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Rocking My World Friday...

Nearly forgot!

I have an excuse! I slept for 12 hours straight from 7pm Thursday night to 7am Friday morning so am a bit confuddled on which day it is. My first grateful, giving in to sleep... even though I only intended to go up for an hour! And to Craig for leaving me there. (Probably wanted a bit of peace and quiet!)
... ... ... ... ...
Unexpected presents from naughty people. I had a package arrive the other day. It was a book, The Zen Of Seeing, which I had literally put in my basket the night before. I had not continued through with the purchase as I had no Amazon vouchers left but was so close to buying it. This close. Imagine my surprise when I opened it the next day. I thought crap, not only have I finger slipped but I've paid for next day delivery. And it's going to come out of the bank. So I can't sneak it in. Not that I would. (But I so would if I could!) I'm in sooo much trouble! ... Then I see the invoice, or what should be the invoice. It's a lovely note from my friend Sue. I must admit to a moment of dumbfounded shock and a bit of a wibbly wobble. Thank you Sue :)
... ... ... ... ...
Some good friends giving someone else advice which I am going to adopt myself. We were talking about setting small tasks and goals to get started again when you feel like you have no energy - so that's what I'm going to do each day to crank up my creativity again. Set myself a small goal each day - write it down somewhere, may dig out a notebook or do some post-its, and aim to do it at some point during the day. Even if it's something tiny. Starting today. Which is to work in my sketchbook/journal when I get home from Craig's Mums. I am.
... ... ... ... ...
We managed three days again this week without using the car. Noticing a real difference in the pocket. 
... ... ... ... ...
Little monster Ruby took part in her nursery catwalk show. They did this last year where they each design a t-shirt and then put on a show modelling them. She wouldn't even come out from behind the screen last year. So shy. This year they did it even bigger, moved it to the school hall, had flashing disco lights, long catwalk, pounding music - the works. She did it - looked nervous as anything and practically ran down and back but she did it! So proud of her. Not so much of me who only remembered the camera when I was halfway to the school. Aargh! Am hoping I can get a picture off of the teacher who was taking photos or one of the Mums. 
... ... ... ... ...
Ice-poles and Calippo lollies. Mmmm.
... ... ... ... ...
Our day out last week was lovely. We went to the Historic Chatham Dockyard. I think the highlight of the day for the girls was spotting The Tardis... well, almost. It was a police box outside a police museum but it may well have been the proper one. Who knows? The Doctor wasn't in - Ruby knocked just to check :) She and I spent a lot of time in the play parks while the rest of the rabble explored war ships and submarines. She wouldn't go on board for fear they would drive off with her and I wouldn't for fear of getting stuck in doorways and man holes or whatever they're called! Including this piccy because it kind of shows my emerging bump even though it's quite a loose top. A few people asked for a bump update last week :) We are 20 weeks now - halfway through! Ooer!
That's my "just take the picture already" clenched teeth smile. 
... ... ... ... ...
The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Holby, One Born Every Minute, The Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement and Lewis. I don't generally have 'must watch' TV and am quite happy for every one else to hog it but while I potter about. At the moment though, I'm feeling so lethargic - and these shows are keeping me amused.
... ... ... ... ...
Looking forward to the half term. Are you planning anything for the Jubilee? We aren't really but it just so happens that Craig's birthday falls on the same day so we're hoping the weather holds as he wants a barbecue as his birthday meal and we're just going to have a chilled out day together. We're also hoping to make use of what's left of our annual day out tickets to go on some picnics with the girls over the holiday. Fingers crossed.
... ... ... ... ...
That's going to do me for this week - I hope you had a good week. I'm going to link up with Virginia, why not join us? You'd be surprised how much positivity happens in a week when you look back on it.
... ... ... ... ...


  1. Happy Birthday to your Main Man! Hope he gets his birthday BBQ! it's very gloomy here today, but it may brighten up.... Love the photo of you with the Tardis!! Hugs, Helen.

  2. Oh, yes...Happy Birthday Craig....such a lovely man, letting you obviously needed it!
    Well done Ruby....that takes some nerve and I don't know whether I'd be able to do it.
    Thanks for the tip re Chatham...adding it to our list.
    Have a great weekend Carmen.
    Big hugs. xx
    p.s. loving the bump...:)

  3. Great photo of 'the bump'!!
    Bless Ruby for doing her catwalk show, how brave of her, it must be so daunting to come on stage in front of all those people, I know I wouldnt do it even now at my age!! I hope you manage to get a photo of her.
    Your list of programes sounds as long as mine! I dont normally watch much tv either but the last few months have been packed with good shows, so much so I have written a little tv schedule so I dont forget when things are on!
    I hope you have a wonderful half term with Craig and the kids x

  4. That bump is looking good Carmen. Don't aim too high at what you want to do and listen to your body....if it tells you to sleep then just do it os you are doing the most important job there is...You're growing a baby :-) :-)
    A x

  5. Happy Birthday Craig!

    Fantastic picture of you both - I really must pay the docks a visit, Zak would probably love it!

    Take things easy and stop beating yourself up for feeling lethargic! Enjoy the fact that you can rest and relax - cos in 20 weeks you'll like a mad woman!!!

    Enjoy your weekend and fingers crossed that the weather holds for Craig's BBQ

    Claire xxx

  6. Happy Birthday to your husband. Hope his day is great.

    Have you seen Grimm yet? It's a new show from last fall in the US and it's so good I'm watching it all over again during summer re-runs.

    Love seeing you and your bump!

  7. Yay a bump piccy! ☺

    I am doing a quickie artistic project at the moment. It can take as little as 5 mins each day called IDAC2 or 'Index Card a Day' which could be a useful jump start to your creativity...

    Lucky you getting that book too, unexpected gifts in the post always make me smile.

    Nicky x

  8. Ooh, that book looks interesting - well done to Susie!

    Lovely pic of you and Craig. Such a shame David Tennant wasn't in the Police box.......**sigh**

    Well done to Ruby for being so brave!! I'm sure you'll be able to get some photos from someone, Carmen, and you'll keep that sweet memory in your heart.

    Enjoy your school break and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Craig!!


  9. Happy Belated birthday Craig!

    I love these posts. Just love them

  10. Oh you are looking good! It's all very exciting!! I've got me knitting needles out and im in the middle of something special ;-)

  11. Thank you for the picture....I can see the bump under there :)

    I bet that rest was much needed and felt great!
    How nice of Sue to surprise you with that book! It really is a gift that keeps on giving!

    Happy Bday to your Hubs...glad all is well :)

  12. Ah bless - on mass catch up! Loving the photo of you and Craig and bump - gorgeous! Loving that Ruby managed the fashion show - bless her - hope you managed to get some photos - hope you are managing the little creativity challenges you've set yourself and that you aren't feeling too tired!

    Hope you had a great week off - no doubt I'll catch up with your other post shortly.



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