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Rocking My World Friday :)

On Saturday again. My excuses are many and varied but shall we just say I'm rubbish at this deadline thing? Yeah, I think we all know that by now. So here we go...

Click the pic to play along.

Firstly has to be parents evening for my two youngest this week. Both doing very well, both caring and helpful towards the other children. Pheebs is ahead of where she should be which teacher says opens up her options when she moves on in a years time. She's going to be given extra homework (much to her delight - strange child) so that she doesn't feel under challenged. The only bad point is her handwriting, which is atrocious... but even this, teacher thinks is just down to her brain racing ahead and her pencil not able to keep up. She wants to be a writer and a car mechanic. At the moment teacher reckons her writing is very mature and she's using complex words properly, so who's to say eh? Ruby is overcoming her shyness in nursery, is very creative *beams* and is doing really well at music and sports - they reckon we should think about getting her onto a girls football team! Ooer! So all in all - very pleased with them both.

Next up is the lovely Etsy seller who, when I bought something to finish off a present this week and cheekily asked for another as a giveaway... said YES! They both arrived today and she's only gone and sent such a gorgeous... something that my girls are already complaining that it's being given away! So am hoping to have my present finished by Tuesday when I'll show & tell and will do the giveaway as well. So bowled over with not only her actually saying yes but her generosity as well. You'll love it!

Finally getting on top of things after my bout of lurgy - still free of it! I got out the sewing machine Craig gave me for Christmas this week and have been playing with that. I present to you my very first thing ever made ever, ever on the sewing machine.

Stop laughing! Ok - so it's very basic but I'm very proud of it. We had bought some pyjama trousers for Devvie but they were the wrong size on the wrong hanger, so way to big for her. However she loved the fabric and has been asking me to do a cushion cover for her out of them for ages. And now I have. On the plus side - this is all done completely without a pattern and is fully removable, the cushion sort of squishes in and out of that flap.

Of course there are many, many, MANY mistakes. I now see the need for measuring properly with a tape measure and not just charging in, manically laughing at the power... THE POWER! I ended up making it to small and in a strop decided I was not making it again so chopped open the cushion, ripped out it's innards, sewed it back up and made it fit! I realised the need for pins, just don't ever ask to see the seams. *ahem* Also the need for more than one colour of thread. Black thread on a cream cushion...hmmm... Devvie says it's called "contrasting stitch!" I'm happy to go with that. Anyway, she loves it, I enjoyed making it and am now raring to have a go at more stuff... am enjoying reading this book the lovely Lesley gave me for my birthday. Watch this space!

The sun! Tralala! Finally the sun has been around for more than a couple of days. I like it like this, I can handle it like this. Why can't it stay this warm and not get any hotter... or colder. Spring and Autumn - my very favourite times of the year. Spring brings new life, gorgeous blooms, daffodils and happy memories of my Mum pottering around in her garden or liberating cuttings from other people's - or the police station garden but less said about that... Autumn brings gorgeous colours and crackly textures and HALLOWEEN! Both are the perfect, perfect temperature for me :)

The next piccies are for Debbie - who asked how my stu-stu-studio was coming along. It's done, I've just to pick up the worktop for the top of my shelves and that's it. I'm gradually putting stuff up around the walls. I love going down there of an afternoon - it's my little sanctuary.

S'cuse the hoover.

Conversations on Twitter - very random but very funny. It's fast replacing Facebook for me - I mainly only use that now to chat to Gail and to try and bash Brandy at Zuma Blitz. I keep failing... miserably.

And finally - a late entry, Devvie has literally just come in from shopping and presented me with an early Mothers Day present. Oh how I love fresh flowers - aren't they gorgeous?

