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Rocking My World Friday :)

Happy Friday people.

Time to join Virginia in looking back on the positives in our week, no matter how big or small, totally ignoring all that murky gloomy stuff. Pah! To the gloom and doom and pah! again.

On Tuesday we went to Port Lympne wild animal park with my Dad. OK, I'll admit to forgetting to take any drinks or a picnic with us... I could almost feel my Mum looking down with horror struck disapproval at my lack of planning. For shame! I'll remember next time... and there will be a next time as we upgraded to their new passport scheme so that our tickets give us unlimited entry for a year.

Loved having the chance to properly try out the new camera I got with my Christmas pennies. Quite chuffed with most of my pics.

Ahhh, it's a hard life! *Stretch*
So pleased I managed to capture this next one - do you see who was sharing the pen with the gorilla's? Merrily skipping between them all he was, nicking the nuts. They didn't blink an eye at Mr Squirrel being there - it was fascinating to watch.
The girls loved charging around the maze...
Craig took over the camera at one point...

... he mainly wanted to take pictures of all the blue tits, chaffinches, sparrows and a rogue robin hopping in and out of the pens to forage... but he did get me these shots...

See, that's why I loves him! Though he'll never understand why I don't prefer the 'pretty' birds. This fella reminds me of one of my favourite moments of the day. There were loads and loads of these beauties in the tree's around the site... of course you know what a noise they make... Young Devvie - espying some sheep in a far off field says "wow those sheep are really loud can you hear them?" No dear - that would be the crows. Cue every five minutes for the rest of the day, someone asking her "Devvie can you hear those sheep?" Much to her annoyance. My Dad asked me how long I would still be laughing at her and asking about the winged sheep...oh I reckon this is one of those moments that will still be rolled out till she's at least well into her 30's! Don't you? 40's? Till I croak probably! Mwahahahaha!

But still, she clawed back some dignity... On the way out I was aaages trying to capture a slumbering lion but couldn't get the camera to stop focusing on the wire. This was as good as I got...

Devvie took charge of the camera and with one attempt! Just one! She got this...

Isn't it gorgeous? I think she has a new hobby calling her. Best shot of the day by far!

I don't think we even got halfway round so we are looking forward to making full use of those tickets this year.

Next up on my positives list is drawing - am doing so much more of it lately, probably because all my crafting stuff is down the stu-stu-studio and I only have my sketchbooks and pencils at home. Still, I am really enjoying it... that and catching up on my classes.

Devvie is at this very moment in time in the kitchen, baking a lemon drizzle cake on her own with the help (?) of Ruby monster. There's a lot of banging and shouted through queries but some delicious smells wafting through too. Mmmm, thankful for older kids that like to dabble in baking definitely. Her scones are on a par with the ones Mum used to bake!

Something else on my thankful list is an email received this week - I'm not totally sure whether I read it right so until I know for definite I wont tell you exactly just yet for fear of red faced-ness but if I did read it right then I'm bouncing up and down with glee - someone else reckons I have but we''ll see. We'll see.

My last thankful this week - blogger self saving. Our 'leccy literally just went off and came on again. You probably heard my scream from over there! But blogger saved this post! Woohoo!

What Rocked your World this week?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Love the photos from the wild animal park, and yes, I think Devvie is the next photographer in the family. I am wanting to buy a new digital SLR - in fact I nearly got a big kit just the week before I thought I was losing my job, so now maybe I haven't - I can get it!! Glad you have had some great positives this week. Looking forward to some more of your drawing (needless to say, I haven't signed up yet!)

  2. Great photos, Carmen, but I have to agree with you, Devvie's is BRILLIANT! That is a stunning photograph.

    I hope the 2 cooks are doing the washing up as well..............!

    Your email sounds interesting, looking forward to finding out what that is all about.


  3. awww I love the zoo! I go to Chester Zoo every year!! You got some great photos too... :-D I am VERY interested in what is (possibly) making you jump for tell :-)

  4. Superb photos from the animal park - that lion is stunning! WTG Devvie!
    And she bakes too! Myscones are nowhere near as god as my Mum's were - I can't get them to rise!
    Enjoy your Easter Weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. You've got me curious now about your email!

  5. Lovely photos of the animals at the park.. that lion one is gorgeous.. and she bakes too?? lucky you! lol wondering what this email says too... when do we get to find out????
    Have a Happy Easter weekend!

  6. carmen.

    is that redhead you?

    helll-o foxy.

  7. Sounds like a great week! Devvie definately has an eye with the camera! Lovely to see a piccie of you as well!! So curious about your email...dont leave us hanging too long! x

  8. Brilliant photos and Devvie's one of the lion is amazing (but them I'm biased I LOVE cats) So where are the pics of the sketches?? Have a great Easter weekend missus. Hugs. Jaqui x

  9. Always a pleasure! Even tho I didn't make it here til saturday, I'm still leaving with a smile on my face.

    Your email sounds very intriguing..

  10. Oh a lovely list of gratefuls - the photos are amazing - love the lion one and the one of the brave squirrel LOL! Glad you're catching up on classes I'm catching up on blog posts and hasn't there been loads since I toddled off for a week - although could throw a mighty strop - managed to lose two followers this week and that was with three scheduled postings - there's no pleasing some people LMFAO!

  11. Even the beasties like to stretch out and snooze in the sun... Great pics from a lovely day.

    Sounds like a fine week, and a lemon drizzle cake as well!


  12. The animal park sounds like so much fun...I really loved looking at all your picutres! I really like the one of the lion :)

  13. ive not been to port lympne for years, we used to go there loads as a family when we were young as my nan has a caravan in dymchurch :) great piccies. were off to whipsnape on monday as its my 2nd wedding anniversay and my hubby knowks how much i love going to the zoo and havind a picnic :)


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