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Pressies, Pressies, Pressies & Secret Santa -The Reveal

I'm going to combine this post with a big old show off of my Christmas pressies this year Why? Because I was spoilt rotten and want to show and tell like we used to in the playgrounds. What did you get? What did you get? Mine was usually books, books, books while theirs would be all the new fangled stuff.... nothing much changes. And I still love it that way!

First up - Secret Santa big reveal :) I know some of you STILL don't know who sent to you so here goes. Where I know people have blogged their pressies I'll add a linkie...

I sent to K
Sarah sent to Sam - Blogged here
Virginia - sent to Helen - Blogged here
Helen - sent to me! (Scroll down this post to see my goodies)
Susie - sent to Carol
K - sent to Irene - Blogged here
Irene - sent to Brandy - Blogged here
Sam - sent to Virginia - Blogged here
Carol - sent to Ally
Brandy - sent to Sarah - Blogged here
Ally - sent to Susie - Blogged here

I will update the list with links as/when people blog :) I've had nothing but wonderful feedback from people so happy about the thought that has been put into the gifts. Thank you everyone :)

This year was not without glitches though and it was all down to my pregnancy brain. I'm blaming that totally.

Prepare yourselves, this is a bit of a saga...

 I made a bit of a boo boo (putting it politely) and gave Virginia the wrong address for Helen. I had two emails from two separate Helens on top of each other in my inbox - now - I'm not telling you this to scare anyone off taking part next year - I'm telling you this so you see how amazing  two people were. Luckily "Wrong" Helen was contacted and she didn't pick the parcel up so it is currently in the postal system on it's way back to Virginia. "Right" Helen, after allowing me to grovel apologies to her, promptly called me a daft mare and made a big joke about it. Quite happy to wait for her pressie to turn up... whenever in the next century that might be...

Enter the hero of the piece. Imagine if you will, sunlight lighting up the silhouette, cape flying behind her, sunlight bouncing off her polished, celtic knot engraved armour... her blonde hair -  a halo ablaze as she flies into action recreating the original gift she had created for Helen, flying around the shops to purchase the original gifts she had purchased and then getting them to Helen with a day to spare because she didn't want Helen left out. She really truly is a hero in my books. Super V! Thank you so much Virginia. 

I promise next year will be a return to unruffled form, not least because I have made Craig promise to check every address before I send the emails. He had MUCH fun telling me that more emails had come in with wrong addresses. My hair is probably pure white underneath all this dye and I have zero nails left at all! Git! (I can't moan to much, he surprised me with a wonderful Christmas present. But still!)

And now - my pressie from Helen. It came beautifully wrapped in black Christmas paper and then inside wrapped again in purple tissue paper packages... 

A beautiful blank journal/sketchbook, The Book of Skulls (which is crammed full of gorgeous skull-tastic art) and a teeny tiny wooden poseable doll who I have christened Bob the Bod.

Teeny tiny Bob
The excitement was just to much! 
But wait. That's not all. look at this gorgeous canvas - I love everything about it. That quote is fab, I'm totally stealing it! And that stamp is one I always admire when I see Helen use it in her work.
Thank you Helen, you couldn't have put a more 'me' present together :)

Next is the huuuuge stack of books I got from my Dad, two of my sisters and my friends.

And then there was this. From Virginia. A gorgeous altered journal. It's beautiful. I'm going to use it next year to actually journal my Rocking positives in 'real' format as well as blog them so I'll always have them. You know - in case of the Apocalypse and, heaven forbid we lose the internet. Isn't it lovely?
Beautiful sketchbook underneath is a handmade one from my sis.
My stocking from the UKS Stocking Swap. My swap partner was Chrissie and she crammed my stocking with all these goodies. Which include gilding flakes (yay!) watercolours, brushes, metallic rub on paint, pegs to alter... just so much. I know you don't read the blog Chrissie but thank you anyway. Love it all.

And finally. What did Craig, my lovely Craig who had promised we were only doing token gifts again this year do? He got me the Google Nexus 7 tablet that I have been saving madly most of the year for. I was speechless. I was gob-smacked.  I now have a load of Amazon vouchers I'd been saving that he's told me to spend on art books and paint (but I'm going to get the girls a couple more WII remotes as well) I officially, OFFICIALLY have the best Craigy in the whole wide World... and yup I did buy him a token (albeit rather gorgeous that I'll blog later)  present.

