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Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

Dark Inside By Jeyn Roberts

The book says:
Earthquakes have rocked the world and a murderous rage has been unleashed.

Now friends turn on friends, girlfriends on boyfriends, brothers on sisters - nobody can be trusted.

Michael, Aries, Mason and Clementine must battle to stay alive in a world determined to kill them.
All they have is one another... but can they even be sure of that?


I say:
Another Young Adult book, yes I know I said I was going to swear off them because there was to much sappy romance overtaking the monsters... this one is different. 

So there are earthquakes the world over, at the same time people are overtaken by "the dark inside" and start killing each other. The unfortunate people that are not affected by The Dark are hunted down, pulled from their houses, schools are bombed, people are tortured and killed. Nowhere and no-one is safe.

There are four main characters and a fifth "Nothing". The story telling is told from the point of view of these people, each chapter named after one of them. They all start out in separate places but, like you know is going to happen, they are drawn together eventually. "Nothing" is being overcome by The Dark. This person knows this and can have moments of lucidity where they remember the atrocities they have committed. You also know that "Nothing" is one of the group of people that our four end up in - so it could be one of our main characters or one of their friends - everything they say could be any one of them.

I wouldn't call this a zombie novel, some of the overcome people are nothing more than mindless savages whereas others still retain their intelligence, know what they are doing but have embraced The Dark. The gist I got from this is that Mother Nature is righting herself as has happened in civilisation after civilisation throughout history. Whether this is right or whether more will be explained in the next book,  who knows...

Overall, I did enjoy this book and I look forward to the sequel coming out later this year. I did find the amount of main characters telling the story confusing. Especially towards the end where it's getting to the climax and I kind of lost sight over who was who and what their story was for a minute there. But it was good, I liked the spin on what was happening and why. There were hints at romances forming - but fear not. Sappiness was not in abundance. People are thrown together and don't trust anyone, in fact most people are not safe anyway so that love interest may or may not make it to the next page. All good stuff!

A nice, murderous, quick read that kept me turning the pages.

Many thanks to Macmillan Children's Books for sending my copy.

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  1. Would it be too old for a 14 year old who loves disaster movies? What's that one where they end up burning all the books in the libray in New York to stay alive. It horrifies me, she loves it

    1. The Day After Tomorrow. OMG – I hate that film, films like that are way more horrific to me than any zombie films because you can see them actually happening can’t you?

      It’s a Young Adult book so I reckon it would be OK, there is obviously some violence and some of it is described (heads splatting etc) but if my eldest (15yr old) wasn't so squeamish I'd let her read it, no problem :)

  2. Interesting review, Carmen. Sounds like a good holiday read for Hope.


  3. This one is a really good choice if you want to read another apocolyptic novel. I am off to look for the sequel.

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