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The Tales of Petunia Pigeon by Michelle Goldman

The book says -

'The Big Race' follows the 'Homing Pigeon Heroine' Petunia who becomes last during a race from France to England. We follow her thrilling journey and adventures as she attempts to returns home to safety.

I say -
Petunia Pigeon is a lovely little book written totally in rhyme following the adventures of Petunia as she gets lost in a race home from France. The story is accompanied by lovely full colour illustrations throughout.

This story particularly appealed to me and my lot as Craig used to keep pidgies. We used to love taking them for journeys to release them and then seeing if we could beat them home. Bearing in mind they are aged from 4 up to 14, all the girls loved reading this one. I thought the youngest would claim this book as hers and I have indeed been reading it to her every night. It induces many a dramatic hand clasped over mouth "oh nooooo, poor Petunia" or lots of giggles. But no, in fact when it's not being read to her, it's Phoebe the 11 year old that's claimed it. She absolutely loves it - I think it's the fact that it's written in rhyme and they've been doing poems in class this term... And the scrapes that Petunia gets into - she loves when Petunia is mistaken for a boy pigeon and this section she reads out to me every time she gets to that bit. (I now know those pages word for word!) In fact she loves it so much it's inspired her to write her own little illustrated story - Michelle the Racing Rabbit... and she's back to wanting to be a writer and illustrator... as well as a zoo keeper and vet. I do love when books spark something like that!

Many thanks to Michelle for my copy and thank you for stopping by :)

Cyber Monday at Gauche Towers

The mama's at Gauche Alchemy have finally gone completely mental - they were always halfway there but they've finally cracked. There is 25% off EVERYTHING in store from now until this coming Friday. Get it while you can because the design team is buying up most of it... And I don't even kid you there :D

Thanks for stopping by people :)

Rocking My World Friday...

Hello all, it's been a while since I played along hasn't it? Two weeks I think... and to be honest I've come back to this screen all weekend and sat looking at it before clicking away again. Here goes...

Top, tippy top of the highest tip of my list this week will be friends and family. True friends and family. The one's that come through in times of trouble and strife, that's when you find out your true family and true friends... even if they are friends you've never met face to face... people that have their own worries and woes but still find time for other people. I am very thankful for those. Thank you for the emails, the texts, the phone calls, the car rides and muffins, the listening ears and the soggy shoulders. I'm not the most cuddly and outwardly emotional person - I tend to keep everything locked inside for behind closed doors and have been told on many an occasion this can come across as cold and unfeeling. I can't help it - certain things in life teach you to build barriers and walls and it's hard to un-condition yourself from that. I just hope that people realise how much I do love and appreciate them, even if I don't outwardly spout it as much as I should.

Next will be Darcy for letting me know a seller on eBay had the Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour 45 half pan set for under £23.00 which included postage. (Click the linky to also take advantage!)

I am supposed to be on book and stash ban until after Christmas but I had the 16 half pan travel set on my wishlist and it's over £20.00 just for that on Amazon so this bargain would have been simply criminal to let slip by wouldn't it? Yes, that's what I thought too.

Besides, on the very slight chance that someone has got the travel set for me (because Craig has been telling me off for taking advantage of such a fabulous price coming up to Christmas, crazy fool that he is...) I would still love it and use it for when I'm out and about. It would be win, win so it would!

My girls. My own little monsters. I love them to bits and they are the best daughters a Mummy monster could wish for. Yes - even when they bicker and I have to unleash the roar. When it comes to the crunch, they are the best - the rest of you have just got nice kids, mine are awesome! No... I'm not biased at all.

Phoebe monster turned 11 last weekend. Circumstances arose and I was away for a couple of days which included her birthday but back by that evening. She took it all in her stride, Craig made sure she still got all the spoiling and pampering we'd promised her and she did a remarkable job of hiding how much she had missed me when I got back in the evening. Almost too good of a job! Hmm! I'm sure she's just an excellent actress!

