Silver Crow Project

Alice Chunky ATC

Last year I did a one to one ATC swap with Mark of Spesh Ink blog. He sent me a gorgeous zombie ATC... 
...and an equally gorgeous arch. Both of which I just love. You can click here to see how he made both of them.
I initially drew an ATC sized Alice Cooper (he's another fan) but ballsed it up when it came to adding colour. Then came my bleurgh phase of the pregnancy where I all but hibernated under a duvet... and a very patient Mark has only just ended up getting his ATC. I decided to do a chunky to (try and) make up for the wait...
Front & Back

Top - Skullie charms &  Rose
I bought the ATC sized pine block off a UKSer who gets her hubby to cut them and sells them in pairs on eBay for a very reasonable price. (Simply search "Chunky ATC" on  I then went to town on a favourite Alice Cooper image printed off the PC, added book page wings etc... I seem to always give Alice wings. I made a very similar set of flat ATC's for another swap ages ago. There's loads of texture paste with stamps pressed in, paint, watercolour crayons, mist, braille paper, charms from some old shoes... and my favourite tool of all time... Glossy Accents. Couldn't be without that stuff. That's how I did all the drips and the raised 'A' on the back.

Et voila!

Hope you like :) Thanks for stopping by.

Purely Collage Postcards

Recently I took part in the Purely Collaged Postcard CollaborArt challenge. This involved us making two "background" collaged postcards which we posted on to the next person in the swap. In the meantime we would recieve two backgrounds which we would have to collage a foreground onto and post on to two other people to keep. The twist being only collage was allowed - found magazine, book, newspaper images etc. Absolutely no ink, paint, pencils or other media of any kind. Yikes. A lot harder than it sounds and I have a new found respect for purely collage artists.

These were the two backgrounds I received from Rebecca (Bex)

Both already pretty fabulous and I was so worried I would ruin them. This is what I did before posting one on to Virginia and one to Sam...

That yellow fish was what caught my attention most. Then I found a vintage advert on an old newspaper page I had. It read something along the lines of "if fish could read they'd buy this bait" (I don't think they would somehow...) but it tickled me so that's what I went with.
Next up, that brown square looked like a window to me and the woman looked a bit scared. Found a vintage dinosaur comic strip in my box o' bits and it pretty much made itself . The wording all came from a fabulous "Wonderland of Knowledge" encyclopaedia that Craig's Mum gave me... he had told her to charity it! Flipping cheek. It's a treasure trove of gorgeous colour plates and interesting articles.

These are the two collaged backgrounds I made and posted on to Sam...

 You can see what she did with the foregrounds if you click here.

And finally, these are the postcards I got sent as final pieces.There was a bit of a mix up and I ended up with three. We've worked out that this first gorgeous one is to be posted on to Jazz. But I thought I'd show it anyway as it is rather fabulous and I'm glad I got to see it in the flesh so to speak ;)
 Background by Pat - Foreground by Irene
Background by Irene - Foreground by Jazz
Background by Jazz - Foreground by Bex

A really fun swap and really got the majority of us working out of our comfort zones. I do think I would like to explore more with collage... but maybe with some paint as well. Talking of which, I got a beautiful book for Christmas which is on my Artful Readers list - Collage, Colour and Texture in Painting. So watch out for my review and inspired by art from that :)

If you'd like to see how everyone else in this challenge did - come join us over at the CollaborArt blog.

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Rocking My World Friday...

I think I should start calling my posts Rocking My World Monday :) I'm sure Virginia doesn't mind and would me more shocked if I did actually post on a Friday!
Click the piccie to play along :)

Things that have made me smile this week...

We've just got back from a long weekend in Hastings visiting Craig's Mum. Always nice to have longer than a day there and not have to rush back. Am sure Cooper would move in permanently  - he gets so spoilt with doggy treats and loves racing around her huge garden. We only have a teeny tiny back garden here.

Losing another 2lbs this week. That brings me up to 7lbs (half a stone people! Woohoo!) in two weeks. That's despite the very well stocked biscuit box at Craig's Mums ;)

Pizza toast - my favourite lunch of the moment. Slice of wholemeal bread, spread with tomato purée  sprinkled with mixed herbs, topped with mushrooms, peppers and cheese, whacked in the oven for 10 minutes, served on a big old bed of salad leaves... and Bobs your Uncle. For someone on Slimming World it works out at just half a syn and tastes so naughty. The cheese and bread are 1 HexA and 1 HexB. Nommy nom nom. I keep meaning to take a piccie for this post but I scoff it to quick. 

