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Rocking My World Friday :)

...and I'm actually posting on the right day!

Been a funny old mixture of ups and downs this week what with one thing and another... but what have been the positives?


We now have electricity after a power cut the other day. These are becoming more and more frequent in our area but am now signed up to texts from the company so *fingers crossed* I should know what's happening before I am plunged into darkness, or at least shortly after, in future. I have to include Gail in my thankfulness of this as she googled the 'leccy company's emergency number for me so we were able to find out what was going on. Thanks Gail.

The same day we found out our drains were blocked solid. Niiiiice in all this heat. Craig tried to unblock it himself but it was no good. One phone call to the man in the van, £110 later and we have nice unblocked drains. Am "ouching" at the cost, especially after having to fork out for the MOT, service and subsequent repairs to the car the other week but... am so glad we can flush the loo again! So - thank goodness for prompt service.

What with all that and some other stuff going on, well blimey! But then you see the little things that make you smile and take stock.

Twitter this week, well, that has had me chuckling like a loon. Isn't it amazing how total strangers can brighten your day? In particular this week Enchanted Books (
@EnchantedBooks) for letting me stalk and harass unashamedly and not putting me on block. (Rather fab book giveaway going on, but don't enter - it's mine!) Caz (@snowbunny_caz) for letting me bully her into joining the Art, Heart & Healing class, I'm now really motivated to get going again and hopefully we can do it together, so in turn have had my sketchbooks out for the last few days. Am really enjoying it, maybe this is the year I finally finish some classes... so I can start some more! Vivienne (@serendipidy101) for making me laugh and for offering a shoulder to whinge on with stuff I can't post here. Plus she did a fabulous Twitter author interview yesterday, check it out on her blog tomorrow! ...oh and I can't forget Darcy (@DarcyW), Claire (@craftuyclaireliz) and Purplybunny (@Purplybunny) for just being... well... mental. Always raises a smile.

Finding out via the Derwent Facebook page that this book is being republished soon. I must have this book. I need this book. I will offer my services as a voodoo ninja hit woman to own this book. I have emailed the publisher begging them to hurry up and release this book and offering my blog, as well as copious amounts of cake, to review this book. Thus far I have in turn heard...deafening silence.
So, I shall be squirrelling away my Amazon vouchers and when it's released...*BOOM* watch out for all the drawing and sketching I'll be doing with this beauty.  Isn't even just the cover gorgeous? I wish I could afford the original but not in this lifetime methinks.

Guess who won Wipso and Twiglet's fabulous blog candy? Only me! On the same day I announced the winner for my giveaway... I won this. Was so surprised and even more so when a parcel arrived containing all these pretty packages...

...which in turn contained all these goodies...

Look at all those shades of purple, my very favourite colour (next to black!) The girls are dying to put dibs on most of it but am taking the picture to my stu-stu-studio and am framing that daisy card. The buttons, brooch and notebook are getting hidden too. Am so chuffed at there being three bears - my three girls will not have to argue to much. Thank you both, you really made me smile this week.

Oh yes - my gift recipient seemed to love her present. Am so pleased because next to my Labyrinth coasters it's one of my favourite things I've made, I always worry that just because I like something - doesn't mean everyone else will. So, next post will be a giveaway post! Eyes peeled!

Oh - and I can't not mention Ally Pally tomorrow. I'm going with my eldest...ON THE TRAIN! Which means the underground beckons. Ooer. Am really looking forward to meeting up with some bloggy people and having a good old restock on some stash.

So - what rocked your week this week? Why not stop by Virginia's and play along? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That'll teach you to eat copious quantities of GPP ROFL!!! But seriously ouch - not a good week for the pocket.

    Your prize is totally awesome - I could just play with those buttons all day :)

    Enjoy Ally Pally tomorrow - looking forward to seeing your goodies :)

    Claire xxx

  2. woooo i'm famous :-D and excited!! But I am blaming you if it all goes dreadfully wrong!! :-P

  3. okay do not freak on me....but I had that exact book and I think when we moved and purged hubby donated it. I will look at home again but I know we had it before we moved! And if we do still have it, it is yours :)

    And I am sooooooo drooling over those buttons!!!! I have a weakness for buttons that has even carried over from scrapbooking to ami making(I use them for eyes and embellishing softies now)! And that batch you just showed me is ADORABLE!!!!

  4. so glad you are picking up your pencils and sketchbook,

    hope you still have some dosh for your long awaited ally pally treat,

    I agree that book is a must have, such fabulous contour lines and art deco/nouveux really did celebrate the female form,

    looking forward to seeing your work as you 'complete' your courses -

  5. That book looks rather interesting! I don't know why they're not contacting you, could it be they dislike Alice Cooper? hee hee, sorry.

    I do hope Jackie finds the book and sends it your way. Nice goods too, btw. I love winning. ahem..."Winning"... hahahha what a dweeb.

    have a great weekend and try not to tear anything else up in your home ;)

  6. Ah lots of lovely gratefuls in amongst some frustrating things - glad you've sorted the drains - but boo hiss on the cost - glad you've sorted the car but boo hiss on the cost - a big hurray to the person sending your blog candy - awesome little parcels - hope you have a fabulous day at Ally Pally - don't forget to share what you buy - so we can all be green with envy! The book looks awesome but I cannot draw for toffee so I'll sit and admire your art work LOL

    Right off to work - hi ho hi ho - I kid you not - let us know which bloggy friends you bump into!


  7. Aw thanks for the mention. And you know I am there if you need me. I love blogging but Twitter just makes it all more personal. I hope things improve. x

  8. So glad your parcels arrived safely and you had a good time opening them all. You seem to have had one of 'those' weeks so it was obviously meant to be that you were to win them :-) Enjoy.
    A x

  9. So glad Wipso & Twiglet's giveaway arrived to brighten up what must have been a frustrating and costly week. Have a fab time at Ally Pally with Devvie - I was wondering whether to go, but am trying to discipline myself to do some eBay listing (yawn...). Looking forward to hearing ALL about it!

  10. YAY thats is some serious amounts of goodness, lots of lovely parcels to unwrap :) love those gorgeous buttons and WOW ive just been for a nose at your Labyrinth coasters WANT !!!!! the dark crystal and the labyrinth are my FAV films ever.

  11. opps forgot to say have a fab time shopping at alley pally xxx

  12. YOU rocked my world this week Carmen - cheerful, forward thinking, a good friend and so giving! Am glad that you won that heap of lovelies from the Sisters and I hope you have a marvellous time at AP. I know you'll make the most!

  13. As a fellow drain expert who has experienced The Smell From Hell, I can sympathize. And OUCH for unblocking fee - luckily for us our neighbour had some drain rods and Grant had to, er, get down and dirty to sort it out, ugh!

    Bad car, naughty car.
    Bad leccy, naughty leccy.

    Everything else on your list - hooray! Love all those little packages.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures to AP.


  14. Fabulous little packages - makes up in a small way for all the downs. :)
    I'm off to Ally Pally on Sunday - we're going up by car - with me navigating - I did warn Pat that I'm the world's worst....
    Hugs xx

  15. Have a fabulous day at the show Carmen!

  16. I love it when you do these posts...though clogged drains and power outtages do not a great week make :(

    Gotta love something fun in the mail! Why do our kids think they get what is rightfully ours...haha?!

  17. Does commenting on a Friday count - even if I'm a week late?? Ouch on the old wallet. Glad you got everything sorted though (especially the toilet situation) Mmm nice book and I hope you had a ball at Ally Pally. Much prettiness with the candy. Hugs Jaqui x


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