I think I was more spoilt than the kids this year. And I loved it... although I do feel a tad guilty! Must start making stuff for next year!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Rocking My World Friday...

Hello Strangers :) I am determined to hit 'publish' on this post before Christmas! I have still been counting positives in my blog absence with all good intentions of blogging them but time just keeps slipping away at the moment. So this one is a bit of a catch up of a few weeks and in no particular order :)

First of all, my oldest friend Lesley, who I've known since school days, came to visit us - we hadn't seen her in two years (she's in Scotland and we're in Kent) It was so lovely to see her again and catch up, hopefully it wont be so long next time. 
... ... ... ... ...
Paracetamol and lots of it. My back went good and proper recently, got so bad I couldn't even turn over in bed and getting up to bubba was a joke. Could hardly walk, getting up and down from the sofa was agony... I think either being pregnant or giving birth aggravated my existing condition this time - not sure why, but anyway - the doctor prescribed me some high dosage paracetamol and I never thought saying that getting back to my usual aches and pains would be a relief... but blimey it is. Am not quite back to the same levels I'm used to but near enough.
... ... ... ... ... 
Lots and lots of handmade Christmas cards, all so gorgeous and inspiring. So much so that this non-card person who rarely ever 'does' cards is determined to make and send her own next year :) Thank you to everyone who sent us one.

This cunningly disguised Christmas present from my Pheebs. I really have no clue what it could be *wink, wink* but it did make me laugh when she put it under the tree. 

Internet shopping. Not being a people or crowds person, we have done 90% of our shopping online this year - partly due to crowd hating, partly due to time and cost, partly down to being in pain and not able to walk far and partly because you can find such great handmade and unique pressies that way :) How did I ever live without the internet? 
... ... ... ... ...
A rare day out - we went to Rochester to register bubba and I had forgotten how much I love that place. Unfortunately it was my worst pain day so we literally went, registered, stopped at a chemist for some heat pads and came home again but we have decided we will go back more regularly, definitely. Not been properly in years and it's one of those places that just shouts Christmas no matter what time of the year. I think it's because it's still so old fashioned and has the cobbled streets and old buildings. Really lifted my spirits and was the start of my getting Christmassy - up till then had been very Bah Humbug!
... ... ... ... ...
My Secret Santa and the UKS Secret Stocking Swap. The only Christmas swaps I participate in and I just love them both so much each year. My own swap was not without hitches this year but thanks to one participant in particular it has ended well. Such an amazing person anyway throughout the year - she really pulled out all the stops to make sure the swap ended on a high. Makes me remember why I am proud to count her as a friend...

...and as usual I have been a good girl and apart from a few fumbles, feels, sniffs and shakes - I haven't opened my pressies. And as usual I CAN'T WAIT!
... ... ... ... ...
A certain little Mister Mister.  He coos and giggles the days away. He's developed a fondness for Jamie Oliver and I can now eat my meals in peace if we prop him in front of the box while Jamie is on (no accounting for taste!) He sleeps through the night now from about 10pm till 6am - the latest has been 8.30am. Bliss.
Chatting to Jamie :)
Rocking his skully hat 
He's just truly a joy to us all, we couldn't have asked for a more chilled out, funny, gorgeous little boy. Yep he's adored by us all. And he knows he's the boss now ;)
... ... ... ... ...
I'm enjoying seeing the New Year challenges springing up - I am determined 2013 is going to be a year FULL of arting next year so have signed up to notifications from the Creative Jump Start Summit which feautures 21 artists and crafters sharing tutorials every single day. Check it out...

Creative JumpStart Summit 2013 Trailer from Nathalie Kalbach on Vimeo.

