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Artful Readers Club - My Monster Burrufu

Hi everyone.This is my review of the book I chose and the art it inspired for the March meeting of the Artful Readers Club. This might seem an odd choice... but bear with me.

Whoopidooings: My Monster Burrufu by Alberto Corral - Book Review
My Monster Burrufu by Alberto Corral

Goodreads says: 

Seven-year-old Olivia has just moved to a new house—the same house where a lonely monster named Burrufu lives hidden in a secret attic. One night, unable to resist the smell of delicious cookies, Burrufu sneaks out and is discovered by Olivia. The two soon learn that you can find friendship in the most unexpected places.

My Monster Burrufu is a story of overcoming fear, a curse, and a most unusual monster who learns from a little girl how to trust his heart.

I bought my kindle version of this book purely because of a review where the reader was drooling over the illustrations. The book, according to Amazon,  is aimed at readers aged 9 years and above (Yeah - I know, just my age then!)  The illustrations, by Alessandra Sorrentino, are gorgeous. They remind me of Disney or Pixar style illustration. The story also reads like it would translate into a film really well - it goes from gentle story about a young girl and her Dad moving to the country to epic chase scenes quite seamlessly. 

I did really enjoy the book. The plentiful  illustrations are grey and white - I wondered if this was just because I was reading on my Kindle but when I checked my Kindle reader via the app on my tablet, they were still grey and white. On further checking it does look like the 'proper' book is the same. Reading is no less enjoyable through the kindle than, I am guessing, it would be via traditional format. I would like to get hold of this in book form to read to my youngest daughter who at 5 years old, I think would also enjoy this too.. and I do try to get hold of books that I have bought solely for the pictures in traditional book form.

Having said all that - the story itself is a good one. Lots of intrigue, secrecy, drama - a good moral tale about prejudice and what it can do entwined within. The only thing I didn't like... and it's something I have noticed with other children's novels, is the way that Olivia was left completely on her own in the house while Dad went to work. That didn't sit well with me - but I've had the same conversation about Charlie and Lola so it must just be a thing that is 'OK' in children's books.

Really recommend the book... Suitable for little kids and grown ups too in my opinion. This 36 year old loved it.

There's a lovely website for the book. Click here if you fancy a peep.
On to the art. There is a lovely scene where Burrufu kind of flies Olivia away and they are able to be themselves, not scared about anyone or anything else. This is one of the scenes that sticks in my mind the most and so what I used to inspire the art piece. I roughly drew a monster and child holding hands. The monster is not strictly true to Burrufu himself - I just drew whatever monster-ish but cuddly form came to mind. I cut out the image to use as a mask...

Whoopidooings - Monster and Friend Mask for Gelli Plate printing

...and then had lots of fun with acrylic paint and the Gelli Arts printing plate. It is so colourful and shimmery in real life - there are layers and layers of gold, bronze and silver paint in that sunset. 

The aforementioned 5 year old has declared that is her and the Gruffalo. No prizes for guessing what they read at school this week! The 'Big Love' in the background is because that's the last thing I say to my girls at night before they go to bed. It seemed appropriate.

Am not ashamed to say, this is my favourite arty thing I have done in a long time :)

Whoopidooings - (Carmen Wing) Acrylic Gelli Print - Monster & Friend "Big Love"

The book I've chosen for April is:

Thank you, as always, for stopping by :)

I've now linked up to Carolyn Dube's Gelli Print Party. Links are open all month if you'd like to play along :)


  1. Carmen I LOVE LOVE LOVE your artwork. I hope you are framing that for the girls' room! (or even for your room :) )

    And the story sounds lovely. I wish I still had a kiddie young enough to read bedtime stories to.

  2. The story sounds wonderful fun for young (and older!) readers alike, and I so love your artwork to go with it. Can't wait to read your review of April's book.

  3. Oh, your Art is soooooooo cute! The story and then the photo gave my goosebumps. We're talking a lot about bullying in school and this is a nice example of how looks don't say anything about character! ♥

  4. Carmen, your art representation of your book is WONDERFUL. It sounds like a fun book to read...I loved all the Harry Potter books, so I think I'd enjoy this as well (even though I'm twice your age! LOL) Great review.

  5. You have some serious craft knife and drawing skills, dear Carmen. That monster is fantastic and it's a great lesson in perspective. I adore it.

    Any time I read about prejudice, I get upset. There's so much of it in this world, what with the internet often feeding hate and bigotry. I think this would be a great book for anyone of any age!

  6. LOVE your masking - it is gorgeous art work,
    and similarly my boys always go to bed on a 'love you lots' even when they have been the naughtiest of monsters during the daytime....

