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Unfurling by Misty Mawn

The book says:
Unfurling is a workshop in book form, offering a unique mix of inspiration and technique exercises to get your creative juices flowing. This book is for any creative person who wishes to open up more to the process of making art.

The book begins with art exercise in drawing, backgrounds, layering and working with a still life, followed by collage and image transfer techniques.

The second section offers exercises and projects in stamp carving, paper pottery, sculpture, origami, paper doll making and surface design. These tactile explorations offer an enjoyment of the process as well as wonderful handmade projects.

The last section shares a variety of approaches to visual journaling. There are instructions for binding your own journal, prompts and ideas for working on your pages, and a variety of exercises using photography and poetry as ways to inspire and inform your journal keeping.

Also included are a set of gift book plates and a beautiful paper doll designed by the author and printed on perforated cardstock in the back of the book.

I say:

Although the author is very well known online, I have to admit that before laying hands on the book I had never heard of her. I will say this - this is another beautiful, beautiful book from the Quarry publishers. Every page is laden down with beautiful images overlaid on a background of texturey, painty goodness - no white pages here.

I love the idea of a workshop in book form. I have signed up to so many online classes and am yet to complete a single one. So to have a whole workshop residing within easy reach on my bookshelves, handy to snatch a quick read here and there - well that's enticing indeed.

However, because the book does encompass so much I think that many people who do art or craft are going to find at least one or two sections of the book a bit irrelevant to them - they will already know certain bits or be further ahead in experience. Most of the explanations are from a beginners perspective. For example, when I started reading, my heart sunk a bit because almost the entire first section; Art, which encompasses drawing, painting and collage... well, I already do most of the techniques set forward. If you've done any drawing for any period of time, or an online class you will already have had a more comprehensive tutorial than you will get from the opening section here. However - this is just one chapter, it can't hope to compete with a whole online workshop dedicated to one subject. It's meant to stimulate inspiration - which it does.

Moving onto sections two and three; Craft and Journal, it's a whole new ball game, at least for me. These sections talk about stamp carving, paper pottery, paper crafts and journal making, photography, poetry... well these things I've dabbled in but have no real knowledge. These sections blew my socks off. Each section comes in the form of exercises that you are encouraged to carry out from sketching to making paper cranes, modelling a clay doll to taking self portraits, writing your own poetry, creating awesome backgrounds, incorporating images into those backgrounds, carving your own stamps... all in a straightforward "you can do this, we can all do this" manner. No shmaltzy, shmaltzy.

So - all in all. If you come to this book realising that probably, a bit of it you are already going to know but embrace the rest, you'll love this book. I do.

I will put this book up as a giveaway... but not yet. I intend to work my way through it and treat it like it is - a workshop. I'll let you know how I get on.

Thank you to Quarry for sending the book for review.

Thanks as always for stopping by :)


  1. This looks my kind of least in part as you say.

    I know what you mean about starting online courses and not finishing them. I've signed myself up for the Balzer 30 days of Journaling course starting in November, can't wait! This one I WILL finish! ☺

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with it! I wanted so badly to purchase the LifeBook Course, but am thinking otherwise now...I already have a few books like this that I never use...and I stopped taking full advantage of 21 Secrets...making it a total of 17 wasted secrets for me...

    I should just save my money cuz I'm just not self motivated enough...haha!

  3. I've seen this on Amazon and wondered if it's any good, so thank you for this balanced review. I MUST NOT go and have another look on Amazon, because I'm sure I'll have a severe case of 'slippery clicky finger' again!


  4. LOL @Jo....I'm thinking the same thing about Amazon!
    Sounds like a wonderful book and I love your review.
    Hugs xx

  5. OOh that sounds like an interesting book all in all - I'm liking the sound of this one!

  6. This sounds like a good one - maybe a bit like one of the Pass the Books: Inner Exploration. I'll be looking out for the giveaway

  7. An interesting read, by your account. The title reminds me of Susunna Conway's Unravelling. Very pretty to look at even from the front cover, and a great in-depth review.

  8. Hi Carmen, just a note to say I've done a post on totem animals,hope it helps :D XXX

  9. Hi Carmen,
    Well this is another book that was on my "maybe" list. Sounds good, might have to put it on my "must have" list!


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