And I've also signed up to Darcy's Artful Readers Club. On January 1st you declare 12 books you are pledging to read throughout the year. Each month you do a short review of one of the books and a piece of art or craft inspired by that book. A twofer in that it gets you reading and creating :) Check that one out here - any genre of reading and any style of creativity is welcomed and encouraged. I've got five books I definitely want to read next year but am waiting to see what Father Christmas brings before I decide the rest ;) Mine will be a mixture of fiction and art/craft books.
... ... ... ... ...
Craig has started doing my shed/cocoon again, He had to stop pretty much after I last posted as he was hit by a sicky/flu bug - it happens every winter to him. And Devvie - coming up to Christmas they are always struck down. But, bless him, he's started doing it again... mainly I think to get my 'junk' out of the dining room over Christmas. Still, am not complaining.
... ... ... ... ...
Virginia will always be in my grateful positives even on the posts I don't mention her. I am convinced the Rocking Friday's that she started have had such a mind altering effect on my attitude and my thinking. I used to be prone to bouts of (undiagnosed) depression. I didn't always realise it at the time but I realise now what it was. Of course I still get down days but absolutely nowhere near like what it was before and I am convinced it's because I am re-programming how I think. To look for the positives in my life no matter how awful other things are that might be happening.  It's such a simple thing to do - it doesn't happen over night but believe me it works. Thank you Virginia. Love you!
... ... ... ... ...
There has been so much more I have been positive and grateful for over the past few weeks- not least Craig and the girls for as always being helpful with dinners, housework, changing poopy bums (well, Devvie more than Craig with that one!) and generally being patient with a Mum who's been less than mobile. I'm going to stop here though as it's turning into a big long post again.

I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading - slowly but surely. But I'd like to just take this time to wish all my readers, both the vocal gobby ones and my silent lurkers a very Happy Christmas. Thank you for reading my rambling throughout the year and thank you as always for stopping by today :)

Secret Santa

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm a telling you why...

Santaaaaa Claus is coming to town!

OK Santas, this is the list - start stalking your posties... who, as we all know, are really Santa's elves in disguise ;) I'll update the list as and when  I hear pressies are on the sleigh or not.

Me! - On sleigh - Received
Sarah - On sleigh - Received
Virginia - On sleigh - Received
Helen - On sleigh - Received
Susie - On Sleigh - Received
K - On sleigh - Received
Irene - On Sleigh - Received
Sam - On sleigh - Received
Carol - On sleigh - Received
Brandy - On sleigh - Received
Ally - On sleigh - Received

Getting exciting! Thanks for stopping by :)

Cam's Cocoon - Part 1

Hello everyone :) This is an "I'm alive!!" post. I haven't been creating much (at all!) but thought I'd show you what Craig has been up to.

Bad news is I am losing my lovely messy room/studio. *sob, sob* Craig came in the other day with those worrying words: "I've been thinking..." And turns out he's been thinking about moving all the birdies out of his shed and setting them up in my messy room so they are near his other birds in his bird room. Makes sense. Especially when the good news is... I GET THE SHED! Woohoo. 

So this is what he's been doing this week. Slowly, slowly in-between work and helping the bathroom fella install the bathroom. 

My new studio/messy room. Yeah - still tiny... if possible, tinier! 6'x5'.
He's going to take the safety door off, that's just a back up in case one of the birds got out while he was in there.
As it stands at the moment full of bird cages, it doesn't look like 5' wide because of the depth of the shelves which he has said he'll leave in for me. So although my desk will be tiny, it will be clear because of the shelving. More splashability with the painting ;)

In this corner he's going to build me a desk, my old 6' one obviously wont fit... not unless I want to sit outside and lean in. 

These pictures don't really give an idea about just how tiny it is - really and definitely a one person area :) I quite like that. I like that it will be all mine too - like he says, it means in the warmer months I can go out there of an evening and play if I want to which I can't do at the moment because of nesting chicks in the adjoining room to my messy room. It'll be my cocoon :) My lockable cocoon!

So that's what's going on here this week. I'll do another post when he's done. I can hear lots of drilling and sawing as I type!

How are things with everyone? This little fella has been keeping me busy but am slowly catching up with Blogland. :)
 I'll be back on Friday with a Rocking post, I've still been counting my positives even when not blogging them. Thanks, as always, for stopping by :)

Rocking My World Friday...

Hello everyone :)
One tiny little bundle is Rocking My World this week.
Baby Logan joined us at 4.59pm on the 25th of October weighing 8lbs 11oz

It was a natural birth in the end, no need for inducing and because of this I was able to go into the lovely new birth centre at our hospital. Such a different experience to being on a labour ward, much more relaxed - I wish everyone could give birth in one of those places. My midwife Claire and her student Lorraine were amazing. 

Logan and his sisters...

At the moment he is a happy baby, only crying for food (which he wants a LOT of!) and letting me get 3 - 4 hour sleep blocks of a night

So, I may be a bit quiet in Blogland for a little while. But my Secret Santa's - if you need me, am always at the end of an email.

