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Rocking My World Friday...

...On Monday. Oopsie!
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Well, my apologies for such a late posting. I've been a bit poorly and looking at a PC screen for to long is still making me nauseous. Thank you Virginia for your concerned email but no, I'm not off in a paint splashing delirium, more in a sickly nauseated befuddlement. Ah well. It 's not been a bad week - I just can't remember most of it as have been snoozing it away. So I guess I have to say that top of my Rocking List this week has been Craig and Devvie for taking care of house and home while I have been not exactly 'with it'.

Secondly on my Rocking list... (and really this is my favourite thing but thought I better show gratitude to my carers *g*) ... is the early birthday present Craig gifted me this week. Now, for weeks he has been hammering and sawing and generally being loud but very secretive out in the workshop. When we take tea out to him he either yelled through the door or opened it a crack demanding we leave it at the door. All very intriguing. He'd also emptied out the shed and turned that into an extension of his bird room so I just assumed he was trying to sneak more birds in without us seeing.

Anyway he comes in all excited one day asking me if I'm ready for my birthday present. Out he leads me to the workshop... and he has made me a stu-stu-studio! Can you believe it? He's halved the size of his bird room so I have a little room in between that and his office. The main door leads into my little room so I have lots of natural light and I also have a large daylight strip light above the desk!

(Ignore the dusty old hoover!) The desk is 6' long so that's how wide my little room is. I don't know if you can see down the side of the desk but he's even saved my huge bit of plywood that I rest canvasses on when I paint. I had it on the floor of my old stu-studio and am quite attached to that painty old bit of board - can't believe he saved it! We are going to tack up that bit of wire and then *gasp* I have a stu-stu-studio again! I also still have my little corner of the living room for my cleaner stuff and my PC. I love, love, love it! Can't believe how much work he's done and how thoughtful a gift it is. I officially have the best bloke in the World!

Birdy room...

Little peek the other way into Craig's office.

So, a short but perfect week for me last week. And looking ahead to this week brings a birthday cake baked by Devvie. Yum! She makes the best lemon drizzle cake you can imagine, don't care how sick I feel, I'll be having some!

Hope you've been having a good week. I'll be catching up slowly, slowly.

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Drawing lab - Lesson 2

Lesson 2 - Blind contour drawing. Blind contour being - you don't look at what you are drawing but at your subject. Your pen reproduces what your eyes see as they move over your subject... supposedly...

Can you tell what it is yet?

Hmmm. Again, I think I see the point of this lesson, letting go and noticing more. I don't think I am very good at it though.

If you want to work through the lessons in Drawing Lab with the rest of us, be sure to pop over to Paint Myself Pretty and link up each week. Check on Cameron's sidebar for the lessons linked to so far. I promise a review of this book is coming... and a couple others. Have been reading lots but am all over the place at the moment. (Nothing new there then!)

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Rocking My World Friday...

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Happy Friday people :) Time for that positive look back on the week. Now... my week has been very, very positive. Very. But I can't tell you about a lot of it right at this time... that's a couple of secrets I've got now. Give me a few weeks and this one will be spilt and the other will be a bit later in the year. Oh but I am the worst secret keeper in the world. I am positively having to restrain myself mightily here - you have no idea! All good stuff. Good stuff indeed! A hint maybe? No. No. Behave. Big positive for this week.
Secondly. Focus. I am finding focus and realisation and it feels good. I am looking into ways to make things happen instead of sitting back and whinging that it isn't. 2012 is seriously the year of three point turns and crossroads and bumpy rides along untrodden tracks and any other cheesy quotes I might think of later... but all true. One is in a positive frame of mind at the moment. One is indeedy.
Thirdly, the eldest two Monsters went to stay with their Nanna this half term week which meant we got the house tidy! Yeah! Took all of half hour after them being home to trash it again mind you. But it was nice while it lasted, my corner is still tidy and will remain that way or dire consequences shall be enforced on the person or persons responsible. Fed up of my little Empire being the family dumping ground.

While the girls were away we went for a yummy Sunday carvery with my Dad and Ruby. We also went for an all you can eat breakfast on the day of picking them up. Wasted. Absolutely wasted on me. I managed a hot breakfast of mushrooms, baked beans, veggie sausage, tomatoes and scrambled egg... and was fit to burst. Usually at these things I can eat that, then some toast and cereals, maybe some fruit and yogurt and a muffin to top it off. My eyes were saying "WOWOWOWOW! FEED ME!" My belly was saying "I think not Sunshine, doors closed! Yer name's not down, yer not coming in!" So good news was, I enjoyed it, it was yummy. Better news is, either I have discovered my 'stop' switch and know when I am full now. Or having a smaller plate at dinner times has shrunk my tummy maybe? Either way - although wistfully looking at Craig and Ruby Pacman'ning their way through mountains of grub, I was secretly pleased with myself.

