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Rocking My World Friday...

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Blimey where did that week go? What's been positive about my week? Quite a lot actually. The weather has been atrocious this half term but we have been fairly lucky in squeezing in what we wanted to do between showers. The rain stopped long enough on Sunday to hold Craig's BBQ and only started again as the girls were finishing up toasting some marshmallows. We then went to Leeds Castle in the week to make use of our annual ticket. We had a lovely, if somewhat breezy, picnic there and the girls ran themselves ragged in the parks. The rain came belting down just as we were getting home, not stopping for the rest of the day and night. Then, yesterday, we had to do some essential shopping for the girls before they went back to school and we were rewarded with a warm day while we were trudging around town. Again, just as we were heading to the car for home - the Heavens opened. All in all - can't complain at getting everything done that we wanted to do this week.

Plus - whilst out shopping yesterday I found myself near a Works so picked up a box of the £2.99 Gouache paints that I had been tipped off about. Perfect for a play.
... ... ... ... ...
My new book. I discovered a new (to me) artist over on Peter's blog. Jean Haines - I bet you can tell straight away that I was pretty gobsmacked when I saw her work. It really struck a chord and when Peter said she had a new book coming out, I pre-ordered it straight away. (It helped that an Amazon voucher  I had been waiting for pinged into my account the same day! Serendipitous or what!) I'm glad I did as it's now gone up in price!
I can tell you right now, having only flicked through it, it was worth every penny for the gorgeous art work alone. A review will definitely follow my reading it. 
.... ... ... ... ...
My friend Caroline popped in for lunch and a natter this week. Like my sisters, she lives really close but where we are both so busy we rarely get to see each other very often so it was lovely to have a relaxed catch up and chat.
... ... ... ... ...
My mojo is back! I might only be doing half an hour a night at the moment but that's purely because the girls are off, I'm really looking forward to them being back at school next week (in the nicest possible way!) so that I can get stuck in to something on a larger scale than my sketchbook :)
... ... ... ... ...
Laughing Cow Blue Cheese Triangles. I am so missing proper, stinky, flavoursome blue cheese. These have just enough of the taste to take the edge off, I'm getting through two packets a week (with the help of little monster) I cannot wait for October when I will have the squishiest, gooiest, stinky blue cheese toasty EVER!
... ... ... ... ...
The littlest little monster is really making himself known now. I've started saying "him," we may yet be wrong. But seeing as my next scan, which I'm supposed to have had by now, is not for another 2 weeks - I decided we can't keep calling him 'it!' Anyway - movements are really strong now - Craig actually felt some tiny kicks. Tiny to him, acrobatics to me :)
... ... ... ... ...
I'm going to finish up with being grateful for our health, minus a few aches and pains. Grateful for good friends and family, for a roof over our head and food when we want it. Bit of a biggy which I am grateful for all the time - it just needs saying now and again, especially when you watch the terrible things happening on the news.

Have a good week everyone - thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Having spent most of this week dodging showers getting to and from work (reasonably successfully) I say, well done you for getting so much done! The book looks fabulous, can't wait to read the review.

  2. It's so exciting when you can really bond with your baby when the kicks can be felt. I loved that really special time when I was carrying mine....enjoy every minute and stay well.
    A x

  3. Your rocking my world always makes me smile :-)

  4. Great that your mojo is back. make sure you hold on to it 'till next week! ☺

    I loved the baby kicking stage and kept imagining it well after baby was born! Kinda missed it...

    That looks an interesting book, looking forward to seeing the review.

    Nicky x

  5. It's so simple to overlook the everyday stuff that's actually hugely important - thanks for flagging it up. We are so lucky to have a happy family, friends, love and support..what else is there that's more important than that?
    Hugs Jan xx

  6. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations now your mojo is back. You've sparked something in my mind with your journaling!

    That book looks awesome - definately worth an investigation!

    Enjoy your weekend

    Claire xxx

  7. That book looks fantastic - such beautiful artwork.

    I'm so glad your mojo is back. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do - and to see how you get on with those Guache paints.

    Have a great weekend, I hope you keep dodging the rain cos lots more is due our way!


  8. Having spent much of the week soaked to the skin I think you were very lucky with your "rain dodging"...mmm, perhaps that should be an Olympic sport!
    Those images from the book are awesome...I can see why fell in love with it.
    Hope your weekend is a good one.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. totally not commenting on your comment on Jo's post!!

  9. Oh the arty books looks lush - I haven't a clue how to work with water colours so am very impressed. Hope the goache colours work out - I know you fancied having a play with them recently!

    Loving that you managed to dodge the raindrops this half term - we did the same. Ooooh Leeds Castle - always fancied a look at that one if I'm honest!

    Oooh blue cheese I haven't had none of that for ages - and so remember how many of things I couldn't have I craved when having little man (listen at me - he's almost 12).

    Hope you continue to have a fabulous weekend and a great week ahead and hope your flourish of creativity continues!


  10. ..and yet again a favourite post of the week for me, even if I am only reaching it on a Monday!

    I can remember really missing Brie, it's a favourite for me, and trying to explain the whole cheese thing to older members of the family who had never heard of having to avoid stuff.

    Hope your new week has got off to a good start!

  11. oooof - it's taken me a whole week to get around to commenting on everyone's RYWF posts! I'd better hurry up before you post a new one :)

    You have got me hooked on those blue cheese laughing cows now too - temptress :)

    That book looks ace, and very much up your street definitely as that owl reminds me of that gouache article you loved before

    and a big welcome back to the Whoopimojo! :)


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