Thank you for stopping by and for all the lovely messages received through Facebook - it's been overwhelming.

If you'd like to join us in a look back on the positives in your week - be sure and stop by Virginia's to link up so we can all find you :)

Secret Santa Details Sent...

Hi Secret Santa peoples! You should all now have your victims :) If you haven't can you check your spam/bulk folders for me please and if you still don't then drop me a line and I'll resend the details :)

Any questions for your stalkees just let me know and I'll email them on your behalf!

Have fun and happy stalking :D

Rocking My World Friday

Again? Already? How can that be?
Time to reflect on the week and see what's made me smile - if you'd like to play along, click the picture above to link up with Virginia so we can all find you :)

I fear this is going to be a very short post this week. Not because I've had a bad week or anything, just been very tired and achy, sleeping a lot and letting everyone else do all the work! Which of course means due date came and went on Wednesday and I'm still here, perched uncomfortably, with belly half way across the room.  
... ... ... ... ...
So, top positive of the week has to be my lovely Craig. Not only is he keeping a business afloat, doing the majority of the school walks, doing a huge chunk of the housework AND all with a cold. He still sends me off to have an afternoon kip if I've had a bad night and again brought me home a mahoosive slice of carrot cake after his post office run the other day. Honestly. What a lucky girl am I? Maybe I should cook the mince and tatties tonight that he's been asking for all week!
... ... ... ... ...
T'internet. Keeping me amused when there's booger all on the telly. Just shut up all you people that are getting to watch the new season of The Walking Dead. I have to wait till next year! We are finally nearing the end of Lost on Netflix - we have 6 episodes to go and Craig is already wringing his hands and wondering how he will ever live without his nightly fix. So, apart from Lost we haven't been watching anything else. (Apart from Charlie & Lola of an evening with the Ruby Monster!) The internet has kept me amused all week. From Blogland, to You Tube, to Facebook conversations (you know who! Thank you girls!) to discovering my way around The Trodden Path group (loving this site!) to gearing up towards the Secret Santa on UKS (sign up still open, I do this one every year and it's so much fun!) to my own Secret Santa (victims names being sent this afternoon I promise!) Honestly when you are tired or don't feel well, it's a little lifesaver. When my girls look at me with disbelief that we never had any internet when growing up, I sometimes share their wonder at how I ever lived without it!
... ... ... ... ...
Almost caught up on everything I fell behind on this year. Teeny tiny amounts of creativity adding up to results. I still have two swap promises to fulfil and finish up my PIF list and then I am back on track! Woohoo!
... ... ... ... ...
  • Tea, always!
  • Midwife noticing and complimenting my newly dyed hair.  It's now Damson Wine (Live XXL) in case you're wondering - as opposed to the washed out and faded red that it's been for months on end. Amazing what a little boost just doing that gives ;)
  • Silver Crow has been back 3 times this week to our bird table - each time with two black crow friends. Craig says they are his body guards :D No piccies as he spots me through the window whenever I move to get the camera so now I just sit and watch him.
  • Am up to £43.52 on my tablet saving via Amazon vouchers! Was £44.51 earlier in the week but I bought a cheapy kindle book. Must not do that to often! It's creeping up! Should hopefully be clearing another £20 soon if I can stick at the survey sites!
And that will do me for this week. Thanks for stopping by :) How has your week been?

Oh and since I started typing this post, I've put the mince and tatties on for Craig's dinner tonight ;) Wouldn't it be funny if I went into labour before he got his dinner? :D :D

Secret Santa - Last Call & Rocking My World Friday

Hello everyone :) Quickie mention that tonight is the closing for the sign up to Secret Santa. If you fancy playing along you can read all about it (and see who is taking part) here.

Next up is time for my slightly late Rocking Friday post :) Where I look back and list all the things (that I remember) that made me smile during the past week - no matter how big or small. I can't stress what a positive effect this has had on my outlook since I started playing along. If you'd like to join in and link up too, just click the below picture to be taken to Virginia's blog. Any time during the week - doesn't have to be Friday - as I am often testament to ;)

A week for visitors! First up - a very, very quick but very welcome visit from Donna last weekend. She was in Kent doing a workshop at the new Artistic Stamper shop and detoured past my house on the way home for a quick hello and dropping off of gorgeous gift. Thank you Donna - was lovely to see you! 

