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Rocking My World Friday...

...On Sunday :)
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So, what's made my week rock? Well, this video for a start... click and listen while you read. I promise you wont be disappointed.

Alice Cooper 'does' Lady Gaga ;)

... ... ... ... ...
Return of the mojo. Am so pleased. It's made such a difference in how I feel, daft really. Got so many ideas I'm itching to do - my only trouble now is not enough time in the day :) Am really enjoying taking part in The Summer of Colour prompts and am surprised at how different (so far) the ideas I'm getting for each colour combo are.

Towards the end of last year and first half of this year I had a real rough time creatively and got so behind on commitments I had made because I literally could not do anything. Part of me was even a bit scared it was gone forever. I think it was perhaps stress related. I do thoroughly believe in creativity as therapy though which is why I still blogged, (thanks for sticking with me)  still read art & craft books, still visited all my favourite sites... I am working hard now to make it up to those people I've got behind with.

It feels good to be back.
... ... ... ... ...

Artists & Illustrators magazine tweeted a link to my recent sketchbook page. Chuffed to bits - I know it's only a tweet but it really made me happy!
... ... ... ... ...
My new book - the Atmospheric Watercolours one, really enjoying it. Hugely motivating and inspiring. The author, Jean Haines, is so very generous with the techniques and I can honestly say it's one of the better art technique books I've read. I must admit I dithered at the price but now I think it was cheap. I have to warn you that the review is probably going to be gushy.
... ... ... ... ...
Bubby is moving lots now and everyone has felt movement this week... including Cooper the Piddly Pooper. He has taken to sleeping draped across my tum of an evening which is unusual in itself because he's not the most cuddly of dogs. Very hyper usually and the closest you'll get to a cuddle is if  he's cold and wants to sleep in the crook behind your knees. 

 We are going for another scan this week, only 3 weeks later than we are supposed to have it and on a day when the doctors have announced they might go on strike... so, let me re-phrase that. I might be going for a scan this week. Really looking forward to this one as bubby is so much bigger. Hopefully we'll see if we are having a he or she for definite.
... ... ... ... ...
Can't believe I'm saying this but... the footie. Didn't think I'd like it and started off staying in the living room because it's a novelty for Craig to relax and come in and watch something for that long without leaving to do more work. Then I stayed for the football cuddles and now I'm actually watching the games... can't say I understand all the rules or that I would watch if Craig wasn't here. (I so wouldn't.) But it's not been the nightmare I thought it would be. Even though I am now behind on Holby and Once Upon A Time.
... ... ... ... ...
Warm weather and less rain than the weather man predicted... at least in our area. Which leads me to be thankful for a warm, dry house and a healthy(ish) family who I love to bits.

And I think that'll do me for today. I'm eyeing up my sketchbook and I still have dinner to do before I can dive in.

Hope you had a lovely week! Thanks for stopping by :) 

 p.s I'm hearing that it's harder to follow blogs now if you aren't actually a Blogger user. If you'd like to see regular updates from me you can now follow my blog with Bloglovin :)


  1. I always read your Rocking posts (and the others) with a smile on my face! Hope you get to go to the scan. Sure you're not surprised to hear that I AM enjoying all the football for the football's sake... lol!

  2. You are amazing....just thought id say that :-P Im glad your mojo is back....Im still trying to find mine I think :-S :-P

  3. Singing along to Alice as I read - awesome stuff! It really suits him and the guitar riffs are fabulous! Loving that you've got your mojo back, I think sometimes submitting to too many creative challenges makes arting stressful rather than what it should be which is an expression of our creativity and emotions. Hopefully now you've got it back you'll be in the right frame of mind to get those things out of the way and really start to enjoy your crafting!

    Hope this week is just as good, beautiful and blessed. Fingers crossed for the scan as well



  4. Ooer so exciting. Do hope we get to see a pic of the scan :-)
    A x

  5. Hope you get the scan this week, I can't wait to start shopping!! Oh and I can't believe you're watching football, how times change, haha! xx

  6. Footie? I have to say I'm glad neither of my family of boys are interested in it, yay! (I used to watch it in the 1970s but that was only to eye up the good looking players!)

    It's a great feeling to be fired up creatively, I am too at the moment and am loving it!

    Have a great week, Nicky xx

  7. :) I hope the scan happens, I loved the later scan, the way technology can let us have a sneak peek always seemed magical to me.

    My mojo disappeared as well and has only recently returned, I am happy for you, the feeling knowing things are changing was such a relief for me. I think I needed the downtime to recover from life stress, but now I feel behind permanently! :)

    Yay for the tweet! How thrilling.

  8. Footie???? Bleaurghh is all I can say! Hate it with a passion! The only good thing about it is that I get to craft without any questions :D

    Fingers crossed for your scan and I'm so very glad that your mojo is back and kicking.

    Have a fab week.

    Claire xxx

  9. I'm very excited for both the return of your mojo (mine goes missing ALL the time), AND for the advancement of "Bubby". I have to tell you I went for an ultrasound this week, for totally non-pregnancy reasons, and I was surprised how emotional it was when I was programmed to expect a heartbeat to go along with my ultrasound. Not that I wanted one, mind you, but it really felt like that whole era is behind me. So excuse me if I get a little too interested in yours, it's such a lovely time and experience. Enjoy, enjoy!!!

    Have a great week!

  10. Yay go Alice! he actually made a Lady Gaga song sound GOOD :) Are you going to be able to go to see him on the UK tour he just announced? Or is it badly timed with the bab's arrival?

    Yay for the A&I tweet - it seems to have had some effect as I notice that post now has over 50 comments!! wow! don't think I have ever got more than 10 :)

    Hope you get your scan, as much for us as for you as we all want to see the piccies lol - and also to find out for definite if he is really a he

    and of course, long live the whoopimojo!!

    have a fab week x

  11. I love the video...such fun!!
    Fingers crossed for the exciting!
    So pleased you're feeling creative again.....agree with Virginia that taking too much on can stifle creativity...well, that's my!
    Big hugs xx
    p.s. "Messenger's Angel" arrived yesterday...hoping to start it tomorrow.

  12. Im glad someone else has seen this clip, Its fantastic. can not wait to see him again this Helloween.

  13. The footie is a great excuse to put the feet up and do nothing isn't it? Plus the halftime snacks are good :)

  14. ps - Hurray for the Tweet!

  15. thanks for stopping by. I have not forgot about your atc either, I have just been so busy, I will be getting to it this week.
    I have not actually booked my tickets yet, not sure I fancy london, might try the Bornmouth date. I was at the apolo gig as well. and saw him do the first halloween gig 2 yrs ago.Im sure your bub will come out rocking, Ive managed to get my daughter hooked on alice, his name was one of the first words I taught her, along with rock and roll lol. all the best, mark

  16. Whilst I want us to do well in the footie (I've got flags up at work) I can't watch it as I get rather het-up when things aren't going that well LOL

    Glad to hear you have your mojo back.

    Toni xx


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