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The Pulse of Mixed Media by Seth Apter

The Pulse Of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed by Seth Apter

The book says:

Listen Closely... can you hear it?

Can you hear the voices? Thoughts, insights, confessions from the creative community sharing ideas, trading secrets, venting frustrations; asking and answering questions such as, "What colour rarely shows up in your work?" or "How do you express vulnerability in your art?" Or "What is one current trend that you wish would go away?" As artists, we are curious by nature and there is a longing to see inside the hearts and minds of artistic souls of our own kind. That is the beat of our lives - the Pulse of Mixed Media!

In this book - a complex survey of artists around the globe - there is much for you to discover:
  • Visual insights: Many questions are answered not only in words, but often through visual art, and include self-portraits from 31 spotlight artists such as Pam Carriker, Danny Gregory and Judy Wise.
  • A diverse sampling of provocative questions: Over 100 artists share their thoughts on everything from colour, media and tools to emotions, secrets and self-revelations.
  • Insightful statistics: Data from thousands of participants collected through polls on the authors blog reveal a remarkable analysis of the creative community at large.
Indulge your inner voyeur and soak up some inspiration with The Pulse of Mixed Media today! 

I say:

I'll start off by saying that I'm aware of the authors blog but haven't visited it properly (yet!)  it's more through word of mouth on other blogs that I know of it... and so don't know anything about the author. I do know of some of the artists featured within the book, either from seeing them showcased in other art/craft books or from already being a visitor to their own blogs/web pages. I must admit - the vast majority are new to me.

This is unlike any art or craft book I've read before. There is some really lovely art in this book - the various spotlight artists have created self portraits and there are some art pieces created in answer to some of the questions set... but the main focus of the book, for me at least, is on the text. The responses to those questions are very honest, unflinching, a real peek into each artists mind set, personality, dreams... The blurb is not wrong in saying that the questions are provocative - some answers made me smile in recognition of those same feelings within myself, some were so sad in what the artist was revealing. Some were funny, others wistful, nostalgic, positive, negative... some of the answers really rubbed me up the wrong way. What you have to remember is this is personal opinion and in some cases brutally honest. It's an interesting peek into the way artists think and feel. The way they feel towards art - both theirs and others. Even the way they feel about other artists... or people they feel shouldn't be calling themselves artists at all! (Ah - that age old argument!)

A really interesting book - one that I either found myself nodding along with or snorting in annoyance. I borrowed this copy and  I wont be rushing out to buy my own, simply because it's not one I feel I would come back to again and again to read  over and over... but I did really enjoy it. I'll be noting down the artists websites (from the handy directory in back) that I want to visit and explore further and then I'll be posting this copy home again - still mulling over some of the answers in the book. It'll certainly spark conversations between you and anyone else who has read it.

Recommended read. 

Seth Apter - blog
@alteredpage - on Twitter
North Light Books

Many thanks to Sam for the lend of the book and thank you for stopping by :)


  1. I wonder if Sam would mind it going home via me? It's a book I'd like to read but haven't gotten around to buying it yet....

  2. Now I'm interested to check it out and see what you were snorting at. lol

  3. Great review Carmen, we seem to have very similar views!
    And yes Sarah, you can borrow it! x

  4. I'm surprised you haven't seen Seth's blog, I have been a follower of his for a-ges! Love his work and his blog.

    Your blog list will end up being e-ven longer when you start investigating all those artists, I bet! Maybe I shouldn't source a copy, I do far too much computering as it is! ☺ (I still want to tho'!...)

  5. If you're sure, Sam, that would be fab - I promise to read it quickly and post it back to you ASAP

  6. Oh that sounds extremely intriguing as a book - great review Carmen!

  7. OO fascinating. I'm curious too! I wish you had included an example! Mixed media books are touch and go with me- I want to support the writer and find new artists but I don't really want to spend a lot of money on a book that will just sit on my self after I read it once- I have 3 shelves full of photography and interior design books I thought I would be using al the time 8 years ago- still there- looking pretty as they gather dust. This is the main good thing about having fellow real world art friends- you can borrow books from each other and maybe a cup of tea while you critique each other's work- JEALOUS!!!! :) I hope everything is going well with the new baby and thank you so much for swinging by my blog. :)

  8. Thanks so very much for taking the time to read and review my book Carmen. I really appreciate you doing so and sharing the book along the way! Seth

  9. Oh, I have had this book on my to-read pile for a little while! You have me intrigued now. :)

    Oh my gosh...and look who commented above me!!!!!


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