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Good Afternoon people,

Is there anybody out there or are you all still at your Royal Wedding street parties? I tried my best to stay away from those, I managed to get away with taking the kids over the green where a bouncy castle had been set up. Duty done, I slunk back home to pretend jog on the Wii. I'm not a social butterfly. Good luck to the couple - they seemed genuinely happy, yes I did watch up until they said their vows... (I was blackmailed with copious amounts of tea) and Devvie wanted it on so she could see the dress. It all got a tad religious for me after that so I went back to unpicking bad stitching on my monster... later post for that.

Sticking with the Royal Wedding, there was a crowns and tiara's competition at school yesterday. I didn't realise (should have with hindsight) till we got a reminder text from the school on Wednesday evening. Pheeb's decided she still didn't want to bother so there's Ruby and I down the stu-stu-studio yesterday morning cobbling together a tiara out of cardboard and ribbon. I covered it in paper, stood back and let her loose on my stash. A whole packet of sticky ribbons, numerous gems and butterflies later...

Guess who won the tiara competition in her class? I was so pleased. Both her and the little boy who won the crown comp had a very obviously homemade crown/tiara - there were so many shop ones there. She came out of nursery proudly clutching a commemorative box of clotted cream fudge and handed it straight to me, the one on the Slimming World plan *g* We opened them today, obviously, and I did accept two! Very yummy.

Which leads me seamlessly onto my next thankful. Being well and truly back on the plan. I started properly on Tuesday and also started the Couch to 5K program on the same day, a program that promises to take you from couch potato to running 5K in 9 weeks. Eek. I've started keeping my fit blog regularly again and have had a sneaky peek at the scales before weigh-in on Saturday. It's looking promising. Hopefully the paaaaaaaaaiiin from the program will ease with time.

Next up. Guess what? I have my first commission/sale!! How amazing is that? Am so pleased, excited, nervous and terrified - I wont say who it's for in case she doesn't want me to but I hope she realises how chuffed I am to be asked and am so excited to get cracking with making the canvas now.

Next up is discovering an amazing and CHEAP online class starting soon. Do you want to learn to draw or paint realistically? Check out this bona fide VIKING on Darcy's blog. Then come play! I've emailed to say I want to join up and just as soon as Paypal is set up I'll be registered! Woohoo! Yes. My name is Carmen and I am an online class addict.

This is his work - isn't it amazing?

The class is aimed at everyone no matter what skill level you are at. Come on... come plaaay. Who wants to be brave and flick paint at the viking?

So, what rocked your World this week? Why not hop over to Virginia's and join in the feel good look back on the week :)


  1. Awwwww I love the pictures what a cute tiara :)

    I couldn't get up early enough to watch the wedding here it started on TV at 1am :( But I did pvr it and seen bits of it this morning before leaving for work!

  2. I didn't see anyone buying little knit dolls with my likeness on them for MY wedding, nor were there street parties (okay, but perhaps not the kind you guys are referring to), thus i won't be celebrating in that way for prince whomever.
    The baffling part is why people in LOUISIANA are so excited.

    i live around freaks.

    i am glad you are taking the viking class.
    Imma do it too.

    as long as you guys don't back out.


  3. oh and

    1. is that your kid, crap. she's kind of cute, for a kid.

    2. commission!

    YeaH SCOrE!

  4. You know I LOVED the wedding from start to finish, but I understand it isn't everyone's cup of Earl Grey tea. Still, you gotta love the long weekend that came with it, huh?!

    I do believe that is my little Random Generator in that gorgeous crown, how cute is she?! Probably not very after all that sugar in the clotted cream fudge!

    A commission?! OMG! Congratulations, may it be the first of many.

    Enjoy your long weekend,


  5. Nothing going on up here one seemed bothered ...but I loved every second of the wonderful wedding. How beautiful Ruby is cute in the tiara.

  6. Oh that had me giggling - the idea of you managing to get to the vows and then turning it over LOL! Then there was the bit about the tiara - way to go you! Wondered how you were doing on the coach to 5K program still easing my back into it's upright state so think it's going to be Tuesday before I get my head back in gear properly!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend


  7. Well done on your first sale! Go girl. Love the crown too. She looks gorgeous in it.
    We had a bit of a family do for the wedding yesterday, so feeling a little worse for it this morning. Thanks for tweeting my comp too yesterday.

  8. She looks born to be a Princess in that crown :)

    Yay! to the commission - may it be the first of many.

  9. Well done on making tiara, Ruby makes a lovely princess.

  10. Her tiara turned out perfect...full of imagination and magic!!!

    She looks lovely in it, too!

    Can't wait to see what becomes of this new class!!

    XO, Cam

  11. Ooh, congrats to you both on winning the crown contest, fudge, yum!

    How splendiferous to get a commission too, yay!

    That online course looks good, I'm doing an art journaling one this Summer (details very bottom right of my blog in sidebar).


  12. Well done on your commission! Ruby looks so adorable in her tiara she definately deserved to win!

  13. haha because of you I am also an online class adict :-P I haven't been able to work on my whimsies though coz of the sack boy :-( I am hoping to join that other Willowing class very soon too :-D woo yeah!!

    Ah you can say who the comission is for if you like ;-) I will be anouncing it on my Blog at any rate :-D EXCITED :-D

  14. Whoo Hoo congratulations to little miss for winning at school!
    Spooky or what I started a Couch-to-5K last night - it's a podcast. We can suffer together LOL!
    Congratulations on your commission - you bona-fide artiste person you - you're already one up on Van Gogh!

    Jaqui x


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