Then another Donna, my sister, all the way from Scotland. She was down in Kent to bring my niece to London for her birthday - Phantom of the Opera - very nice. We got a visit from her before they headed home again and she came with Talon, my nieces 6 month old son. This meant Craig and I elbowing each other out of the way for cuddles. I have so forgotten what to do with babies :) It was lovely and he's such a cutey-pie!
... ... ... ... ...
Postman delivered a lovely package from Sue. She had already very kindly said she was going to send me some spare paint she had... but also nestled inside my package, wrapped in tissue paper, was this A4 sized journal which Sue had decorated the cover of. Isn't it gorgeous? 

I can't wait to have a play in it. Thank you Sue - very unexpected but very, very much appreciated. Such a sketchbook/journal addict and this one is perfect! And also for the paint too! 
... ... ... ... ...
Due date is looming. Wednesday is the day. Midwife appointment on the Wednesday morning but if no signs then I'll be having my inducement day booked, just in case, for two weeks later. I really don't know now whether I think I'll go the whole two weeks late or not now. For the past week, of an evening,  I've been getting severe back pains that get closer and closer together - we get to 15 minutes apart and then it just stops and goes back to being my normal constant back ache. I think this child is a big old tease!

Either way, bags are packed, camera is charged, people on stand by for emergency phone calls. I think we are as ready as we can be :) It all feels very surreal at the moment and even though we were trying for ages and I've been a grumpy old mare for 9 months... it still doesn't feel real that we will have a baby here soon... eep!
... ... ... ... ...
Some quickies...
  • Lovely sunny October weather, in-between the rain showers, making for lovely strolls with Ruby Monster on her bike
  • Carrot cake from Craig, picked up on his way home from the Post Office ;)
  • My family, always. Either making me smile, laugh or just helping out with the dishes
  • The Wednesday Whine girls on FB for just being there
  • You Tube, The Trodden Path group and everyone in Blogland for providing easy inspiration and viewing when I'm to tired to do much more than click a mouse
  • Cooper the Piddly Pooper for being my shadow these past couple of weeks and providing (mostly stink free) hugs...
And that I think will do me for this week :) Thank you as always for stopping by - how has your week been?

Where I Play... WOYWW

Hello everyone :)  I took some pictures to show Claire. We'd been chatting about our work area's and stash (or lack of - these piccies show my entire stash) - then I realised what day it was so decided to link up to WOYWW. (It's been ages!) But this has turned into a mammoth post so please feel free to just skim the piccies.

I've linked to any artists/crafters that I've mentioned has made something and also there are a few links to things I've made. All piccies are clickable to enlarge for a virtual rummage.

Yes, my work area's I do try and keep this tidy just because I have come to the realisation that when it's messy I don't create. Believe me, it doesn't come naturally - the rest of the house does not follow the same rules.
My corner of the dining room. You can see why I have to try and keep tidy in here. That dinner table has to be pulled out every night. Space is a premium.
The football is mean old Mum commandeering it when it got to close to the TV one to many times.
Birdie corner on top of my shelves. The wire pigeon is made by Sparkflight and modelled on one of the pigeons Craig used to own. The felted birdies are by Felt Me Up Designs. I was lucky enough to win the owl in one of  her giveaways but bought the budgie for Craig one Christmas :) I hope to add a crow to our flock when I get a bit better on the sewing machine, there is a pattern for one in the Artful Bird book.
The green and yellow tote on top of the printer holds all my double sided tape - I say all, I'm down to one roll. And some masking tape, sellotape and fabric tape...  basically, any tapes get chucked in there. The lime green tote holds all my Copic pens. The sketchbook pile at the side of the printer grows depending where I'm playing in them, in here or out at the messy desk :)
Art above my desk. Am finally getting around to framing stuff. L - Charlie & Lola collage I made featuring Ruby. Middle - Box I made at a Jane Dean workshop. R - Painting done by Ruby which I love. Bottom is a motivational zombie ACEO bought from Little Black Heart. It's in  the frame Susie gave me for Christmas as part of the Secret Santa swap last year.
The picture on the end is one I love of my Mum on her wedding day... and I'm in her tummy :)

Next we go outside...
This is taken from the door of the workshop. This is my teeny tiny messy room/art studio that Craig 'made' for me. It's sandwiched between his Bird Room/aviary and office. It's 6' long - the length of the desk and I love it. The bike and hoover get chucked out the door into the garden when I'm in there ;)

The white hanging holder on the wall has my watercolours/watercolour crayons and gouache. The blue tote on the desk holds all my acrylic paints.

