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What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Morning all :) Wednesday already - how did that happen?

Ready for a quick perusal of my working area? Here we go...

Tidy desk inside the house... another book I'm reading at the moment - Realistic Abstracts. I promise I don't strategically place them there to tease people. I just dump them there when I come to use the PC. My OH is a terrible tidier but he knows he's not allowed to tidy away stuff on my desk ;)
Messy desk outside in the workshop. I've been playing in my sketchbooks and this is one that I started splashing in at the same time as the one I journal in - there's not much in this one except random colour washes or collaged bits of paper. I keep intending to journal in it but at the moment it's just a place to try techniques. (You can see the journalled one I did the same time as this one, if you have time/are interested, in the post below.)
Those rectangular canvasses at the side there are not actually canvasses. I got all three at a bootfair this week for £1. They are actually suede (or suede effect fabric) stretched onto wood. I thought at that price they would be fun to bring home and paint on.
I'm coming to a frightening conclusion... I'm turning into a tidy creative! Whaaaaa? Look at that desk - I haven't touched it since I finished my seriously, seriously messy page the other day! No tidying apart from to put my drawing inks away, out of reach of little hands. Am thinking it must be where I have such a tiny space to work in now, literally the length of that desk. 6' - forcing me to... *gulp* be tidy!

Craig wishes I would just be like it with the rest of the house now! Ahaha! Fat chance!

Thanks for stopping by - I'm off to link up with Julia now. Follow me over if you fancy a root through many, many more peoples play areas :)


  1. It really is no good tidying just one area :-) Go and get that crafty area good and messy :-)
    A x #38

  2. I am meant to be working but had to stop by and see your desks... neither of them look that messy, get working at that, girl!! helen, 3

  3. 'tis called nesting as soon as you pop the sprog you will go back to chaotic messiness.. trust me, and inadvertent or not it is a tease 'cos now I have to buy that book too... dagnamit woman, you will be the cause of my bankruptcy...
    dxxx 79

  4. Very tidy spaces Carmen!
    Mine is sort of tidy has to be as the jigsaws keep appearing.....:(
    Hugs xx

  5. I didn't think those two words went together! 'Tidy' & 'Creative' Pah! Go messy something up quick! It's fun, I assure you, I do it all the time! Nicky x

  6. Those suede "canvases" seem like they will be fun to work on :)
    Mary Jo #119

  7. Blimey...where is the real Carmen and what have you done with her?? LOLOL Actually, I really like having a tidy work area, I find loads crap really I know I am getting OCD...
    That book looks a good read..I've just bought a Zentangle book with some Inktense pencils from Amazon. Now all I need to sort out is some time to sit down and try 'em out!
    Hope you're keeping well, my friend :)
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  8. All neat and tidy there! I think I have some suede canvasses somewhere! x Jo

  9. Hi Carmen Love the Marmite jar storage. What a fun idea. WOYWW Hugs from Helen 14

  10. Thanks for dropping by today ...I have updated ....yes Nahla has probable breast cancer but I found it so early that the vet hopes an op will so the trick....another vet bill ...but we love them all. xx

  11. OK so you're creating and being tidy??? It's either showing off :P or you must have been abducted by aliens! Or maybe it's that nesting instinct kicking in rofl!!! My workspace looks like bomb has hit it! I even had a mini landslip earlier!

    Oh you'll have to post how you get on with those suede canvases - dunelm mill keep having them for silly money, so if they are sucessful I might have to invest. xxx

  12. Ah such a lot of loveliness I'm loving that clock thingy in the background it's gorgeous! Loving your sketchbook too!

  13. **strokes the steampunk-esque piccy** purdy!

  14. Yah, you are, tidying as you go is a sign....tidy crafter, you need a blog banner!! Blame the baby, it'll prolly all go to pot once the baby comes!
    Like the idea of the suede as a surface...keep us posted.

  15. thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment..yes yes yes send any/all nail art addicts in my direction that is absolutley what u should do!.. I am also having a give-away so u or your daughter or both should enter..everyones welcome! thanks again for visiting

  16. busy workarea! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Lovely creative workspace. Love those 'canvasses'.
    Happy very belated WOYWW

  18. Gosh men are really funny sometimes, they expect so much and so little at the same time. How can you have a tidy craft space and a house too. Get serious......... LOL

    Have a great crafting week
    Eliza #65

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  19. Oooo, I bet painting on suede is neat!

    I got all giddy seeing my painting in your space....heehee....I'm just so glad you adore her so :)


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