    I have that collage book but not the nerve to 'go for it' yet , ha ha ha


  7. Oooh hahaaha I am 9 too then. I love children books because they often have hidden meanings. You told us about it in a great way and looking at your art makes me want to paly with some home made stencils. Love it! :)

  8. Oh wow!!!!! That art work is fantabulous!! Must check put this book too....for myself :)
    Hugs xx

  9. I used to love childrens' books more than my children I think and I was always drawn to the beautifully illustrated ones so can quite understand why you fell for this one!! Just need some grandkids now so I can get them all out again!! Love the collage you've done, I think you should frame it as well!!

  10. I can see why this is your favourite arty thing in a long time. Perfect, and good enough for a published illustration in a book.
    I like the way you just 'roughly drew it out', it's so good. Perhaps that is sometimes the best approach.
    Enjoyed the review and will check out the site, and the Kindle book. I've just finished a children's book, say 12and upwards, also basically about being 'different' - The Ten O'Clock Question', on Kindle. Didn't even realise it was a young person's book until the end.
    I also love this ARC and how much I learn from it.

  11. Carmen! I love this, I am glad you love it. It could be an illustration itself. I love the way you integrated Big Love too! Your rough cutting out is divine! Not a lot of rough there. I think that book would go down a treat in my house. Perfect to have on my kindle for unexpected waits!

  12. I love that you have reviewed a 'children's' book. I still love children's books (the Harry Horse books, The Last Castaways and The Last Polar Bears are two of my most favourite books ever, they are so funny I struggled to read them to my kids I was snorting and laughing so much!), and I enjoyed reading your interpretation of this one. In this age of negativity, bullying and cyber trolls, we need more and more reminders about the evils of prejudice.

    And BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE WOW to your accompanying artwork! Love it! Such a gorgeous silhouette.


  13. I can see why you love it so! I think it looks SO cool - almost digital the image is so clear - and I bet it is great to see in person with all the shimmer :)
    AND how you even have time to read with a baby is beyond me. You rock Mama!
    Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family,

  14. I do hope that art panel is hanging in your child's room right now...fabulous :D
    My kids were always chiding me for complaining at stories and movies like "Home alone" for children being left un-accompanied, apparently "it's not real mum!"...and "how else are they supposed to have an adventure?" lol XXX

  15. ohhhhhhh I want this page , it is so sweet and beautiful. I love that you read a kids book and the kid in you enjoyed it, and look what you produced. never let your inner child grow up. x

  16. Sounds wonderful! I will probably get it for my nieces birthday and read it too! Love your artwork.

  17. I just love the background colors and the sweetness of 'big love' & 'Gruffalo's' gentle hand holding.Thank you for your great review and expressive.

  18. Well, I was a little worried I would not meet the age requirements to read this one, but I will 36 in 2 days, so wooohooo!

    I love children stories, and those tales that show relationships between unlikely characters are the best for me. I think it reminds both kids and grown up that we have to take to time to know each other.

    Your are feels warm and sweet, like friendship ;-)

  19. Love your 'gruffalo' art work ...and as for shuggle ...I have never seen it written but maybe you are right ... so pleased though that your Mum used the word too. xx

  20. Your page is wonderful, love it. So evocative of childhood and a trusted friend. Think I will look this book up in paper form.
    Jen x

  21. Fab! One of the most beautiful, imaginative and intriguing gelli prints I've seen so far, I love it! Suzanne

  22. Sounds wonderful Carmen... your description alone has me adding this lovely book to my wishlist... and your gelli print is amazing... gorgeous... love the background too... and love too... the sounds of this months book... happy reading x

    Jenny ♥

  23. Sounds like a wonderful story and your artwork - in full colour - is superb!

    Janet xx

  24. I can see why this piece of artwork is one of your favourites, it is stunning, I love everything about it. Great to read a review of a children's book, I must admit they are a weakness of mine mainly for the illustrations but I do love to read the stories too! LOL x

  25. I just wanted to say in a low key non-demanding way that I have been thinking of you and I hope all is well in the business of your life. xx

  26. Oh Carmen that is utterly fabulous and so lovely to see you really enjoying the Gelli-plate made me smile!

  27. I love your cuddly monster holding hands with the little girl. It is fun and sweet. Great work!!

  28. Your art piece is pure lovliness! I like the soft quality of the backgrounds...the big love in the background....and the tender image :)

    Well done!

  29. What a cool page! Love the "monster" LOL

  30. Wow what a beautiful piece of work you have created. I have never heard of the story but it sounds wonderful.


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