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Giveaway Winner :D

One week to go until we go to London, to Ally Pally on the train like big girls. Yes Devvie and I fully expect to get lost on the underground but it means we get a yummy pasty from the stand at Victoria Station on the way home *drool* So it's worth it!

Ahem. Anyway - we need to draw a winner from the 201 followers thank you giveaway so that I can commence stalking the winner, see what they're into and get something nice.

Here we go - Random Generator is boring me now - I will have to think of something better for the next giveaway...


Congratulations Virginia, I'll email you to find out a little'a what you fancy.

I'd just like to say thank you everyone, both to the people who comment regularly and those who come by and lurk... I see you! Those same stats in my feedjit bar time after time and I really appreciate it... but say hi. I'd love to repay the visit. Anyway... I love my little blog and you are all the reasons why! *Air kiss* *Mwah, mwah*

In the meantime. Hugs to all and to all, booger off! I'm about to have my dinner :D


  1. Congrats to Virginia.
    I head through Victoria too, so will keep my eyes open for you!

  2. wooooo!!!!! Well done Virginia!

  3. Dumbfounded and happy in the same post - can't believe it's me - wrote a really great reply - then thought you might no another Virginia so went to check that it was me - then came back and what I had typed had gone - what am I like!

    Thank you Carmen - for making me smile today!

  4. Congratulations to Virginia - I will expect to see this on her Friday's list of Rockingness!

    Hope you enjoy AP (and that you don't get lost!). Remember to take your shopping trolley and extra sharp elbows.


  5. I hate the undeground HATE IT :-P good luck!

  6. So what's for dinner then missus? well I'm off then... Ice cream... NO...I'm off...Jaqui x

  7. I'm guilty as charged! I keep popping in, meaning to comment and then get distracted, lol. Think I owe you about 20 posts worth. Will just this one do? :-P xx

  8. Congrats virgina! Have a great time at AP Carmen, wish I was going x

  9. Hope you have a great time at Ally Pally. I reckon a pasty is fully justified after the Tube - enjoy! (If there is a Paul's at Victoria, I think you'll deserve a macaron too...)



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