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Pressies, Pressies, Pressies & Secret Santa -The Reveal

I'm going to combine this post with a big old show off of my Christmas pressies this year Why? Because I was spoilt rotten and want to show and tell like we used to in the playgrounds. What did you get? What did you get? Mine was usually books, books, books while theirs would be all the new fangled stuff.... nothing much changes. And I still love it that way!

First up - Secret Santa big reveal :) I know some of you STILL don't know who sent to you so here goes. Where I know people have blogged their pressies I'll add a linkie...

I sent to K
Sarah sent to Sam - Blogged here
Virginia - sent to Helen - Blogged here
Helen - sent to me! (Scroll down this post to see my goodies)
Susie - sent to Carol
K - sent to Irene - Blogged here
Irene - sent to Brandy - Blogged here
Sam - sent to Virginia - Blogged here
Carol - sent to Ally
Brandy - sent to Sarah - Blogged here
Ally - sent to Susie - Blogged here

I will update the list with links as/when people blog :) I've had nothing but wonderful feedback from people so happy about the thought that has been put into the gifts. Thank you everyone :)

This year was not without glitches though and it was all down to my pregnancy brain. I'm blaming that totally.

Prepare yourselves, this is a bit of a saga...

 I made a bit of a boo boo (putting it politely) and gave Virginia the wrong address for Helen. I had two emails from two separate Helens on top of each other in my inbox - now - I'm not telling you this to scare anyone off taking part next year - I'm telling you this so you see how amazing  two people were. Luckily "Wrong" Helen was contacted and she didn't pick the parcel up so it is currently in the postal system on it's way back to Virginia. "Right" Helen, after allowing me to grovel apologies to her, promptly called me a daft mare and made a big joke about it. Quite happy to wait for her pressie to turn up... whenever in the next century that might be...

Enter the hero of the piece. Imagine if you will, sunlight lighting up the silhouette, cape flying behind her, sunlight bouncing off her polished, celtic knot engraved armour... her blonde hair -  a halo ablaze as she flies into action recreating the original gift she had created for Helen, flying around the shops to purchase the original gifts she had purchased and then getting them to Helen with a day to spare because she didn't want Helen left out. She really truly is a hero in my books. Super V! Thank you so much Virginia. 

I promise next year will be a return to unruffled form, not least because I have made Craig promise to check every address before I send the emails. He had MUCH fun telling me that more emails had come in with wrong addresses. My hair is probably pure white underneath all this dye and I have zero nails left at all! Git! (I can't moan to much, he surprised me with a wonderful Christmas present. But still!)

And now - my pressie from Helen. It came beautifully wrapped in black Christmas paper and then inside wrapped again in purple tissue paper packages... 

A beautiful blank journal/sketchbook, The Book of Skulls (which is crammed full of gorgeous skull-tastic art) and a teeny tiny wooden poseable doll who I have christened Bob the Bod.

Teeny tiny Bob
The excitement was just to much! 
But wait. That's not all. look at this gorgeous canvas - I love everything about it. That quote is fab, I'm totally stealing it! And that stamp is one I always admire when I see Helen use it in her work.
Thank you Helen, you couldn't have put a more 'me' present together :)

Next is the huuuuge stack of books I got from my Dad, two of my sisters and my friends.

And then there was this. From Virginia. A gorgeous altered journal. It's beautiful. I'm going to use it next year to actually journal my Rocking positives in 'real' format as well as blog them so I'll always have them. You know - in case of the Apocalypse and, heaven forbid we lose the internet. Isn't it lovely?
Beautiful sketchbook underneath is a handmade one from my sis.
My stocking from the UKS Stocking Swap. My swap partner was Chrissie and she crammed my stocking with all these goodies. Which include gilding flakes (yay!) watercolours, brushes, metallic rub on paint, pegs to alter... just so much. I know you don't read the blog Chrissie but thank you anyway. Love it all.