Looking forward to a new free art class starting March 1st, The Strathmore Abstract Fine Art Painting with Mixed Media class. Looks fun.

Still getting on top of my organisational dysfunction. Have mailed out a few bits I was behind on this week and am also getting a kind of rota going housework wise and art wise too. Feels good to have a bit more control. Thank you to the people who helped me sort myself out. (Lists, I love lists!) - also Craig for pushing me to organise my little corner of the dining room, lovely to be able to reach my magazines and sketchbooks without fearing an avalanche.

Pinterest - loving all the tutorials I've been watching on there - stuff I wouldn't think to search on YouTube off my own back. Talented artists generously sharing how they work.

Daffodils, snow drops and crocuses peeking through and braving this chilly weather.

Central heating.

A bubby that sleeps through the night :)

The people I love.

Have a lovely week people - remember to stop and take time to notice the little things :) Thanks for stopping by.

Rocking My World Friday...

Must... blog... more... Hello everyone :) Well so much for my unspoken promise to myself to blog more this year. Hopefully when bubba is a bit more independent that will happen.    
Click the picture to play along :)

Anyhoo - on to my Rocking Friday (on Monday) The last couple of weeks have seen me getting fed up of my disorganisation. Well, I'm always fed up of it but now it's to the point I want to head butt something. Bad memory, bad organisation skills, lack of spare time and more than a tiddy bit of laziness does not make for a good mix. Enter some very good friends who didn't laugh when I asked for help. I'm very grateful for that. I now have a rota for housework, one for art & craft commitments owed and one for allowing myself art time rewards when other jobs are out the way. I feel like I'm getting a tiny bit of control back. All good stuff.

Secondly - I started Slimming World again last Monday. Just doing it at home with my old books. Am thinking if I can get some weight off it will help my back problems. Just changing two beds today had me hobbling to the cupboard for my pain killers. (Which I am trying not to take to often!) Ridiculous. But anyway - one week later = 5lbs off. Can't moan at that :) Lets hope I can keep it up this week. It's one of those things I have to take day by day as I do love my food!

Lovely snail mail. Over the last couple of weeks I've received a handmade pocket book from Donna with some little goodies in that she came home from CHA with, a beautiful mail art from Sam (below) and some examples of her Gelli Plate printing escapades which has convinced me I want to get a Gelli Plate to try. When I go to Ally Pally I'll stick that on my shopping list. I've also had an early birthday present arrive which I've been very good and not opened. *polishes halo*  Oh and I've also had a couple of gorgeous postcards arrive from the Collaborart Collaged Postcard Swap - but I'll blog them in a separate post.
Art by Sam (Luna)

Silver Crow. This sounds silly but I was just saying to Craig the other day that I was worried about not seeing him. Last time was the week Logan was born - nearly four months ago. I was thinking he'd been run over or captured or something and it sounds really daft typing it out but I was worried that he'd come to no good. Well, walking home from school on Friday we spotted him playing around in a garden with 4 or 5 of his crow friends. No camera to hand of course but very pleased anyway. 

Um, um, what else... oh yes - winning a free book in the Simon & Schuster monthly Facebook giveaway, winning a tote bag from the Cowling & Wilcox Facebook page. 

Some lovely days of sunshine, being able to go out without a coat! Yippee! I hate wearing a coat - so restrictive. Now just a little rise in the temperature would be nice...

This should technically be on next weeks Rocking Friday as am late posting and it happened today but in case I forget... my gorgeous new slouchy oversized jersey jumper covered in cartoon skulls. I was slobbering all over it at the local market and Craig bought it as an early birthday present. Gotta love him (and I do!)

My lovely little family - even if a certain little one is going through a monstrous metamorphosis at the moment. What is it about the 5/6 age? Testing boundaries? Hmmm. 

So am finishing up now as yet again this post has taken days to write in little nibbles and we're nearly at the next Friday post.

Hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves and creating up a storm. Thanks to my new found organisation I am creating a bit more so if I have promised you something - you should be getting it soon.

Thank you as always for stopping by :)

Rocking My World Friday...

