebook friends for so long. Some of our little group, Virginia, Mel and Sam, couldn't make it but they were certainly there in spirit and in our thoughts throughout the day. We'll hopefully all meet up again later in the year. I was so nervous the night before - imagining all kinds of scenario's. We all made and swapped tags (will show in a later post when I've scanned them all) and it was actually sitting down and doing these the night before (Last minute Cam as always) that got rid of the raging headache I'd had for two days leading up to the show. All over nothing of course. Brilliant day. Brilliant girls. Felt like meeting up with old friends - which of course, we are now :)

And  I came home with bags of loveliness too. It's called The Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show which I do think is a bit misleading - I hadn't been for a couple of years and since my last visit there was a definite downturn in Scrapbooking items. This didn't bother me personally as I can't remember the last time I did that. I was on a hunt for paint and mists and was pleasantly surprised at how much there was. I do think the name should be changed and this might also encourage other stalls and shoppers... Anyway, I digress. 

Look! Look! Look!

The card and paint were my bargains of the day. The A4 packs of card are 100 sheets of 320 GSM and were £9.99 with the second pack being just 1p. I didn't know if this was a bargain, sounded it and people around me were snapping them up so I did my best sheep impression and copied them. I've since found out it probably was a bargain. 

I restocked my seriously depleted and much loved Kaiser paints at £2.95 each or 5 for £10 - well, would've been rude to not get two lots wouldn't it? The Eco paints were also in that offer so I got 9 Kaiser's and one Eco to try. 
Whoopidooings: Kaiser Colour Acrylic Paint Yummies!

And I've wanted to try gilding flakes for ages and ages and ages. The lady on the Indigo Blu stand did a demo for me, the ATC below is what she did and she let me keep it. I ended up getting the starter kit, some flakes in the colour she used (they are the ones that were on my wishlist) and - after umming and ahhing over the stamp she used - I later went back and they'd all gone. So saved the money and ordered that when I got home.
Devvie and I went home exhausted. We much preferred going up on the Sunday. Although some stuff was sold out, we did well getting the card on the last day and the Underground was much quieter too.

Such a good day!
During the week this little beauty arrived. It's by Donna who was offering 15 baby journlets in exchange for junk to celebrate the collaborART blog reaching one year old. 
Whoopidooings: "Journlet" by Donna Louise Rodgers
So cute and dinky. I've named mine Hyacinth because there is part of a dictionary page inside with Hyacinth on and it made me laugh and remember my Mum who we used to call Hyacinth Bucket.

Unfortunately the gorgeous envelope didn't fair so well going through the post but I am going to try and carefully glue it into one of my sketchbooks to save it - just glad my "baby" got here in one piece.

Whoopidooings: Damaged but Gorgeous Mail Art envelope by Donna Louise Rodgers
I'll have to have a rummage and get some junk in the post over the weekend. Thank you Donna - I love my Hyacinth :)
Devvie came home yesterday with a C in maths. She was waiting at the front door for me, all excited, as I got back from collecting Ruby. This is very big indeed - she's like me. We really don't grasp maths - it's like a foreign language - I swear if there is a dyslexia type thing for just maths - we probably have it. So to get her C - which she needs to keep her place in the 6th form she wants. Is great, great news indeed. Well done Devvie. Plus - she had already agreed to do re-sits, thinking she had failed. She's still going to do them to see if she can bump up to a B. Yep - very proud Mum. She said her maths teacher screamed when she heard the news and another gave her a kind of awkward man hug, he was so pleased for her. 
This fella. He's teething like mad. You can see his two front ones now, very defined beneath the gum. Just waiting to burst through. Apart from an occasional 5 minute startled cry here and there, he's still as chilled out and loveable as ever. 
Snoozing with his new friend Ninja, from his Aunty Sue :) That orange bit he's holding is all soggy where he keeps nomming on it.
Some quickies before I go on to long...
  • Warm weather and sun - finally!
  • Devvie's Lemon Drizzle cakes
  • My gorgeous family
  • Blogland & Pinterest inspiring more Arting
  • Tea and catch up with my friend Caroline
And that'll do me. Fancy looking back at your week and sorting all the positives - no matter how small or large? Pop over to Virginia's and link up so we can all find you.
Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. LOVE the piccie of Logan and Ninja :)

    but now you know what I'm going to ask .... what were all the 'scenarios' that you were worried about? you daft madam :)

  2. Nearly fell over seeing you rock on a Friday - but what a great week you've had! So sorry I couldn't do AP on Sunday as well as the Saturday and have the chance to catch up with you in person!
    Well done to Devvie too, with her maths - I was rubbish too.
    Take care, hope to see you soon.