The wooden box on my desk  I turned on it's side to use as a shelf. It now holds canvasses and stuff that I've been prepping for backgrounds. The framed Bette Davis ACEO is by Donna and I love it, wanted it where I could always see it. The zombie ATC and the arch are by Mark when we swapped ATC's. (Well, he swapped, I messed his up and am re-doing!) The red lady is by Amy as are Maude & Marvin in the picture below :)
The crow lady is by Cameron, love her and the words on it! The piece on the bottom right is by Kay - also love the words on that :) I have a load more lovely cards and tags and things that other people have made but I want to get a pin board out here and some more frames so they are safely tucked away for now.
Well, there you go. Well done if you made it this far and thanks for stopping by :)

Secret Santa - Official Post

Sign up closed 

Official Post (So you can stop harassing me Virginia *g*)

I'm going to keep the format more or less the same as last year so don't mind me pasting a few bits over. 

Are you interested in taking part in a Secret Santa? You will put together a fabulous Christmas gift for your recipient. Stalk well. Find out what they would swoon clear away over. It can be anything. ANYTHING. Handmade loveliness, art, stash, books, chocolate... just tailor it to your person and fill it with yuletide cheer.

Good quality second hand stuff - books, stamps, vintage/retro items - is all good (if it's not - let me know so I can let your Santa know!) Means you'll get more pressie for your buck!

Shall we set the minimum spend at £10? (Roughly $16.03USD according to if you wish to spend more on your recipient, feel free but be aware that your sender might not be in the position to do the same.

If you want to know something in particular about your recipients likes etc, email me and I will email them for you anonymously. Obviously I am the only one who will know who my Santa is. So that one wouldn't be anonymous.

Things I need from you -

1. Who you are.
2. Email address
3. Blog address (for stalkage)
4. Postal address
5. Some likes/dislikes. Do you have a wishlist online?

Please email the above to - whoopidoo at btinternet dot com or click the 'email me' button on my sidebar. Include the email subject 'Secret Santa' (Hopefully that way it will filter into a folder I have set up.)

I will close sign up for the Secret Santa one week from today. Monday the 15th October. I'll then sort out who is sending to who and email you your victims details as soon as possible afterwards. Be aware I am very near my due date now (actually due the 17th) so if anything happens in that department there may be a slight delay in you getting your email! I will try and keep you posting within your own country but please let me know if you don't mind posting internationally. 

So to recap:

Will keep sign up open till the 15th
I'll then email you your victim
Stalk, stalk, stalk.
Make, spend, gather, rummage, wrap, wrap, wrap.
Posting date:  1st of December so it will arrive in good time.
Stalk postie
Shake, rattle and feel pressie
Try and resist till the 25th (I know who wont!)
Mad tearing frenzy.
Meet back after the big day to show off our gifts  :)

Be sure and tell me if I forgot anything and if you never took part last year, are wondering if you might like to this year but still unsure... click here and scroll to the end of the post. You'll find a list of all the participants from last year with links to who sent to who and what was sent/received. It was great fun :)

People taking part:

Thanks for stopping by :)

Rocking My World Friday...

On Saturday? It is Saturday isn't it? Yes - sorry am losing track of days recently...

To play along and find the positives in your week, just click the piccie :)

Firstly, we are now under the two week mark for my due date. And, as uncomfortable as I am right now, I don't mind so much if I am two weeks late again. I was moaning and whinging like mad until... Craig pointed out that if I am two weeks late... We will have a Halloween babe! Hello! Yep - he knows how to make me happy! (And stop the whinging!) So whether baby comes now or at the end of the month - we're all good ;)
... ... ... ... ...
I am instructed to tell you that it is 79 days till Christmas. That's Devvie. Now I love Christmas but am slightly un-prepared this year. Just a tad. As in I have a grand total of two presents and one of those is for someone who hasn't been born yet! Aaaargh!