And last good thing about the girls being away - no bickering! *Bliss* I missed them, I love them to bits, but blimey can they argue!

Good thing about them being back? Devvie has been in the kitchen, baking all morning! Woohoo! Her cookies are out of this world - she's going to save me one to have as a snack later!
I've treated myself to a couple of books this week. One off Amazon (I love you Amazon *mwaaah, mwaaah* ) and one off eBay. Chuffed to bits with that one as it's £16ish on Amazon but the fella was doing a "make me an offer" thing on eBay and after a bit of haggling I got it for just over a tenner which included postage. (I still love you Amazon but am skint - so y'know, I had to cheat on you!) Both are books on illustration so am really looking forward to reading them. Plus I do like getting something for nothing. The Amazon book was purchased with vouchers from doing surveys and the eBay one through Paypal with pennies from recent magazine clear out! Win win!

So, seeing as I can't tell you most of what made my week so good - I reckon that's a pretty good list don't you? :D How was your week? If you'd like to play along, pop along to Virginia's and link up so we can all find you :)

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Drawing Lab - Lesson 1

Evening all :)

Cameron over at Paint Myself Pretty has set herself the task of working through Drawing Lab by Carla Sonheim and is calling for people to join her. The book contains 52 creative exercises - to last you a year. This is my take on lesson 1. The idea is to set yourself up, preferably in bed, leaning on a pillow or your duvet, and draw around 30 cats. Well, when I go to bed I'm making Zzzzzzzzz's before my head hits the pillow. What I did do was lean on a sofa cushion and switched between using my dominant and non-dominant hand.
Strangely, I preferred the cats I did with my non-dominant hand and so used these to re-draw and add some colour. I used my watercolour paints.

I like that they're a little bit wibbly wobbly and scraggly - they look like they have attitude to me. I can see why it is suggested - it certainly makes you think less and just draw.

What do you reckon - fancy playing along? I'll be doing a full review on my thoughts about the book in a day or two - almost finished reading it.

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Rocking My World Friday...

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Happy Friday people. It's been a gloriously sunny day here... flipping cold but gloriously sunny. Gorgeous blue skies that make the last remaining bit of snow sparkle and look pretty. On the walk to nursery today Ruby and I stopped at this open expanse of field we walk past (bitingly cold wind whips across there but never mind...) and watched the bunnies finding the little patches of grass in the melting snow. There are signs every where that spring is on the way, little shoots peaking through. My Mums mini daffodils are growing big and strong. The tub she planted them in sits outside our door, I'll never throw that tub away. No matter how decrepit it gets. Because those things come back in more abundance each and every year and I know she planted them. It's like a little visit from her each time they come back - that may sound daft but green fingered I ain't, so this is a mini miracle each year for me.
Daddy and Ruby time. I love this picture. They are so engrossed in their Tracey Beaker game, Daddy slightly miffed that Ruby wont let him play Deadly Dash... another CBBC game, I hasten to add! Daddy also cuddling Lola and Baby quite happily :)

You just know she has him wrapped round her little finger, right? We all know who the real Boss of this house is!
I'm loving Olay Gentle Cleanser this week, it's taming the pizza like crater that my face had become. Honestly I was getting zits where I never knew you could get them! Behind my ears, in my hair - I think it was this new healthy eating plan - talk about bring out the impurities. But Olay wash has brought them back under control and there is just one lingering offender on my neck refusing to give up that final fight now. Love that stuff!
Really, really loving that I am managing to do at the very least my 10 minutes of creativity a day. Usually a fair bit more. I'm loving drawing every day, even though I feel so rusty. It's like meeting up with an old friend again. Really loving it -it's making me wonder if I am daft to think I can make this more than a hobby or if I should just try. Some of you have been really responsible in making me think on that too. So, thank you :)

This video that Nicky sent me the link to last week. Just love it - I keep watching it. Am very jealous. Also I think I neeeeed those watercolours!

A gorgeous surprise in the post from Donna. It's a beautiful technique book filled to the brim with goodies. No matter how hard I try I can't get a decent picture so I have blatantly stolen the video showing it from Donna's blog. I hope you don't mind Donna...