Then Devvie monster assumed Mama position to light the cake in my absence and she set the candles out in "P" shape...

They also filmed Pheeb's opening the card that I had been so thrilled to find. It was a JLS card and when you open it JLS are shouting out Happy Birthday messages. Her reaction was brilliant - exactly what I'd hoped for. They could all have thrown proper strops and been real brats at my being away but they didn't, they were brilliant. They and Craig all rallied round and proved just how well they cope without me.


Finally, I can't mention those two without mentioning the bubby monster can I? I love her little ways and foibles and she makes me laugh constantly. Just recently I've been marvelling at her computer skills. At 4 years old. It boggles my brain sometimes, this new era our kids are growing up in, they take it all in their stride don't they?

So that's me for this week - a short one but there we go. How have you been?

Thanks for stopping by :)

p.s Oh yes - I received my Secret Santa yesterday. That put a smile on my face and after much fumbling and feeling I've hidden it away. Santa's how are you doing? I have to get mine sent sharpish! I'll update the original post as I hear of parcels arriving :)

Star Trek Book Of Opposites

Star Trek Book Of Opposites - David Borgenicht

The books says:
With the help of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and two dozen colorful pictures from across the galaxy, teach your children the meaning of big and little, hot and cold, apart and together and much, much more!

I say:
That's right people. This is a board book. A Star Trek board book! I'm sure those people at Quirk are trying to turn me into a Trekkie - you know what? The scary thing is I think it may be working. I now 'get' way more of the Big Bang Theory references than I ought to!

I frigging love this book - I really do. From the moment I opened the covers I laughed out loud. Aimed obviously, at little babies and pre-schoolers this is a book to teach your youngsters opposites. Words like 'Mean' and 'Nice' are accompanied by a scary and a pretty alien. 'Calm' and 'Surprised' by Spock and Kirk... I say babies and pre-school but my 4 year old has a Charlie & Lola varient that she still loves... well, she now has a Star Trek one too and she had great fun shouting out the different words.

A book for the big and little Trekkies in your life.

Big, huge fun!

My favourite pages :)
David Borgenicht

Thank you to Quirk for sending the book to review... and to you for stopping by.

Plundered Pages

Have you seen Julie Kirk's Plundered Pages? They are a new kit she has started selling. They are bumper packets of... er... pages she's plundered. All along different themes, handily ready for your mixed media projects.

As soon as she mentioned that she had a couple that were 'me' I was over there like a shot. (I'm a marketers dream - I can't deny it.) After a bit of dithering over all the scrumptious choice I clicked 'buy' on her creepy package of plundered goodness. This post is me, sharing what goodies arrived through my door.

Firstly, just look. How pretty is this? Excuse my butchering with pixelation...

All this fell out of the jiffy...

So much thought has been put into the packaging, just getting to your goodies is a treat in itself...

And then, this tag! I love it and will save it for a very special project! Julie's shop is called Julie Kirk & The Carousel Zebra! Look! The zebra came to see me!

Finally, after clapping my way through opening everything... getting to what I actually paid for...


Love these stamps and little card. Seriously.

I'm SO impressed. If you love something a little different, something vintage-y, something quirky and unique. I urge you to check out Julie's Plundered Pages. If you like companies like Gauche Alchemy - you'll love this. Each package is different both in theme and contents. You truly are buying one of a kind stash here.

Julie hasn't asked me, paid me or bribed me in any way to write this post - am not even going to tweet or comment to let her know. I just wanted you to know about a new place to get unusual, one of a kind packages of fabulous-ness. It's up to you whether you go check it out or not.

Don't say I didn't tell you ;)

Thank you for stopping by.

Rocking My World Friday...

This has been one of those weeks where I could quite easily have skipped Rocking Friday. Worrying about family members, not feeling well, generally not feeling like me, not creating much... blah de blah. But that's the whole point of Rocking Friday isn't it - to find the positives amongst the doody. So. Bum in gear.

Here we go...