  3. I think we were all a little bit nervous (ok, you were a lot nervous!) before we all met up - why, duh?! Sunday was fab - meeting you, Devvie, Sarah and Sue AND the show had far more of interest to me than I was expecting, win:win!

    Logan looks so cute with his little Ninja, well done Aunty Sue for finding that!

    I too have the maths dyslexia (it definitely exists!), so I know what a slog it will have been for Devvie - very very well done to her!

    Have a great weekend,


  4. What a beautiful post....You have so many things to be happy about :-)
    Logan is just gorgeous....but of course you know that :-)
    A x

  5. Sounds like quite a week, and it's so great when people count their blessings instead of grumbling over what they see as bad things in their life. They waste the precious time they have. Dev and I count our blessings and always, at the end of the day, list three things each that have made us happy, even if it's only enjoying a coffee together at home (or winning at chess!).
    Congratulations to Devvie, and everyone else!

  6. Oh Carmen that really is a fabulous post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, loving the photo from AP (but you know that already), the stash buying - yum, the oh so cute photo of Logan and finally the Ninja - all becomes much clearer LOL. Hope you have a fabulous weekend - I'll pop your link on my blog I'm late - don't ask!

  7. Meeting up with Bloggy Friends really is fabulous....and doing it at an event like that sounds ultra fab!! You got some wonderful new toys! did Logan with that cute, albeit soggy, ninja :)

    Congrats to Dev for working so hard and taking responsibility for her education! I will be so proud if Maggie tries that hard at subjects that don't come natural to her.
    Well done!!

  8. Oh how exciting meeting up with blogging friends. And your buys. Love the stencils. Yay to Devon for doing so well, good luck for the B no wonder you are proud!

    Oh, your little one makes me long for a little one in my arms. So gorgeous. Lemon drizzle cake sounds dangerous!

    Get out your gelli is not cheating and all the playing is very inspiring to me. I keep getting brand new ideas. So you would be doing me a HUGE favour! And you can try out your new paints with it! :)

  9. Great read Carmen :) Especially likes the bit about Logan's soggy ninja from the chewing :) Oh, and Devvies lemon drizzle cakes - yummy! x

  10. It was a lovely day wasn't it? Why were you so nervous???
    You already know I love your stash haul and the lemon drizzle cakes...yummy!!!
    Doesn't Logan look so peaceful with his Ninja (even if it is a bit!)
    Devvie has done ever so well with her maths..:)
    Hugs xx

  11. Oh my! That baby of yours is one cutie patotie!! And it sounds like a wonderful day out (without the baby - yay - we need time alone sometimes :) AND YOUR LOOT! Yes, two lots were definitely in order - have fun with it! xoxo

  12. What a lovely day out you had, a bit like the day out I had last year at Patchings. I just re-read your post on my blog and I have painted a crow at least I think it's a crow!! It's on my blog in March. Anyway I have a few birds to paint.... lovely juicy dark ones will let you know when I have done some.

  13. You certainly had an amazing day ...and bought lots of goodies. That ATC was stunning. Bet you missed Logan but the time away did you good. Logan looks so so cute. Well done Devvie btw ...C's good.xx

  14. Me again answer to your question re bear ....yes it is and yes they do that and some others. He bought it with his holiday money and some of a Man United strip ...then because he had been un well for the first 36hours and was so good without his brother who got the bug at both ends 2 hours before the off and so could not travel, Jay and I treated him (us!!!lol) to some other bits much fun. xx

  15. Wow what a haul!! Sounds like you had a blast! Can't wait to see some of the things you make with the new supplies!

  16. everything about this post is amazing! :) love those paint colors, and the creations...and your little guy!


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