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What I Wore Today

What I Wore Today by Gemma Correll

The Book says:
Create a snapshot of your day and sum up your unique style in this brilliant book of doodles, scribbles and sketches. Part sketchpad, part journal, this is a totally customizable record of how you like to dress, what you love to do and who you really are.

I say:
What I Wore Today started as a Flickr group, then the blog came along and now the book. I had never heard of it before getting this book but I have, without realising, 'pinned' some of the participants work over on Pinterest. I love the humour that was coming through in these journal pages - I never realised there was a whole Worldwide movement - so to speak.

Gemma Correll has a fantastic, quirky sense of humour which comes through in her art and in this book. The book features some What I Wore Today work from some of the people that contribute to the Flickr group. Also scattered throughout the book are little drawing /doodling exercises; templates to get you started if you are a bit unsure of your drawing and lots of fashion chat. From what to wear as the seasons change, to creating your own style and combing craft shows, second hand shops, making your own accessories etc, for that something different.

The book itself is hardback with an elastic running down the back which I used to hold my page but am guessing if you used this as a journal it would also help to keep it closed as it grew. The pages are strong, sturdy quality and am thinking would take a fair bit of abuse.

The pages with the templates are on graph type paper and so handy if you are feeling maybe a bit unsure about starting. I tried to take a picture but where the templates are faint so that they don't overpower your drawing, they didn't show up in my scanner.

This is a book that made me smile. A lot. It did make me want to find out more, I've spent a good while looking through the group and it's just lovely to see both men and women taking part. All of varying abilities, styles, humour, satire... it's a real mixed bag. I've joined up myself now and been doing my own What I Wore drawings... I think it's such a brilliant way to get you drawing at least once a day. Got no inspiration? Just draw what you have on. Simple.

I only have one niggle. The Flickr group is so diverse. With so many women and men. It seems such a shame that the book is so... well... girly. It's very pink,and my two eldest daughters love it. I think it's a missed opportunity to have not made it a bit more gender neutral.

But other than that, big thumbs up. In fact I will be getting a couple more as I know a couple of people who'll just love this book :)

Thank you to Octopus Books for my copy.

What I Wore Today Flickr Group
What I Wore Today Blog
Gemma Correll

Thank you, as always, for stopping by :)

What? Oh alright, I know a certain few of you will demand to see...

You can click to enlarge if you want to nosy at the scrawl as well.

Carmen Wing - What I Wore Today Journal page - Sketchbook. Watercolours & CopicsCarmen Wing - What I Wore Today Journal page - Sketchbook. Watercolours & CopicsI really enjoyed doing these and am definitely going to keep it up daily. It's almost like a visual diary... and like I say, no excuse not to draw at least once a day! By 'eck, does it make me realise how shapeless my winter comfy jumpers are! Style icon I ain't!

Oh, and I didn't draw in the actual book as I have this stupid phobia about drawing in books! I know! Can you imagine me with one of those Wreck Your Journals? But have no fear, one of the girls has claimed it and it will get to live the life it was meant to :)

Really going now!

x x x


  1. oh what a great idea!
    I can't draw - maybe this should kick start me to trying!
    What I wore today... denim skirt, snow boots, micro fleece and a faux fur jacket - snow leopard for snow clearing - gotta do it in style!
    Where's the boy scouts to clear your snow these days?! well as they are only little I guess they are digging their own way out!

  2. Carmen - you have GOT to wreck that journal!
    it's great fun.

  3. Great drawings Carmen, have you ever thought of cartoonising other people? I think you'd be fab at it.
    Sounds an interesting book, I have come across the odd blog who do "What I wore today" each week but didnt realise it was such a big thing.

  4. OOh, this sounds my kinda thing. In fact immdiately after viewing yours and the ones on Flickr I got myself a piece of paper and drew and coloured in my own little 'what I wore today'. If I did it 'for real' though I might find myself wearing more interesting clothes than a green top and brown trousers! ;) (Liked the fun labeling too!) Nicky x

  5. Wonderful!!! This book is going on my wish list...and I'm checking out the blog.
    Can't draw for toffee but this may get me started.
    I love your drawings and find nothing wrong with your's very much the in thing (at least in this house! lol)...comfy and warm..:)
    Hugs xx

  6. ROFL - fab drawings and you sure you ain't been stealing my wardrobe???

    Do the Wreck Your Journal thing - it's really good fun (as long as you like biting paper, putting it thru the washing machine etc). xxx

  7. Fab book, Looks like fun, only thing is I have taken to wearing my dressing gown over my clothes as its soooo cold in my craft room!! If I drew that every day it would look like I never got out of bed!
    Your drawings are fab and I love the Sylvestor jumper! I like the idea from K of you drawing cartoons of people, I'd pay for one of those! x

  8. Looks like a pretty cool book, LOVE what you drew! You're so talented, come across the pond and teach me to draw!

  9. I love the sound of this book - anything which would encourage me to start a bit of drawing has to be a good thing...mind you, I could never reach your standard, your pictures are fab! I love how you have drawn that favourite jumper :)

  10. That looks great no good for me though cos I cant draw for toffee :-( off to have a nosy at flickr and the blog x

  11. Cute idea....but I am so NOT into fashion that the last thing I want to do is document how unhip I really am.....haha!
    Your sketches are just darling! Sylvester never looked so good!

    This would make an amazing gift for a few teeny boppers I know....thanks!

  12. I actually bought this book at Urban Outfitters. If you have a fun sense of humor and love GC and her pug, it's a neat way to immortalize outfits - especially if you enjoy sketching.I don't look at it as a serious sketchbook, but a neat way to display your doodles if you don't need the serious artist sketch pad and enjoy using a variety of mediums.

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