...Well, Rocking My Month really. I have had the best intentions to blog each week and then I blink and the next Friday is already here. So this is a mass catch up - and it wont be very long. We've all been poorly sick here so not much at all has happened. Craig and Devvie have been playing pass the lurgy since Christmas and Logan and I finally caught it as well. Not nice. Pheebs is the only one sitting back and gloating about her good health. It's easy to go off your kids you know.
Pop to Virginia's to play along, click here :)

So, what's been making me smile this month... apologies up front for lack of piccies, just haven't been taking many photos - they would all be snot covered any way. (Sorry!)

Well, hints that Spring is coming. I'm not going to lie - Winter and Summer are not for me. Winter is to cold and Summer is to hot.  I don't do teeth chattering cold and I don't do stinky, sticky sweat. Autumn is my season, closely followed by Spring. The temperatures are right and so are the gorgeous, gorgeous colours. My little tubs are showing signs of new life. My Mums mini daffodils are peeking through the earth and so is Ruby's one that she grew  in nursery last year. There are teeny tiny crocuses growing along the grass verges on the way to school and the trees are budding with the promise of new leaves and blossom - they will soon no longer be nookid. (Ruby's word *g*) So many birds are chirping and singing and they seem so much louder at the moment. It's lovely.
... ... ... ... ...
Darcy's Artful Readers Challenge and the CollaborArt blog - when you feel poorly and snuffly and zombie like. You feel like crapola and don't want to do anything. These have been making me at least read and do a teeny bit of creativity. I don't want to fall in the trap I did last year where I felt bleurggh so did hardly anything all year. Nope. 2013 is going to be the year I kick-start my art and these two blogs are definitely helping.
... ... ... ... ...
Lists. I'm slowly jotting down (as I remember) things I have promised people - To make them or paint, draw etc. I aim to have cleared that list by the end of this year. I've slowly made a start. And from now on I write down everything so I don't forget. Worst. Memory. Ever! Started crossing stuff off this month. Feels good! I used to keep post-it notes everywhere to remind me of stuff. Why did I stop that?
... ... ... ... ...
Devvie working hard on her studies and exams. Doing after school study classes and working hard at home despite feeling grotty. Think she can't wait for this phase to be over - we're just waiting now to see if she'll get a sixth form place where she wants it - I don't know, it all seems so different to when I was at school. Scary to think I'd upped and left and was doing a YTS by now at her age!
... ... ... ... ...
Charity (Thrift) shops... or Le Boutiques as my Mum called them ;) Been finding some bargains lately. Have been looking for one of those triple frames or at least a multi frame to put some art work in that I'd received and they are so expensive in the shops - found one in British Heart Foundation shop for £3 - it's a pine frame so am going to paint it black to match my Ikea ones. Same day also found a big pile of Jacqueline Wilson paperbacks in near mint condition - £1 the lot - so that pleased Phoebe and then today I've found 3 House of Night novels for 50p each... so that's Devvie happy. She's trying to collect the set but there is so many of them! Do love me a bargain!
... ... ... ... ...
Friends. Most of you realise what an unsociable oik I am and still stick around anyway. I can drop off the radar for days... weeks... and you don't seem to hold it against me. Thank you for understanding me. And thank you for being there when I pop up again. One close to home and my very dear online buds in particular - you know who you are.
... ... ... ... ...
Some quickies - things that made me smile this month. Hot sweet tea with real sugar (got a cold, I'm allowed!) Iceland cheese & onion bakes. Nom. Having central heating, warmth, the cosy purple snuggly socks my sister got me for Christmas that are even warmer than my slippers... the watercolour crayons Mum got me for my birthday one year, still going strong all these years later - you were right. They were worth it Mum! My tablet which has kept me connected to the outside World when confined to the sofa by a greedy pig of a baby. My family - even when I am a shrieking banshee of a referee between them. Daytime TV. I admit it. I love Bargain Hunt and am not ashamed to proclaim it loud and proud - I'd love to go on that show, be given £300, told to spend it and then take my haul to auction... I'd be there in a flash if it wasn't for the going on TV bit.

And that's me done - hopefully I'll get back to my regular weekly-ish postings from now on.

Oh wait - I better not forget this little positive eh? Happy and chirpy (except on jab day) even when he's got a snuffly cold.

I'm also linking up today with Annie's Friday Smile - why not pop over for yourself? Thanks for stopping by :)