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Angel by L.A. Weatherly

This book was a gift from a friend :)

Angel by L.A. Weatherly

The only good angel is a dead angel.

Willow knows she's different from other girls. And not just because she loves tinkering around with cars. Willow has a gift. She can look into people's futures, know their dreams, their hopes and their regrets, just by touching them. She has no idea where she gets this power from...

But Alex does. Gorgeous, mysterious Alex knows Willow's secret and is on a mission to stop her. The dark forces within Willow make her dangerous - and irresistible. In spite of himself, Alex finds he his falling in love with his sworn enemy.

I've been wanting to read this book for ages, there was so much hype surrounding it's release. It's premise just sounded so good, so different. I love stories about mythology and angels in particular are always fascinating. So to hear about a story where angels aren't good, very far from it, had me positively salivating at the thought.

The angels in this book are more like predators than the celestial beings you would normally first think of - though they are happy to let us cattle, sorry, humans think that they are here to help us, to watch over us, to bestow their glory upon us. Truth be told L.A Weatherly's angels put me in mind of vampires. They can take on human form but when they feed (albeit on your life force rather than blood) they show their true selves, using their beauty to kind of dazzle their prey so that the person doesn't even know they are being harmed - rather - they believe they have seen a celestial messenger, not knowing they are about to die or be left damaged and susceptible to depression or disease. Honestly, I loved this idea. What a new take on angels and how we view them.

However - therein lies my problem with this book. I adored the thought of the angels. I would so much have loved to have seen more of them in this book. I was expecting a creepy angel invasion type thing and that Willow would have this sinister side to her that she had to battle to overcome...

The story is focused more on the relationship between Willow, a half angel and Alex, an angel killer. To be honest I couldn't connect with that aspect at all, it should have been an electrifying mix. I would have loved for Willow to have this seed of badness in her, even a tiny hint of it but she was so... bland. Normal. With a bit of psychic thrown in. The two are supposed to have obvious chemistry from the start, they have all these conflicting emotions, almost telepathic empathy with each other, huge emotional problems of their own, are holed up together, isolated for long spells at a time and you are expected to believe that a pair of late teens with all that going on, both starved of companionship, comfort, love... were happy to just share a bit of smooching? Maybe I'm being jaded, or am just a bit cynical but it just didn't ring true for me.

I would have loved to have seen less of the stiltedness with the two main characters and more creepy angel invasion. However, I appear to be in the minority here as the book is receiving 4 & 5 star reviews on GoodReads so I would advise you to take a peep at those so you can compare reviews... personally I was left a little deflated with Angel, it all started to get a little predictable for me.

This book reminded me a little of the Twilight books, I do think that anyone who read those and loved them would probably very much enjoy this one too. In fact I've passed the book on to my teen who hasn't lifted her head out of it's pages for a good couple of hours, when she's finished I will be sending it to a Twi-hard friend I have who I also think will love it, so maybe I just misunderstood who it was aimed at.

Thanks for stopping by and reading :)
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  1. No I was exactly the same that's why I sent it to you .. I didn't get all the way through before I had to stop... and usually I can't put books down :(

    Maybe we are summink else? ;)


  2. It sounds like it doesn't appeal to everyone and there is a lot of love/hate relationships going on with this book. I hope to get around to reading it soon.

  3. Another good synopsis, Carmen, they're always interesting.

  4. ohhh this one sounds like a good read!

  5. Eeek! Stop Everything right now.

    You are giving away a ninja?!


  6. havent decided how exactly i am going to go about this, but i will commence begging shortly.

  7. Mmmm sounds like my kinda book until I read your review. Think I'll give it a miss. Have you read Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens? Jaqui x


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