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Rocking My World Friday :)

It's time once again to pull the rug over the piddly-poopy and reflect back on the positives of the week, no matter how small. Breathe on them, give them a wee rub, make them shine and be grateful... or risk being prodded with a sharpened stick by Virginia, the instigator of all this feel-good thinking. It's very sharp that stick! With splinters!

Talking of that there Virginia, she comes high on my list this week. I received some unexpected mail this week. A gorgeous envelope... yes that is just the envelope...

Try and ignore where I've pixelated my address *g*

This fabulous mail art was inside...

Isn't it gorgeous? I've always loved Virginia's tattooed ladies and especially her Alice-ed Alice's. It came at just the right time, I'd been feeling down and this combined with the lovely letter on the back was like she was psychic. This is going to be framed and I just have to decide whether to keep it at home or take it to my stu-stu-studio. I'm thinking home as my eyes have been drawn to the words more than once this week.

Big, big, HUGE positive vibes also go to Big Mick the postie who knocked on the door rather than try to get it through the letter box because, in his own words, he didn't want to ruin the envelope.

This week also brought with it lots of lovely book stroking. I won a book from  Enchanted Books, one that has been on my wishlist from the very first moment I heard about it - Department 19. Not only did I receive my signed by the author hardback copy this week, but he slipped another book into the package that sounds amazing as well - Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien. Thank you Mr Enchanted - am still doing a happy dance! Also, Vivienne sent me a book she had won herself but thought I might enjoy more... Married with Zombies by Jesse Peterson! Oh yes, I think it's right up my street! Thank you Viv!

Talking of zombies... The Walking Dead finally, FINALLY hit 'normal' telly last week. I've been green with jealousy at everyone on Sky getting to see it. Didn't even realise it was coming till I saw an advert earlier in the week - add to that a huge billboard sprung up on the way into town and there you have a very excitable moi, threatening bodily harm to anyone who dares try and claim the telly on Sundays for the foreseeable!

Was very surprised to see Andrew Lincoln in the starring role playing the American sheriff's deputy - he's really good in it too. Totally believable and his accent is actually quite yum! Bill might have some company over there on my sidebar soon.

Next up - I'd like to say having the girls home on the holidays has been wonderful and sparkly and fulfilling but it would be a big fat lie... it's been Squabble Central here, absolutely headache inducing... so it was lovely having a day out in London with my eldest on Saturday, we went to the Stamp & Scrapbooking show at Ally Pally. We went by train... and it was lovely having just me and she time, we definitely have to try and do it more. There's a post of what I spent my pennies on here if you were wondering - another thing that's made me very happy this week is several people telling me that what I thought was my extravagant buy... was actually a bit of a bargain. Woohoo!

So what rocked your World this week? Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It was my pleasure! Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Great art from Virginia - and well done to your Postie!! This must be a record - Rocking your World on a friday - twice in a row, lol!!

  3. My new moleskine!! Oh and I may have bought two rings and a vest from top the sale mind you :-) Your mail art is lovely!!! I wish i got more letters!!

  4. Letters are special, and that one's a cracker. Glad you've been having additions to the book stash, & wishing you a calm and peaceful house. ;-)

    B x

  5. OMG that envelope is totally awesome - thank the lord for sensible posties too!!! Look on the bright side of squabble central too - at least you know they are healthy and "normal"!!! LOL if they suddenly all started getting on, you'd worry they were ill or hiding some dreadful secret :)

    Have a fab weekend Carmen.

    Claire xxx

  6. Hi Carmen, happy your week is rockin'. I loved the Waking Dead and I too thought Andrew Lincoln did a very fine job! Pen x

  7. Carmen -you made me smile on Saturday morning i should be packing, I should be ironing I should running round like a headless chicken trying to get things ready for our holiday that starts today but can't be arsed at the minute so abandoned the ironing board to read your post and it made me smile from ear to ear - thank goodness for sensible posties!

    Hope you have a splendiferous and slightly less squabbly weekend!


  8. Wonderful Mail Art, just perfect for you (clever Virginia). Sorry you've been feeling rather down, having squabbling kids doesn't help - I always found when the kids were smaller it took them a few days to be nice to each other because they were so tired, then there'd be a period of time when it was great and then, towards the end of the holiday, they'd get fed up with each other and the squabbles would start again. And you have quite a spread of ages with your girls, don't you, so it must be difficult for them too. Lovely to have the 1:1 time with Devvie. I love 1:1 time, in fact it's happening today. Grant has gone off to the pictures with DS Luke (Bluewater, they'll be gone for ages) while Hope and I are going to be fiddling and farting around together - we might get out the goodies we got from the Craft Barn yesterday....!

    The Walking Dead is FANTASTIC. We saw it on Sky and loved it - Andrew Lincoln is brilliant, totally believable as a deep south cop. Enjoy!


  9. Looks like you've managed to avoid the pointty stick once again! ...and I don't think I've ever heard the term "book strokiness"!

  10. Sounds like not a bad week missus. Clever postie, I think he deserves a hug for being sensible and not recking some incredible work. Nooooo it's official I am a numpty - I have missed the Walking Dead both times (sky and normal AAARGH!!!)
    Jaqui x


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