However - I am looking forward to doing some baking and practise runs of rock cakes. I wish I had made more pressies this year but seeing as I slept most of the year away... that idea kinda went out the window. Next year! Still time for a few wee makes I reckon, now that the old mojo is back. And I'm looking forward to the Secret Santa, and board games and the girls giggling and laughing. See, the countdown isn't so scary... *gulp*
... ... ... ... ...
I was worried about a canvas I had made someone because the words on it held special meaning for that person. But she received it this week and sent me a lovely message so am well chuffed with that :) Phew!
... ... ... ... ...
My sister coming in for a cuppa and a chat on Thursday. Lovely to see her. Even lovelier when she said she thought (from the back) I'd lost weight. Craig nearly fell off his chair laughing when she left but I appreciated it :P And, actually I haven't put any weight on for 2 or 3 months so will be interesting what the scales say after bubba is born. 
... ... ... ... ...
What else...
  • Having a down day and Craig coming home with a wedge of coffee cake and a wedge of chocolate cake from the local bakers for us to share. Nom nom nom!
  • Lost. Still. We are nearing the end of Season 3 now. Craig actually woke me up last night to discuss a theory that had just occurred to him.
  • The new issue of Somerset Studio. It looks so gorgeous. I am resisting properly reading it so I can take it into hospital but the few sneaky peeks I've read are fab!
  • Hastings being featured on Come Dine With Me all week. Ruby has thought this has been brilliant - Come Dine With Me is one of her favourite shows so for it to be in the town where Nanna lives all week - she's been tickled pink. She seems to think she can go visit the people featured mind you...
  • Sitting here watching Devvie sticking her finger in her tea to wet down her scary clown school art work - she says yes, she will indeed still be drinking her tea! Nice. She promises me she will be uploading her (amazing) paintings to her blog soon. I'll nudge you all to go look when she does.
  • The chats we've been having with her about 6th form/college and her options - can't believe she is now the age I was when I left school. Doesn't seem possible! 
Annnnd... I reckon that will do me this week. Am off out to my messy desk for a shift around and tidy up from where the girls trashed it over the summer holidays. Time to reclaim!

Thanks for stopping by - how was your week?

collabor-ART Mystery Parcel Make

My collabor-ART mystery parcel recipient has received her goodies. Yay. The task was to go shopping through your own stash and send supplies that your recipient might breathe fresh life into. And also include a handmade present of your own. Your recipient then has one month to make something using three of the things you sent.

My sender was Donna and you can see what she sent me in my post here. I have still to make my something out of three of the things I received.  I was sending to Leanne and in her box of stash, this was the handmade item I made her. A little mixed media canvas board...

The base is made up of layers of tissue paper, book pages and braille paper. (My favourite - I did include some in her box!)
And then just layers and layers and layers of paint, texture paste and pen over the top. I was pleased with the end result - I used lots of purple because Leanne seems to use a lot of purple in her work so I was guessing she liked it. As do I!

Thanks for stopping by - back later with Rocking Friday :)

Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook - December

Another peep into the Travelling Sketchbook I'm taking part in. These pages were for December and what that inspires in me.

I started off just covering the pages in the colours I think of in December... I must admit I got to this stage and wondered if anyone would know what was going through my head but Devvie walked past and went "cool, Christmas pages!" So either she is as batty as her Mum or they look someway like Christmas.  I included some Christmas postal stamps I've been hoarding. 
Trying to give the feel of Christmas baubles...
Toning it all down with some white gesso and the brayer... (Snow perhaps?)
Finally some more colour, some swirls of Glossy Accents and a spritz of glimmer mist (Perfect Pearls) for that Christmas glow.

The journalling overleaf details how December will always be Christmas. Even though it's not the same these days - not when you don't wake up to the smell of your Mum's cooking. But how I try and recreate those smells and feelings for my girls - I've also detailed a few Christmas memories... the year my Mum gave my Dad a right rollicking for eating an entire plate of fairy cakes and then, when the dog pooped out the wrappers, still refused to apologise because it's something he would have done!  Or the year my sister and I heard a racket in the middle of the night - crept downstairs and caught my parents mid-Sega wars. They had been unwrapping the Sega Mega Drive every night, playing each other and re-wrapping it before morning in hopes of gaining an advantage over us on Christmas Day! Rotters! And the year my film watching was forever changed when my sister and I watched The Labyrinth for the first time ever - stretched out on our parents bed, watching the dodgy old portable and being completely gob-smacked by this glorious film...

Yes, even though our Christmas change over the years and people can no longer be with us. December will always mean Christmas. And love. And laughter.

Thanks for stopping by :)