* listening - To zilch, nada, nothing apart from Craig's birds twittering away in the garden. He's taken the girls over the park. So quiet. So peaceful...
* eating - Just had some cheese and crackers for lunch.
* drinking - Diet Coke (of the Tesco brand variety!)
* wearing - Jeans, My baggy ol' puddy tat Sylvester jumper and some purple fluffy slipper socks. Never let it be said that I am not a fashion icon.
* feeling - Pain, such pain. Oh flip, flip, flip the pain in my back! And that's about as positive as I can get with that bit.
* weather - Warm and sunny and spring-like.
* wanting - Some chocolate.
* needing - My back cream to start working.
* thinking - About getting an ideas sketch book like Donna told me to get ages ago!
* enjoying - All the ideas rattling around the old noggin.
* wondering - Whether Craig will go to the shop and get me some chocolate. Medicinal of course.

Thanks for stopping by :) What rocked your World this week?


  1. Sounds like a good week, apart from the back pain! You deserve chocolate, I reckon! Well done on the cushion, tis way more than I could do. You have great daughters - are they coming to AP with you? I believe they did last time when we met?

  2. Devvie is coming. The other girl with me that time was Devvie's friend. Pheebs will NOT shop if she can help it - so long as I pick her up a pressie she's happy.

    Think we might be coming up by train this time so Pheebs & Ruby will be staying home and having a day out with Craig. Actually Ruby has already informed him he is taking her on the train to go feed some ducks *g*

  3. Ooh what lovely lots of things - firstly the flowers are gorgeous - nothing nicer! The stu=studio looks fabulous and I can see you're nicely settled in. The cloth doll book looks intriguing. I'm loving the cushion its fabulous and I'm glad it's not just me that keeps wanting chocolate - not exactly falling in with a healthy eating plan at the minute LOL!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend and can't wait to see what the lovely etsy seller has sent you!

  4. This book looks gorgeous and im loving your pillow. This studio looks FAB wish my craft room was this big. In in the box room and im constantly falling over the mess i create in there hahahaha

  5. BAD back, NAUGHTY back! You get rid of your germs but then have to cope with a grot back, that's just NOT FAIR! I hope you're ok to go to AP.

    So impressed with your list today - lots of great things on your list. I LOVED your cushion tale - how you made the inner smaller to fit the new cover - that's my girl!! Seriously, you are already 5 lessons ahead of me with a sewing machine so well done.

    Have a great weekend,


  6. Sounds like you had a good week! I picked that book up and flicked through it last weekend, it looks awesome! I ended up buying another book though ;)

    Enjoy Mother's Day and AP next weekend.
    Claire x

  7. Cor, you get one bit of you sorted and then another bit goes..I hope that back pain eases soon :)

    Cool sewing! The bit I can't do is changing the bobbin. I have to wait for J to come home and do it for me.

  8. Well done on the cushion ,you will soon be making bigger things . :)

  9. That cushion is brilliant, that book looks fab way out of my comfort zone though!

  10. Hi! I keep waiting to log in and see my high score demolished. I'm sure it'll happen followed by my very inappropriate freak out! I love, love, love hearing about your sewing experience as I have been at the sewing machine the past 2 days and I cant stand all the measureing and the pin placement and therefore am usually not all that proud of what comes out...well, everyone needs an area to work on, right?!!

    I'm so excited to get to work on my sketchbook and get it on its journey. Its been such fun already with meeting all of the others invovled and finding a ZumaBlitz competitor in you!


  11. I always love reading your rocking posts, you do make me laugh...changing the cushion rather than the cover, love it!!Studio is looking great and love the look of that doll book. Have a great mothers day with your bright little girls!!!! x

  12. Keep sewing freestyle - use the Force.

    Fab post,

    Super Girls,

    I still can't write (or type) legibly, but have done okay in life anyway...


  13. I love that pillow! I think you did a smashing job and would be very proud of it, too! ...oh, and I didn't know that Sylvester sweaters still existed!! (just kidding)

    I love all the goodies you've gotten...and I can't wait to see what the Giveaway item is...the suspense is horrible!! That, and making me want chocolate now...haha! Thanks!


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