Silver Crow Project

Secret Santa

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm a telling you why...

Santaaaaa Claus is coming to town!

OK Santas, this is the list - start stalking your posties... who, as we all know, are really Santa's elves in disguise ;) I'll update the list as and when  I hear pressies are on the sleigh or not.

Me! - On sleigh - Received
Sarah - On sleigh - Received
Virginia - On sleigh - Received
Helen - On sleigh - Received
Susie - On Sleigh - Received
K - On sleigh - Received
Irene - On Sleigh - Received
Sam - On sleigh - Received
Carol - On sleigh - Received
Brandy - On sleigh - Received
Ally - On sleigh - Received

Getting exciting! Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Secret Elf just observing ^_^

  2. On the sleigh - I love that!

  3. Hey Carmen,thankyou for your lovely words....looking forward to the day when you shout out from the rooftops your new and shiny married name:)Stu and I sometimes decide marriage maybe required when our plate set starts dwindling from breakages..but I guess I've sealed the end of that now what with my new name change! :)
    I DO have a little feathery something that may suit.....if you email me at I can send you photos and details xx

  4. Hi Sweetums!

    Just thinking about you :)

  5. Marriage??!!?? Have I missed something????? Lol


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