I don't feel deserving - A thousand thank you's Donna, it's just even more gorgeous up close!
Half term week is officially here :) I do look forward to this. Where Ruby is only at school for half a day till September it really breaks the day up, in some ways I can't believe my baby is starting big school this year but in other ways I'm looking forward to reclaiming the day!

How has your week been? If you fancy joining us, why not pop over to Virginia's and link up.

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(More) What I Wore Today

Carmen Wing - What I Wore Today Journal page - Sketchbook. Watercolours & Copics
Hi all, thought I'd bombard you with more "What I Wore Today" If nothing else it's getting me practising and doing my 10 minutes of creativity a day. It's quite relaxing actually. So far I'm learning that I'm rubbish at colouring in, I wear at least one item of mens clothing a day and my hair has a life of it's own. You may start to see repetition now as I have basically shown you my wardrobe. The stuff that fits at least - I refuse to buy any more clothes in this size so am on a rotation. Hopefully I'll be in my nicer stuff pretty soon or I'll just be able to keep re-posting these pictures!

Do let me know if these pictures are boring you, I wont stop posting them - I'll just stick my tongue out and go "ner, ner, nerner, ner" as I'm hitting 'post.'

Hope your week is going well, thanks for stopping by.

Editing to add this for Brandy :)

Picture source.
Craig got these for my Christmas present, years and years ago. They came from the US and it is the one and only time we have been stung by customs. By the time they had finished with us the boots rocked out at near enough £100 all told. Gutting thing was... turned them over and they have Made in the UK stamped into the bottom! Haha! Easily my most expensive clothing item ever, by a mile. But I love them to bits, reckon I'll be dust in the ether and they'll still be going strong. I'll still be stomping around in them when I'm pushing a zimmer frame.

What I Wore Today

What I Wore Today by Gemma Correll

The Book says:
Create a snapshot of your day and sum up your unique style in this brilliant book of doodles, scribbles and sketches. Part sketchpad, part journal, this is a totally customizable record of how you like to dress, what you love to do and who you really are.

I say:
What I Wore Today started as a Flickr group, then the blog came along and now the book. I had never heard of it before getting this book but I have, without realising, 'pinned' some of the participants work over on Pinterest. I love the humour that was coming through in these journal pages - I never realised there was a whole Worldwide movement - so to speak.

Gemma Correll has a fantastic, quirky sense of humour which comes through in her art and in this book. The book features some What I Wore Today work from some of the people that contribute to the Flickr group. Also scattered throughout the book are little drawing /doodling exercises; templates to get you started if you are a bit unsure of your drawing and lots of fashion chat. From what to wear as the seasons change, to creating your own style and combing craft shows, second hand shops, making your own accessories etc, for that something different.

The book itself is hardback with an elastic running down the back which I used to hold my page but am guessing if you used this as a journal it would also help to keep it closed as it grew. The pages are strong, sturdy quality and am thinking would take a fair bit of abuse.

The pages with the templates are on graph type paper and so handy if you are feeling maybe a bit unsure about starting. I tried to take a picture but where the templates are faint so that they don't overpower your drawing, they didn't show up in my scanner.

This is a book that made me smile. A lot. It did make me want to find out more, I've spent a good while looking through the group and it's just lovely to see both men and women taking part. All of varying abilities, styles, humour, satire... it's a real mixed bag. I've joined up myself now and been doing my own What I Wore drawings... I think it's such a brilliant way to get you drawing at least once a day. Got no inspiration? Just draw what you have on. Simple.

I only have one niggle. The Flickr group is so diverse. With so many women and men. It seems such a shame that the book is so... well... girly. It's very pink,and my two eldest daughters love it. I think it's a missed opportunity to have not made it a bit more gender neutral.

But other than that, big thumbs up. In fact I will be getting a couple more as I know a couple of people who'll just love this book :)

Thank you to Octopus Books for my copy.

What I Wore Today Flickr Group
What I Wore Today Blog
Gemma Correll

Thank you, as always, for stopping by :)

What? Oh alright, I know a certain few of you will demand to see...

You can click to enlarge if you want to nosy at the scrawl as well.

Carmen Wing - What I Wore Today Journal page - Sketchbook. Watercolours & CopicsCarmen Wing - What I Wore Today Journal page - Sketchbook. Watercolours & CopicsI really enjoyed doing these and am definitely going to keep it up daily. It's almost like a visual diary... and like I say, no excuse not to draw at least once a day! By 'eck, does it make me realise how shapeless my winter comfy jumpers are! Style icon I ain't!