Firstly. Amy. The wonderful, sublime, completely mental, Amy. How would she ever not rock your week?

She is still running her free LIVE workshops once a week. Last night was the first time I actually saw one as it happened. I've been catching up after the fact because she has been not only giving up 2 hours a week for a free class, she's been recording them so they are available long after the fact. I still only caught bits and pieces last night but blimey, they are good. They are inspiring. They are downright funny! It's so fun to think of a bunch of people sitting creating, chatting, laughing, all over the world. Together at the same time but at different times of the day what with time zones and everything. Thank you Amy.

Look what arrived in the post this week! Signed and sent to me by the lovely author who saw this On My Wishlist post.

Someone must have tweeted him the link. Ahem. Jolly nice of him wasn't it?  Looking forward to reading that I am! Zombies! Yay!

We've nearly finished our Christmas shopping! *ducks* Not the food stuff obviously but the pressie side of things. Yep, we're pretty smug here at the moment. Not even started making Christmassy things yet but hey. Can't be perfect at everything can we? I'm also really enjoying being part of two Secret Santa's. The one running on this blog (how are we all doing? Lots of stalking?) and the one I take part in over on UKScrappers is just starting up again. Yay! This will be my third time with that one - just love it!

I want some jingle bells to jingle. I do.

Next, this happened just an hour ago. Since we moved in here I have not done any drawing or crafting of an evening. This is why. Look to the back of the photo where the shelving is - that's my little corner. And this picture shows how the room is lit with the main light on.

The camera has actually lit it a bit, it's darker than it looks...

That's because this really attractive light above my desk hasn't worked the whole time we've been here...So in comes Craig about an hour ago. Up on the chair. Tinkering, muttering, bit of aggressive tapping and then more tinkering. Popping in and out with various bulbs and starter things.

And look...


This is why I love that man. Not only has he fixed whatever was wrong - he's put in a daylight bulb! I can't tell you how happy this makes me! It's like sitting in a conservatory!

I can draw!

Happy cat always makes me smile :)

Have any of the UK peeps been watching The Fades? I finally caught up with the last episode.

Blimey I've loved this show - another fabulous British drama. It kind of reminded me of zombies. But they were ghosts... so... zombie ghosts. And Angelics. Brilliant. And funny too in amongst the death and the people eating. Great humour - our writers are so good at that aren't they? Mixing the "ewwww" in with the "bwaahahaha." I think if you liked Being Human you kinda would've loved this. Am going to miss my weekly fix. But it was left wide open for another series! Yay!

And finally! Princess Witch. Because she refused to be a witch. This little person manages to make me laugh throughout the day just when I need it. I think she has inherited the sarcasm gene. I am very proud of that.

Scary witch/princess face - just in case you didn't realise :)

So how has your week been? Why not link up with Virginia and play along? Thanks for stopping by.

For Sale

eta: Sold. Gone. Got some pennies! :)

Cheeky post alert - begrudge paying commission to eBay and am in need of pennies for Christmas and paints.

I have a v2 Cuttlebug. Why did I buy it again? I don't know. I barely used it the first time I bought it and this time it's not been used at all. I see all these gorgeous projects in Blogland and get all excited... I need to learn to ADMIRE these projects but face up that I will NEVER do them. I do other stuff. *sigh*

So, I am selling my Cuttlebug. Like I say it's the newer v2 one. If I remember rightly the colour was described as butterscotch and apple.

It comes with two B plates, an A plate and an embossing folder. The folder is little flowers.

It's un-boxed but has never ever been used. Not even to test it.

I would like £60 which is all in, inclusive of postage. (In the UK) Payment by Paypal or Amazon vouchers please :) If I get paid in 'proper' money it'll get swallowed in stupid boring stuff like food or petrol.

Give me a shout if interested - thanks for reading my barefaced cheek. This is my last stop before eBay.

Sorry for the picture quality, it's under artificial light.

Thanks for stopping by. Normal blogging shall be resumed in the next post ;)