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Darkseed: Awakening by Victoria Ley

Darkseed: Awakening by Victoria Ley
The book says:
Sarah Walton prayed her life wouldn't get any more complicated.
The dead, however, had other ideas… 

205 Cheyne Avenue holds some dark secrets. 

Twenty months after a horrific accident claims the lives of two boys, 15 year old Sarah Walton moves in with her mother. It isn’t long before she realises there is another, unseen resident, and convinces best friend Christina to help her make contact. When they do, the girls learn more than they bargained for, and soon find themselves desperately unravelling a series of clues in order to stop a malevolent being, which seems bent on manipulating the souls of those he’s killed in order to gain omnipotence. Their only ally is Craig, the spirit they’ve befriended via a Ouija board, but as the story unfolds, the girls discover that things aren’t quite as straightforward as they first appeared…

I say:
This one grabbed me from the get go. Straight away you see that these pesky kids are dabbling in things they really ought not to. You get that feeling that you want to reach into the pages and shake them for being so daft! I like it when a book makes me feel like that!

Particular things I liked about this book. It's British. very British, in fact it is set in my local area on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.  As such some of the speech of the characters is very... shall we say... localised? I'm interested to see what the authors international readers make of some of the distinctly local dialect - it certainly had me chortling! I also loved recognising certain landmarks that I know and love, some may have had their names slightly changed but they were easy to spot - that's not to say that people not from this area will miss out - everything is very richly described, this could be any small town, in any country with their share of dodgy teenagers dabbling in the occult. As they do.

Did I enjoy the book? I really did. I think this is kind of on the cusp of Young Adult and Adult reading. Both would enjoy it.There was probably only one bit that might make people of a delicate disposition wince, the rest comes in good old fashioned atmospheric "what's in the shadows" kind of scares. Definitely more creepy than gore fest! I loved the twist at the end - I wont say more than that but I thought I had it all figured out and there are some definite questions left to be answered in the next book although (just to be contradictory) I think this reads well as a stand alone too. It's kind of a "wait... what?" ending!

If you're a fan of gutsy teenagers running around gung-ho putting their lives at risk and dabbling in the occult and black arts... I think you'll enjoy this book. It's so richly researched too. I certainly learnt a thing or two (which I did google afterwards) about Ouija and spirit mythology. One more reason you'll never get me within a mile of one of those things! *shudder*


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Disclaimer: I was offered a review copy of this book in PDF format but pregnancy brain couldn't work out how to get it on my kindle. I then bought my own copy with my own pennies. I do know the author. This review is 100% my honest opinion.  

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  1. "Richly researched" - what a great phrase!

  2. Words like chortling, no doubt?! Haha!
    I love you!

    I don't know if I can handle a book that makes me want to slap sense into the kids....too stressful...haha!

    Love the subject matter, though....def my kind of read :)

  3. I've forgotten ( no claims on brain drain related to offspring - must be old age) when does your pregnancy brain become a baby brain???


  4. Great review, Carmen. And I know your reviews are ALWAYS honest, whether you've been given them for review or bought them yourself. Ouija scares the shit out of me and I wouldn't go ANYWHERE near it - and I think (I hope) I've scared my kids enough to make sure they don't either.


  5. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book, Carmen :)
    It's very much appreciated :) x

  6. I love that kind of subject matter, I am going to add this book to my never ending list of books I want to read! Thank goodness I have Goodreads to keep track of everything! Love your review.


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