And finally. What did Craig, my lovely Craig who had promised we were only doing token gifts again this year do? He got me the Google Nexus 7 tablet that I have been saving madly most of the year for. I was speechless. I was gob-smacked.  I now have a load of Amazon vouchers I'd been saving that he's told me to spend on art books and paint (but I'm going to get the girls a couple more WII remotes as well) I officially, OFFICIALLY have the best Craigy in the whole wide World... and yup I did buy him a token (albeit rather gorgeous that I'll blog later)  present.

I think I was more spoilt than the kids this year. And I loved it... although I do feel a tad guilty! Must start making stuff for next year!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Wow it all looks fab! Glad you had a nice Christmas and were spoilt rotton! Happy New Year!
    Claire x

  2. I'm so glad you like the lady liberties!!! I was so worried they were too small. I am spotting cool ones all over the place now and feel like I should be picking them up and sending them over. :) Sorry I didn't include a baby onesie in there- I feel incredibly guilty! I felt it was better to just SEND THE PACKAGE than keep delaying it. Hugs and kisses- that is some major gift love you got!! LOVE the book collection and those journals are freaking gorgeous!

  3. Wow Carmen, you certainly had some lovely gifts and what an amazing hubby to get you the tablet!!! Some of the books look like a good read and i love the little lady libertys!
    I am so glad that all the secret santa gifts got to where they were going in time and well done to Virginia for re making her gift, what a star she is! Thanks for organising everything Carmen, it is so much fun!
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  4. I am so glad you liked the present, Carmen! Another huge thanks to Virginia for re-creating the gift she put together - to say i was gobsmacked was an understatement!! Thanks for organising Secret Santa, I hope to join in again next (it IS still next, just) year!! Happy Happy New Year - you have lots of wonderful things to keep you occupied and creating, so get with it lady!!

  5. Lucky girlie.hope you enjoy making zombiesx

  6. Wow, looks like you had a most fabulous Chrimbo...enjoy all those super goodies.

    Hope 2013 is a great year for you and yours.

    Toni xx

  7. Wonderful, wonderful..and totally "Carmen" presents!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. thanks for the shots of Logan...:)He gets even more cute!

  8. So lovely to have the fun of opening all those presents - almost as good as the presents themselves. All you need now is to have your 'art bolthole' finished and you can really start using them.
    Have you managed to sort out the auto-correction pest? (i.e., did I send the elimination suggestions to the right person? I tend to send texts to the wrong son-in-law quite often, fortunately not with problem results as they are both wonderful.
    Have a happy new year.

  9. Ooh, I love seeing what people get in swaps, its like spying on their christmasses. Lovely loot there with lots of interesting things I've never heard of but would fancy for myself. Think I'll be adding some of those book titles to my wish list too so will be keenly interested in any future reviews. Happy New Year Carmen and happy crafting! Nicky x

  10. altogether now - didn't she do well!! :)

    thanks for organising Secret Santa so well (apart from the one teeny tiny boo boo :) )

  11. You must have been a VERY good girl, Carmen!? Lots of lovelies to drool over - I'd really like a look through all those arting books - particularly the Big Book of Illustration Ideas, that looks really interesting.

    Wishing you and your lovely family a very Happy and Healthy 2013 :)


  12. What fab goodies, Carmen!! You have been spoiled indeed!

    No excuse not to get creating with all those arty supplies and books....or Skyping for that mater, teehee!

    Let me know when you are ready :D

  13. Oh my gosh!! You got the coolest gifts!!

    Tim said to me as he eyed his gifts under the tree (just smallish ones, albeit one was a book from our All Blacks (rugby) Captain and SIGNED (that I had to queue for multiple hours for), and said he thought we weren't doing gifts this year. I said I didn't recall that conversation, but no gifts went under the tree until Christmas morning, and he got me a Kindle. Which delighted me no end, even though I am a confirmed paper book person. The kindle does have some advantages and I love it as well. I was so, so excited. And surprised. Though truthfully I was more delighted at the thought he put in to getting me a gift.

    I love your art supplies. How exciting. And the books. My heart is pounding. So much to be inspired by!!

    And your little man is ADORABLE. Though as I am reading backwards I expect he will be much bigger by now!!


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