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Peek In My Sketchbook...

For Jo :) 

This is what I've been doing of an evening. Sort of retrospective catch up entries. It's a great way to spend 10-15minutes sketching, practise my drawing and also jot down some things to look back on. This is the book I'd started doing my "What I Wore" drawings in so it all kind of follows on. (Why do I find the need to have my sketchbooks in subject order?)

 I'm using the large A4 sized Daler-Rowney sketchbook my sister got me for Christmas. I can't claim to know what sort of paper it is inside - I can't find it online. The pages are protected by a sturdy brown  leather type effect cover. I do know that the pages are lovely and thick and stand up to substantial abuse with an eraser. It also holds watercolour paints well with not to much buckling.
However when I use my Copic pens in there it sooks up the ink like a sponge. I have to be careful as this causes feathering around the edges with some colours, it's lucky I like to outline these quick sketches in black fineliner.

You can see on the backside of this page where I've used watercolour paints and Copics on the front. The pens have bled through quite a lot making the back of that page unusable but the watercolours are barely noticeable.
This book is turning into a cross between a sketchbook to practise my drawing combined with a daily diary/journal/scrapbook. So where I was initially a bit upset that I was only getting to use one side of the paper when I use the Copics... or not use them at all, now I'm thinking I can just use the back of those pages to stick in ephemera.

Am really loving how this sketchbook is turning out :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Loving this glimpse into your sketchbook - this will be a cool memento of your pregnancy to look back on in the future. Don't you have lovely handwriting!

  2. what a great idea - and how neat is your writing!

  3. Thank you both - you just made me smile a LOT! I had sat there grimacing at what a scrawl it's become since I've been using the PC every day ;)

  4. THANK YOU, CARMEN! I loved this sneaky peek into your sketchbook - and aren't you a clever girl?! Please do much more sketching, you are so good at it and I really like your style.

    How cute, "Are you waving hello little one?"!

    How interesting that the paper coped easily with the watercolours but totally caved with the Copics.


  5. What a great post! I am not a journal writer or art journalist, I have several of each, but then I just end up with a bunch of pages with invisible writing or art in them ;)

  6. Whoa... this is awesome! What a fantastic record - you've almost inspired me to journal, but I'm not sure if it'll be too outta my comfort zone :/ x

  7. God, your blinking clever Carmen! I love looking at your sketches.

  8. A beautiful glimpse into your life Carmen, that sketch book is so precious.
    I went off chocolate with Zack, can you believe that!!! That was my main "symptom" of pregnancy at that time, seeing I used to have chocolate drink for brecky, snack, & lunch, along witha few bars along the way. Weird how we go off our staple food/drinks isnt it :)

  9. AMAZING!!! Your sketchbook rocks :-D


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