Oh, and I didn't draw in the actual book as I have this stupid phobia about drawing in books! I know! Can you imagine me with one of those Wreck Your Journals? But have no fear, one of the girls has claimed it and it will get to live the life it was meant to :)

Really going now!

x x x

Rocking My World Friday...

Oops, I missed a week didn't I? Not quite sure where the time is going. I've not been online much apart from the odd Facebook game here and there (Tetris has captured me again!) I seem to have had a slight disenchantment with the T'internet this week. No specific reason... couldn't tell you why. Am slowly being lured back now - it always does doesn't it? Like a Siren call.

So the last couple of weeks, what made me smile?

Well, this little Monster. Her sense of humour gets more wicked and sarcastic every day. She just makes me larf. The other day she was all serious, tucking her long tunic dress into her leggings and pulling the waistband of her leggings right up under her armpits. Then, stifling giggles, she parades in front of me saying "look Mummy, I'm Daddy!" Yes, guess who does all that with his jimjams - maybe not quite to the extent she portrayed! But still! Talk about roar with laughter. And he will kill me for putting that on here! *Titter*

This is her during the week. She wanted to work in her book. I've shown you that before haven't I? I love her book, and it's still going strong, fatter than ever. I'll have to ask her if I can take some new pictures. This was her after she had left her book to dry and moved on to mine!

The GI Diet I've been doing using a couple of Rick Gallop books. I am finding it so easy and after starting just last Thursday, I've lost 9lbs. (Sorry Jo, my one cheat - I have to peep every morning. Slap my wrists.) My ankles... I can see my ankles and with some definition for the first time in ages. I can't remember the last time they weren't swollen. I've not fallen asleep during the day since I've been on this either - I was constantly tired before - scarily so. Literally, zero energy. I'm still tired around 10pm now but I'm starting to think that's maybe the normal time people start to get tired?

These are some muffins I made today. So yummy, so huuuge and taste so naughty... and yet these count as a snack! Which I have to have three of a day! Maybe not muffins each time, might get boring, though I doubt it.

Yep - absolutely loving this plan at the moment and the benefits after just a week.
We bought Devvie that Journal Spilling book over there on the sidebar for Christmas. Thought it might help with the teenage phase, maybe she could use it to 'spill' some teenage angst. Geddit? Was chuffed to bits when she asked if I wanted to work through it with her. So that's what we've been doing, a couple of nights a week. When the other two Monsters are in bed. We set up and try out some of the techniques in our books. It's lovely just to sit and chat and paint. We've both decided we're not really into the verbal spilling part but we are enjoying making pages and pages of colour. She's going to use her book as a pre-prepared base to scrapbook and journal memories in. This makes me happy indeed.

Talking of Devvie, she had a lovely parents evening. Teachers sung her praises, each one saying she was credit to us and just needs to start believing in herself. She's on the right track in everything, just needs to believe she is and trust her instincts.
Oh, nearly forgot this one. Last week Craig saw Mr Silver Crow again. Not down on the main road where we usually see him but... on the bit of road that leads into our close!! Can you believe it? He tried to get a picture but the camera on his phone is rubbish. I don't care how daft I look or how wacko it sounds. I'm claiming that bird as my good luck omen! Official! I think I would have a heart attack if he landed on our bird table. We have had a few crows.
I would say my big clean up has been a huge success but it kind of petered out when I got to the 'it has to get worse before it gets better' stage. So now it's just at the worse stage. Oops. Over the weekend my mission is to get sorted with that and to catch up on my bloggy friends. Feels like ages.
eBay. On three counts. First of all for helping me raise pennies towards my stash. Had a bit of a magazine clear out and now have a bit set aside for paint when I need it. Secondly for the vanilla and coconut body spray I found on there. A huge Victoria Secrets bottle at a bargain price, even better because Craig paid. Thanks Craig :) Also to the seller who, when my litre tub of Gesso arrived damaged, sent a replacement without a quibble and within days. I've become quite down about eBay of late - so many people try to rip Craig off on there, quite blatantly falsely claiming back money for goods not received, and it's a horrible side of human nature. It's nice when you stumble across the good pockets of people on there.
Right, as always I'm sure I've forgotten stuff but I'll say goodbye for now. How have you been? Fancy joining in? Then pop on over to Virginia's and link up so we can all find you.

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